How to install the lace closure!

January 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Not everyone is familiar with closures, now as a editor of classiclacewigs, teach people how to install a lace closure – specifically with newbies in mind. there are lace closure and lace closure with silk top. off course, with silk top, looks more natural and realistic.


1.To install closed in front of your hair weaving, needle and line in closed Angle, and connect to the hair in front of you
2.Stretch enough to the other side to avoid the knot, and then the other side of the needle
3.Flat the closure piece from the back direction.It is important to sew from the back to make it steady
4.To weave through online a little bit of hair, make sure there are no any thread shown on the parting line.
5.Ensure that shut down the network part hair connection.After sewing on the same side
6.Use a flat iron makes you want to break up.Finally the influence of the nature