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Sep 20, 2014-China-For millions of women all over the world, the allure of beautiful hair has always been something desirable to all.  While some of us are able to work with their own hair and feel totally comfortable with styling, this is not the case for all.

For years the rich and famous have been able to maintain their with top end hair stylists who can provide them with the latest technology in hair care something that has been out of reach for the majority of us.

Now word has spread of lace wig technology and many internet sites have sprung up selling lace wig units to customers – a welcome relief for all and they are moving to the UK.  Lace wigs when fitted correctly provide a welcome alternative to the other options that are available and have the following advantages outlined below:-


The majority of people, who purchase a full lace wig, buy another, favoring the advantages it provides over their previous methods of hair care

If you are growing out your hair then cheap full lace wigs will allow you to fully protect your hair while you natural style grows out – many people start wearing full lace wigs because of this, but then continue wearing full lace wigs or lace front wigs due to the ease of wearing

The market has opened op for those suffering with alopecia, when I first started working within the full lace wig industry, the cost of wigs for alopecia sufferers was astronomical with figures starting at around £1250 for a wig, the opening of the market has seen these prices become a lot more competitive.

Full lace wigs and front lace wigs whether they use human or synthetic hair, when fitted correctly, can provide a realism that is second to none.  With the advent of silk caps – or silk injected caps (as they are known), the ‘free parting’ on a lace wig ensures the hand-tied hairs really appear as though they are growing out of the scalp.

However because we are in an open market, this does not mean that all wigs are made equal – far from it!  The open market has created fly-by-night websites and rogue traders, who are putting substandard wigs online with pictures stolen from other websites just waiting for you to buy – or worse for you to order, and when your lace wig arrives, it looks nothing like what you imagined.

There is another major factor in ensuring the full lace wig is what you want which is the people should select the correct density. How close the individual strands of hair are hand-sewn into the wig. At Stylish Lace Wigs, the famous online seller classiclacewigs.net specialize in creating wigs with a natural look – therefore we use a lighter density, our full lace wigs always specify the density.

When all is said and done, and you have made your wig choice, one final check on the company you have selected to be your wig provider should show that they allow returns and most importantly are contactable over the phone – or allow you to go and see the wigs if they are based near you. We hope this article has been of use to you and hope that your experience is a pleasurable one, if you have any questions from this article, please feel free to contact at classiclacewigs.net.

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