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How to straighted classiclacewigs italian yaki wig?

ClassicLaceWigs was founded in 2010.Only do 100% human hair wigs and some hair wefts,lace colosure.Especially on making the italian yaki wig,we definitely are experts.We know the cutomers all needing and help them to solve the hair problems .

italian yaki wig-classiclacewigs

Classiclacewigs italian yaki wig so popular in American and Europen,so lots of african american consumers love our italian yaki wigs.They did send many good feedback .pls click the link to know a lot.

At same time,you can search classic lace wigs on google youtube instagram ,you will see much information about us.

Some new customers maybe ask what is italian yaki wig ? in fact,italian yaki is one of our human hair wigs texture ,for example ,silky straight ,body wave ,italian yaki and so one.The italian yaki texture similar with the african american hair we named it italian yaki wig.

Please see the video of customer how to do straighted and braid the italian yaki?

so nice ! so top quality .Only hight quality can been straighted and briad .

By the way ,you maybe saw a few negative feedback for classiclacewigs.that is beacuase some competitors did ask some persons to buy italian yaki wig from us ,We are very hate such behavior.We welcome friendly competition.

In fact,all hair companies met problems,becuase the human hair wigs made by hands,sometimes maybe meet different hair quality.But please do not worry,as long as you do order from us ,we must give your satisfaction answers.we only hope do long business.

Please see our Return Policy

Friendly notice:during 3 months ,we do repair for free,only needing you to ship it order to help customers can use the wigs more longer time.

When u get the wig ,if not happy ,please do not cut lace ,contact us in first time, we accept return or exchange new one.

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7 Best Facts Moms wear what human hair wigs to the wedding

March 31, 2017 in Italian yaki

7 Best Facts Moms wear what human hair wigs to the wedding

Weddings are special occasions and they deserve special attention.

With trendy, beautiful human hair wigs available to help you look the best,no matter what the occasion,you have nothing to worry.

“What shall I wear to the wedding?“”I just couldn’t make up my mind over what to wear to my best friend’s wedding.” are often discussed by mothers.

Like that,introduce some human hair wigs for women .

Silky straight wig:

Silky straight is the most popular and well-known looks,smooth and shiny.  it resembles Caucasian hair and is very fine and silky to the can used as the base texture for wavy or curly wigs.

silky straight human hair wigs for women

light yaki wig:

 that is silky and straight,yaki straight a little coarser than light yaki,They seem as though they are naturally casual and level pressed. This is a standout amongst the most prevalent assortments of hair surface. The wigs calls for minimum upkeep frequently incline toward it. a 100% human hair indian mery light yaki lace fornt wig cost $150 or so.a lot of ladies like the yaki texture,Because it can also used as the base texture for wavy wigs.

light yaki human hair wigs for women

Yaki straight wig:
The hair is not as straight and plush like Silky Yaki but rather still looks loose. It would seem that run of the mill African/American hair.

yaki stragiht human hair wigs for women

Italian yaki wig:

That is more coarser than yaki straight,a fluffy hair,it is so popular with African/American women. a human hair  italian yaki full lace wig cost $200 or so.

italian yaki human hair wigs for women

Kinky Curl wig:

It has the most normal surface of African American hair. Such hair seems as though they are not casual or blow-dried. Indeed, they look as though they are not artificially processed.

kinky curly human hair wigs for women


bob style wigs: a short haircut for women(common length:10inch and 12inch ),such as:A-line bob; Buzz-cut bob;Chin-length bob;Inverted bob and so on,there are so many pictures can be searched on google, pinterest and instagram.

human hair bob style wigs

curly wig and wave wig:

curly and wave hair are very popular hairstyles every year,it always looks youthful but many styles,there is always a suitable for you.

deep wave human hair wigs for women

To get any of human hair wigs for women, explore the choices at The wigs are affordable. These wigs are 100% human hair, not synthetic.


What are difference Italian yaki and kinky straight

July 20, 2015 in Italian yaki

African American fit for Italian yaki and kinky straight. Many customers do not the know the difference. In fact,italian yaki is similar with kinky straight. just italian yaki is a little coarser than kinky straight.

human hair

Hair texture: first picture is kinky straight, second picture is italian yaki

Hair color:  same color #4, medium brown color

Hair length: 18inch

Hair type: Indian remy human hair

Classiclacewigs just do 100% human hair wig with top quality.

The particularity of Italian yaki

July 10, 2015 in Indian remy human hair, Italian yaki

Italian yaki texture is always our hot selling items, because there are so many African American customers love this coarse texture. For African American women, the Italian yaki fit their own hair very well.

Just because Italian yaki is coarse texture, so there are some particularity of it. Actually we make the methods of ” how to take care the wig” on the tag very clearly, especially about the Italian yaki. Italian yaki was styled from natural straight by factory,  so we don’t suggest our customer style this texture to much. There are so many customer complain about the problem when they wear the Italian yaki wigs.

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