why choose classiclacewigs ?

September 22, 2017 in silk top full lace wig


1.100% HUMAN HAIR.We never use any synthesis or animal hair,we only do 100% human hair for lace wigs and hair wefts and other hair bundles.

2. SANITARY PROCESSING – Our hair is been processed by high temperature steam,not use the chemical reagent.

3. FACTORY DIRECT SALES .We have our own hair factory,all orders are been processed in our factory,don’t be distributed agent for making.

4. QUALITY ASSURANCE.we have 5 inspection process,when order information make sure,

First step. hair workshop staff will do with as standard needing the hairs.
Second step.making the wigs workers also have their standard to make  the wigs.

Third step.during the wigs been making ,manager will do check the processing of the wigs.
Forth step.before packing,there are professional quality inspection personnels to check each wig,if pass, the wigs will been packaged.if not pass,will do ask workers to redeal with them.

Fifth step.before shipping, the office workers also do check the wigs again.Above all steps,so the hair quality is top.

5. EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP.We have 50 hair technicians they have about 10 years experience on making the lace wigs,especially expert on making the silk top lace wigs.So we can do ensure the lace wigs and hair wefts are all top quality to minimal shedding and tangling.

6. LONGEVITY .Becuase the wigs made by hands,and due to the techniques employed,if you can care the wigs better,the wigs can last at least half of years,even more longer time.

7. HIGH-QUALITY LACE .we always use the 100% swiss lace,not that cheaper chinese lace,not last on time,and easy for tearing.

8.FAIR RETURN POLICY.we know every one not easy for earning the money,if customers fault,customers should be afford the return cost.of corfuse,if our fault,
we will take for all cost(shipping out and back).During 3 months,we also do repair it for free,in order to help customers to use it more longer time.

9. FAST SHIPPING – No matter where you are in the world ,we will do with the orders during 24 hours.And ship them out via DHL UPS Fedex Express
if you in America ,as usually, u can get it in 2 business days.If in europe,it will take about 3 business days to reach you.

10.SAFTY PAYMENT:PayPal official certification on line store,safe for the buyers and sellers.

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Full lace human hair wigs vendor

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As we know that so many people love to insert the wigs keywords in google ,yahoo ,bing,and so on.

at same time,you will see lots of full lace human hair wigs vendors in first page.

when u click second ,third pages ,still many different lace wigs vendors display.

Full lace human hair wigs vendor

I believe that you are so confused to meet the thing,how to do ?

Now,let us tell you some ways to help you quickly to find trusting lace wigs vendor and save for much time.

classiclacewigs.net have done about 10 years of making the lace wigs,know that so many customers worrying about thing.

what is the best full lace wig company?

1.full lace wigs review.

You need to check the lace wig website customers reviews on line,pls click the listing to check reviews words.

A lot customers are glad to leave their feedbacks.Then,you should serach the lace wig company name into youtube to check the video reviews.

Although the lace wigs company did write some 5 stars reviews on their website by themselves,

after wathcing the videos reviews ,you will have your own judgment.Especially when dealing with Chinese companies.

2. human hair wigs online

Payment Accept the PayPal or not.

Americans worry about that kind of stuff with companies based overseas.

That’s why when we see PayPal it makes us more comfortable.

Using PayPal also gives us some comfort because if we want to dispute or return something, PayPal will help.

When paying directly to the company, you don’t have those protections.

3.Return Policy.

After you got the lace wigs ,in fact, you are not happy,the lace wigs companies can accept return or not.

what other policy about the return wigs,you must do read it carefully.

For example,lace been or not cut,shipping back cost who will pay and shipping time will need.

4.Live chat service.

The lace wigs website support the live chat tool for solving your the urgent questions about the needing lace wigs.

Some lace wigs vendors only support email contacting,that is so inconvenient.

How long time they do reply and help u solve the problems,also prove the reliability of the company.

5.Email reply time.

Sometimes,you have a few questions about your needing the lace wigs(custom cap size or do with orders time ),

you did send email to the website service email,If they do reply during 24 hours,that is so nice.

by the way ,classiclacewigs company ask to do rely during 12 hours.You maybe meet the thing,

a few days later, some other hair company did reply your email,this kind of lace wig company not been trusting !


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affordable silk top wigs

September 4, 2017 in silk top full lace wig

silk top wig vs lace

If you like to use the full lace wigs,i guess you know the silk top lace wigs different from common full lace wigs,and you must know the silk top lace wigs not cheap.
The common full lace wigs is very mature technology for imitation scalp in today,but the knots are very obvious,some one have to do bleach the knots when they wear the full lace wigs.

The Silk Top full lace wigs is one of the best technology on the lace wig market today,bc it with with hidden knots,almost same with your real scalp.No needing to do beach knots .

From the picture of both compare,with silk top lace wigs lookig so more naturally.That is why more and more customers love the silk top lace wigs.

affordable silk top wigs

1.The festival promotion.A lots of wigs compaines always do huge discount during the limited time.so you should grasp the opportunity to get your needing silk top lace wigs.

2.Clearance.some silk top lace wigs out of date or other customer did custom orders ,wig compainess will do clearance them by end of year.

3.Giveway.Each wig company have their offical Social accounts,on Facebook,Instragram,Pinterest,youtube.they need more and more fans,so always do some silk top lace wigs for giveway to encourage fans to participate in activities.This is good opportunity too.

4.Resources swap.If you have youtube channel and with many fans,you can contact sellers to negotiations,ask them to send one silk top lace wigs for free,you will help them do one video.This is best way for sellers,they love to do cooperation together.

If you have one youtube channel or instatram,please freely contact us(www.classiclacewigs.net)or email to us [email protected] ,we maybe do off cheap silk top lace wigs for you.

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How I human hair care tips

September 2, 2017 in wig care

When you look at this picture, a lot of people are surprised, how does your human hair care amazing?

Based on our experience, I’m going to tell you five tips to help you on this human natural hair care journey!

human hair care

1,NO HEAT!If you always go to barber shop or a salon to flat iron your hairs,as far as we know, some girls do hair care every week.If you always do the same thing ,you can’t get beautiful hair.

so you must stop this behavior that hurts your hair now,if you still want to keep your smooth and beautiful hairs.

2. CUT THE DAMAGE!In daily life,Once you find some damaged hair,Please cut them off in time.Once hair large area is damaged,no restoring it back to its original state.So cut them off at the beginning.

3. DEEP CONDITION!I will tell you the women who often ask these questions,deep condition care hair is really important,this way help your hair back original state,restore the original elasticity and luster.

I often do deep condition hair twice a week.Every time I don’t care deeply enough,i can feel my hair dry after wash,so you need to keep your hair in depth condition.

4.Don’t use bad conditioner.that contain parabens, sulfates or silicones,please read the ingredient list carefully when you buy these conditioner.

5. KEEP PATIENCE!Sadly,no product can make your hair bounce back quickly.It took me a year and a half to repair my broken hair,so trust me ,I feel your bad hair day pain.As long as you are willing to insist on deep condition,damaged hair will soon revert to its original state.

Last ,many people would ask,since not dye and heat ,really want to change other hair style ,how to do ?

Friendly speaking,i suggest you buy a human hair wig that fit better for you,the human hair straight lace wigs by handmade,the natural color can be dyed and curly as your needing style.

So it’s a very reliable way to do it,if you want to learn more about human hair lace wigs care,please visit our website(www.classiclacewigs.net) ordirectly contact us ,we will give you the right advice.