How to comb and care 【best full lace wigs】?

February 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

To comb the remy best full lace wigs light. Before wear it, you should comb it well. Carding wig general selection is sparse comb, its good, carding wig should be used when inclined side carding method, do not comb, and direct action to light.

Second, do not use hair clip. In order to prevent winds blow the human lace wigs with silk top away, some people like to use hair clip clamps wig. However, clip hair should be not too hard. Otherwise, easy to hook wig web bad. So, had better not use hairpin, can be used the wig ornamental hair band.

Third, don’t wash by hand rubbing and screwing. If you often wear the italian yaki full lace wigs, generally two or three months washing it. Before washing, comb the wigs first, garnish with dilute conditioner solution one side wash and comb one side. You can’t use both hands rub and screw and can’t foam in the liquid detergent to wash. You should use hands gently wire direction to rinse the foam, then dry, avoid to put it in the sunlight.