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How to choose cheap human hair lace wigs?

Now people like to wear a cheap human hair lace wigs more and more, first, because human hair lace wigs style is changeable, hair color is gorgeous, The second is the cheap human hair lace wigs texture more and more to the more realistic and more humanized. A lot of the stars all have a special liking to human hair lace wigs, so how to make own head that cheap human hair lace wigs keep good condition, please refer to the following Suggestions:

Cheap human hair lace wigs
first: considerations wig web material

In choosing a cheap human hair lace wigs first to see net material comfort and permeability, it is best to wear a try have itching and exciting sense.
second: to fire, blowing discrimination hair stand or fall
general quality is bad human hair lace wigs, and the hair with fire will pong, if it is the human hair won’t occupy, if it is other material will give the game away.
Third: choose to suit oneself skin color of hair
Wearing a front lace wigs human hair with color coordination, in their own hair condition, should as far as possible choice with his hair color the same or close to the hair color, in the hair amount little hair should be choose based on skin color .