How to Buy Suitable Yourself Natural Human Hair Wigs Online

November 27, 2014 in Uncategorized


The hair is the glory of the woman. Many times, when women are ready out, the hardest thing to do is choose a suitable hair. Choosing correctly,you may save time and be happy. Classiclacewigs will teach u  how to buy a suitable human hair wig online, as follows:

Step 1: wig style



Currently,there are much more options for you to choose in the market,for example,italian yaki, yaki straight,light yaki,body wave,natural straight,curly and so on. Choose your liking texture, length according to your face.

Step 2: hair color

The most important part of wig selection is choosing the right color. The right color can make or break how your wig looks, or rather how you look in the wig.If you have brown skin,light can’t be your choice.It’s possible to get highlights in a wig. When in doubt, choose a lighter shade because darker hues can overwhelm your face and make you look pale.

Step 3: hair density



Step 4: cap construction



Many mistakenly think that the method of cap construction is inconsequential because the cap sits underneath the wig unit and is invisible.However, the construction of the cap is actually a highly important factor when choosing a natural-looking wig.

Step 5: return policy

Make sure you can return the wig within a reasonable length of time without a restocking fee,in case the wig is not a good fit or in case there are any other problems with it.Additionally, it is advisable that you check that the seller has a good reputation and enough experience with human hair wigs.