human hair bob wigs with bangs for african american

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I really recommend this to african american who is looking for short bob wig with bangs,it is a cheap human hair wig not lace,it can’t be used for updo’s.

human hair bob wigs with bangs for african american

yaki wig certainly looked like African American pressed hair.

I recommend bob wig no lace front wig to anybody that’s looking for an easy to manage wig.

bob wig no lace front

10 inch yaki wig was a perfect length.Its very bouncy,It will be a great lighter weight wig option for summer…

the fact this bob wig with a bang has a silicon centre at the top which mimics the scalp.

have it sewn into your braided hair underneath, so you can wear it all the time,It’s low maintenance.

yaki bob wigs with bangs has combs to keep it secure,it has adjustable straps and a comb at the back.

affordable human hair wigs with bangs

It’s really hard to find human hair for an affordable price and this short bob wig with bangs is great for the quality.

yaki bob wig no lace front  is shiny but not too shiny or fake looking,One negative is that the wig doesn’t have hair part on top.

Excellent value for the price,under 100 dollars.

This short bob wig with bangs had a good fit & looked really good on round face.

 the color is a beautiful black too,under the sun it looks like a beautiful black brown,

a beautiful yet very affordable hair.

short bob wig with bangs

African american yaki wig







affordable human hair wigs Caucasian

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As got older and went into menopause,one of the side affects is thinning hair.

For someone whose hair was thin and fine to begin with, this was quite the blow,the hair was no longer thick enough to cover the wefts.

affordable human hair wigs Caucasian

When one buys a wig online it is always a gamble, Wigs are human hair and made hand so expecting .

human hair silk top wigs inexpensive for the value,you really can’t beat the price, totally affordable!

silk top wig Caucasian

transparent lace silk top wig,lays like it’s your hair growing from my scalp.

transparent lace silk top wig

silk top full lace wig,There is lace for the back in case you want a ponytail which is awesome sauce.

parted anywhere just like one will do to their natural hair,super easy to install beginner proof.

silk top full lace wig

 silk top brown wig

color 2 is dark brown,silk top dark brown wig looks natural, lays flat, soft and sleek.

The color is more like dark chocolate brown.

silk top dark brown wig

White women brown wigs

#4 human hair wig is medium brown, Some wigs are bulky and seem too “full” to look real.
This #4 body wave wig has just the right amount of hair woven in just the right way.

White women brown wigs

 360 lace wig Caucasian

The lace is skin color so it’s not visible at all.

If you are a beginner, transparent 360 lace wig is perfect, no need to pluck.

if the baby hairs are long, don’t cut them trust me, just lightly brush them,To the sides.

hd undetectable lace wigs | cheap human hair wigs for african american

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hd undetectable lace wigs

The lace goes with any skin tone,the lace is hardly noticeable it’s almost invisible.

hd lace wigs pre plucked and bleached knots ,very easy for you to customize the hairline.

hd lace frontal wigs

out the package running your fingers through it will shed a little, not much.

but if you flip the wig inside out and mist the lace with got 2 b (or any strong) hairspray and let it air dry that will stop the shedding.

hd lace frontal wigs come pre plucked with baby hairs front and back so you can wear in a ponytail.


hd lace wig deep wave

its full not thin at all its constructed and well put together with care,t after shampooing and conditioning, the curls was out of this world.

When you want the curls defined I use water and Camille Rose Almond Jai twisting butter.

You can also use water and a mousse specifically for defining curls and don’t forget the holy grail which is the deman brush. Do maintenance is fairly simple.

Saving it for bae-cation with your hubby.

Can you straighten the deep wave hair ?

You can straighten this hair. But normally, we don’t recommend customer to straighten wavy hair,

because it will easily damage hair texture, and you need to deep condition it more often after straightened your hair.

But If you like the straight hair, you can also go directly to our website to buy straight hair.

hd lace wig deep wave


hd lace wigs water wave

Once shampooed,The curls came right back,The best thing about hd lace wigs water wave wig is it’s very lightweight.

You can go from a very defined loose wave, to this curly texture as well as this beautiful blown out soft, effortless free flowing loose waves that are so soft and fluffy.

The nap can get tangled so make sure you add a product with a little oil in that area to maintain the friction that causes it to get tangled.

Remember to brush the ends out first then slowly work your way up to the root.

hd lace wigs water wave

cheap human hair wigs for african american

hd lace wig yaki

IF you wanted to stray away from extensions because you wanted to damage as little of your hair as possible, hd lace wig yaki is amazing! 

yaki wig that has a more natural texture appearance for an African American woman,it looks like it’s growing directly out of my scalp!

this is the most manageable,it flat iron so well leaving the hair with a relaxed appearance.

hd lace wigs yaki

 hd lace wigs kinky straight

you will love kinky straight hair cause it mimics african American hair texture and people thought it was your natural hair.

it is easy to take care of.

Is this only for black people?

I would say it is a thick texture that may be best for African American.

Any race could wear it, Depends on the look you’re trying to achieve.

african american natural kinky hair wigs






brazilian straight human hair wigs

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brazilian straight human hair wigs

You had been looking for a decent human hair piece, that wouldn’t be too costly. well made, quality items.

Brazilian straight human hair wigs soft and lustrous even after washing.

360 lace front wigs straight hair

360 lace frontal Brazilian straight flowing like celebrity grade hair.

Do the wig hairline come pre plucked?

Brazilian straight human hair wigs has the very natural pre plucked hairline with baby hair around,

you wouldn’t have to do much to match it with your hairline.

360 lace wig pre plucked


Brazilian straight hair natural color

Can you dye Brazilian hair natural color?

Brazilian Straight hair is 100% human hair, which can be dyed and permed.

the hair will fall off a little, but it is not serious.You can apply some oil after dyeing the wig to treat the Straight hair.

Does unit have split ends throughout?

I didn’t notice any split ends. I washed the Brazilian straight with shampoo and used a leave in conditioner.

in my opinion Brazilian straight looks better after a wash.

Brazilian straight hair length chart

Brazilian straight hair length chart

you will definitely be a repeat customer!

360 lace wig body wave | real human hair 360 lace wigs

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Got 360 lace wig body wave from classiclacewigs it’s far better than what you was purchasing from some of the brands that claim to be higher end.

360 lace wig body wave

The whole point of purchasing a 360 lace body wave wig is to part your hair any way you want.

the top of the unit was straight,

The ends of the unit are soft and straight and does not look or feel like a raccoons tail.

It’s well proportioned And not thin and stringy at the ends.

if you are on the skinnier side 360 lace wig 180 density is definitely going to look thick enough.

360 lace wig body wave

360 lace wig body wave

hd lace wigs body wave

Hair melts well into scalp if your a beginner this is for you !

HD lace is damn near undetectable.

why is HD lace so expensive

skin melt invisible hd lace

It’s very lightweight your scalp can breathe,Its definitely an every day wig.

For the wavy texture, please hold the wave in the same direction with hair oil or nutrition water after washing.

body wave human hair color 4

Can body wave wigs come in number #4 brown?

body wave human hair color 4 is flattering color, color 4 is sensational.

body wave human hair color 4

can you sleep in a 360 lace wig?

My first night sleeping in it, (I did tack it down with got to be glued spray and gel by the way)

I tied a silk scarf only around the perimeter of my head

and I put the hair in a bun under my bonnet.

I added product (BB foaming wrapping) only around the perimeter to lay down the baby hairs,

but nothing on the hair.

kinky curly wig hair company | kinky curly wig human hair

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I definitely recommend any woman that is interested in purchasing hair that mimics African American hair to buy kinky curly wig human hair.

kinky curly wig human hair

The curls are very natural and it looks like my real hair ,the curled mimic 4C human hair.

If u looking for a wig for beginners kinky curly is your go-to it’s really nice soft hair.

you need to take care of the hair a bit more compared to straight or body wave hair.

how to maintain a kinky curly wig?

You do have to put some work into it because it is a kinky hair texture but as long as you know how to take care of it it’s fine.

Here’s what you can do

1.The best solution for you to comb through the hair is to use Cantu curl moisturizer and water.

2. Spray down with water and curling gel to define your curls.

3.with a little moose and not much maintenance it’s truly beautiful.

4.melts into your skin with a lace tint spray I used by Ebin.

5.For the scalp I used foundation underneath and plucked a part and put powder on the part, No bleaching.

6.To maintain it I wash with a shampoo with Argon oil then use a leave in conditioner.

how to style a kinky curly wig?

If you don’t know how to bleach knots so you can just molded hair to cover the hairline.

when it’s dry it sticks up like an Afro, the curls are popping,

If you get a long kinky curly wig you have to have product on it.

360 lace wig kinky curly

Make a Deep Part and High Ponytail,Beautifully constructed,when it has been installed the lace was undetectable.

360 lace wig kinky curly

kinky curly wig length chart

kinky curly hair length chart

The hair length should be measured from the head top to the hair bottom when the hair is straight.

a curl or wavy wig will be shorter by 1″-2″ than a straight wig. It varies depending on how deep the curl is.

kinky curly wig is shorter by 3″-4″ than the straight wig.










african american wigs near me | black american wigs

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Light yaki texture feels just like type 4 hair that has been pressed/blown out,

It’s more of a bone straight relaxer texture,

The texture is def like a relaxed African American feel,Nowhere near silky.

african american yaki wigs

Light yaki wig looks so real, like freshly relaxed hair,it holds curls very well and flows nicely.

The texture is like when you have a fresh relaxer.

360 lace wig pre plucked

the pre plucked hairline comes really natural looking,

so it’s great if your lazy like me or just a beginner in wigs.

human hair light yaki wig holds a curl good,

and when you flat iron it you can get a even more bone straight look.

360 lace wig pre plucked

silk top light yaki wig

what is silk top wig

4 by 4 silk base on top,if you are a brown(er) skinned girl like myself this lace is magical,

I didn’t have to put foundation on it, dye it, or even bleach the knots.

It just matched my skin tone perfectly and looks so natural.

light yaki textured but definitely not kinky textured.

through sleep, work outs, humidity, etc this wig still looks great.

silk top light yaki wig

u part wig light yaki

A U-part wig is a wig with a U-shaped opening at the front,

that allows you to blend your leave out or attach a closure.

It’s a great protective style that allows for endless versatility,

and will save you both time and patience!

u part wig light yaki

If you looking for “african american wigs near me”,If you like to look fabulous, order light yaki unit!

high end african american wigs

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As a human hair wigs vendor,we made sure we kept our word when it comes to the density,the length and the color.

 high end african american wigs

1. Is african american hair 100 Human Hair?

Yes. You can Testing by Burning.

Human hair will show white smoke while burning and then turn to ash,

Synthetic hair will show black smoke and will be a sticky ball after burning.

2. ture to length


african american layered wigs

 African american layerded wigs

Layered hair blends shorter strands into the length to create movement and remove weight.

you do not want one that is short in the front and long in the back,you want it all one length like the picture.

You should so tired of getting scammed for your money because of good reviews on bad products.

The picture is really beautiful,I want know the the true wig is same ?

we promised you will get the same one as picture show.

african american kinky wigs

human hair kinky straight wig is marketed to the darker skin ton divas.

Can kinky straight be bleached to a lighter hair color? like light brown or blonde?

If you chose to lighten and color kinky straight wig with a semi permanent color.

the hair will not hold a curl.texture will looser and  it will break the hair.

kinky straight texture can be bleached to lightest color is medium brown color (color number 4).

The hair is better than some hair you have purchased from high end boutiques!!!

african american kinky wigs color 4

360 lace wig kinky straight

With no hair to secure the wig in back it would be better to go for a full 360 wig,A 360 wig is glued down all the way round.

1.Can i order small cap with 180% density ?

we accept customize small cap size

2. I’m 6’1 would 20 inches be down to my waist ?

No, mid back. I’m 5’11” and 20 hits my mid back.
 The hair quality was above expectation especially for the fairly cheap price compared to vendors in your area.




realistic beginner friendly glueless wig

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Going to start by saying it’s definitely human hair that’s a plus,human hair glueless wig is very beginner friendly and easy to install!

Human hair glueless wig—beginner friendly glueless wig

I recommend glueless wig if your a beginner when it comes to wigs.

Adjustable Breathable Cap

Glueless & Easily Install and Caring, Comfortable

4 Combs, Two Sides & Back, to Better Secure the Wig

Adjustable Strap Fit Well

Low maitenance,easy beginner wigs

13×4 lace front gueless cap

 HD lace glueless wigs

The HD lace melted so lovely,it was so elegant it blended to your skin tone.

Most people still marvel because you literally cannot see the lace!

why is HD lace so expensive

skin melt invisible hd lace

affordable beginner wigs

Recommend hd lace wigs 13×4, 4 inches deep from the hairline to the lace edge , 13 inches width from ear to ear,

meddle part or side part for free,natural pre plucked hairline.

Hair lays down so nice,can easily throw it on and take it off.

hd lace wigs kinky straight, hd lace wigs kinky curly and hd lace wig yaki are popular.

custom fit human hair wigs

we accept customize cap size,usually,we have small size,medium size and large size.

Small size:

Circumference: 21.5
Front to Nape: 14
Ear to ear across forehead: 12
Ear to ear over top: 12
Temple to temple round back: 14
Nape of Neck: 5

Medium size:

Circumference: 22
Front to Nape: 14
Ear to ear across forehead: 12.5
Ear to ear over top: 12.5
Temple to temple round back: 14.5
Nape of Neck: 5.5

Large size:

Circumference: 23
Front to Nape: 15
Ear to ear across forehead: 12.5
Ear to ear over top: 13
Temple to temple round back: 15
Nape of Neck: 6


u part wig vendors | u part wig human hair

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U part wig is the perfect wig for if you want a break from frontals, sew ins or braids.

You just braid all your hair down and only have to maintain your leave out, which is really low maintenance if the wig matches your hair texture,

also a big plus is you can take it off every night and grease your scalp or let your hair breathe.

u part wig human hair

Some people complain in the comments which can be scary for potential buyers.

But honestly sometimes, your own experience differs from others.

a u part wig definition

A wig with a U-shaped opening at the front that allows you to blend your leave out or attach a closure, it is u part wig definition.

u part wig cap

The construction of U part wig is done very well.

No matter how you style it, U part wig appears natural and effortless.

u part wig cap

u part wig kinky straight

Human hair Kinky straight dentical to your 4C natural hair,

If you’ve been looking for a coarse-textured wig to match your blow-dried hair for so long,kinky straight is good choise.

u part wig so soft and light,you will forgot you had it on.

u part wig kinky straight

It’s easy to straighten and curl, and holds up well against the weather.


you never know exactly what you’ll get when ordering wigs online,

you looked through reviews good and bad and looked at photos and decided to take a chance and purchased the wig.

You’ll get your money’s worth!