All tips about differences between the Yaki wig and Silky wigs

September 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Sep 2, 2014-China-It depends on a person’s personality while choosing between Yaki and Silky hair styles. Both hair styles have their own unique texture to it and both bring out different feelings towards the person who is using the style. So here are some insights on Yaki and Silky Hair.

The editor from famous glueless silk top full lace wigs online seller said that the Yaki hair is a hair style that resembles African-American people. Yaki hair happens when people of African American region straightens their hairs. This process is known as relaxing. Yaki hair tends to mimic Afro hair that has been relaxed or hot come. There are four different types of Yaki hair with different hair texture.

Silky Yaki

This hair style is quite similar to silky hair but if it is observed closely, there are appearances of yaki ripples of small waves in the hair.

Regular Yaki

This yaki looks like the normal African American and the texture of the hair is rougher as compared to silky Yaki.

Kinky Yaki

It is the look of African American hair that just went through blow dried straight and had not been relaxed. It looks very natural and similar to the original African American hair.

Coarse Yaki

This is the texture of African American hair that has not gone through any chemical process.

Silky cheap lace front wigs are used to explain hair texture that is silky and soft. Silky hair is totally the opposite of yaki hair. Using the right products makes it easy to obtain silky hair style. Silky hair style allows the user to tie their hair in any style they like.

In conclusion, Yaki and Silky hair are two very different hair styles. It is imperative that some research on the hairstyle must be done before heading to your hairdresser for a change of style.

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