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Cheap real human hair wigs,that it would 1) fit, 2) be true to the lace size they advertised and 3) atleast be okay quality hair.

You’re most worried about getting a wig, there is so many inconsistencies.

you read so many reviews on wigs and many times you found them NOT to be true at all.

  • it is Not real human hair.
  • the smell was horrendous.
  • the company is not sending the right length hair,ends are thin.
  • picture is used for item but it is not the wig that you will receive,may be the pics from someone else’s instagram.
  • got a defective one,there’s a bunch of super short hairs sticking up at the top.

 You’ve seen other wigs with the same picture so not sure which wig is best.

where can i buy real human hair wigs?

  • Lace quality always on point, always true to length.
  •  the hair is soft and bouncy.
  • The hair came packaged professionally with no odors.
  • The unit haves a natural hair line with baby hair even bleach the nots.
  • the straps are adjustable enough to accommodate a head size and the combs are actually in the right place.
  • it’s reasonable price.

cheap real human hair wigs

classiclacewigs is only good at making human hair wigs for african american and not very good at making blonde wigs.

such as 360 lace front wig kinky straight,Indian remy hair jerry curl,Indian remy kinky curly hair.

hair color #1 (jet black),#1b(jet off black),natural color ,#2 (dark brown) and #4(medium brown).

True to every detail, classiclacewigs vendor was extremely professional.

indian remy hair jerry curl

use water and a quarter amount of Cantu curling activator cream once a week to keep the frizz tamed;

or add some serum and clear gel while its damp to tame the frizz.

this is a great wig perfect for year round.

cheap real human hair wigs

indian remy hair jerry curl

 indian remy kinky curly hair

After the install you applied water, a little oil, and very little foam. The hair is super super soft…

in the mornings you apply a little water and the curls hold all day.

It took colour nicely and was absolutely wonderful when placed onto the clients head.

indian remy kinky curly hair is worth buying.

indian remy vendors

indian remy kinky curly hair