affordable silk top wigs

September 4, 2017 in silk top full lace wig

silk top wig vs lace

If you like to use the full lace wigs,i guess you know the silk top lace wigs different from common full lace wigs,and you must know the silk top lace wigs not cheap.
The common full lace wigs is very mature technology for imitation scalp in today,but the knots are very obvious,some one have to do bleach the knots when they wear the full lace wigs.

The Silk Top full lace wigs is one of the best technology on the lace wig market today,bc it with with hidden knots,almost same with your real scalp.No needing to do beach knots .

From the picture of both compare,with silk top lace wigs lookig so more naturally.That is why more and more customers love the silk top lace wigs.

affordable silk top wigs

1.The festival promotion.A lots of wigs compaines always do huge discount during the limited you should grasp the opportunity to get your needing silk top lace wigs.

2.Clearance.some silk top lace wigs out of date or other customer did custom orders ,wig compainess will do clearance them by end of year.

3.Giveway.Each wig company have their offical Social accounts,on Facebook,Instragram,Pinterest,youtube.they need more and more fans,so always do some silk top lace wigs for giveway to encourage fans to participate in activities.This is good opportunity too.

4.Resources swap.If you have youtube channel and with many fans,you can contact sellers to negotiations,ask them to send one silk top lace wigs for free,you will help them do one video.This is best way for sellers,they love to do cooperation together.

If you have one youtube channel or instatram,please freely contact us( email to us [email protected] ,we maybe do off cheap silk top lace wigs for you.

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