How to choose lace wigs vendor

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5 ways for you choosing lace wigs vendor

 As we know that so many people love to insert the wigs keywords in google ,yahoo ,bing,at same time,you will see lots of lace wigs vendors in first page ,when u click second ,third pages ,still many different lace wigs vendors display.I believe that you are so confused to meet the thing,how to do ?

Now,let us ( have done about 10 years of making the lace wigs,know that so many customers worrying about thing )tell you some ways to help you quickly to find trusting lace wigs vendor and save for much time.

1.Company review.You need to check the lace wig website customers reviews on line,pls click the listing to check reviews words.A lot customers are glad to leave their feedbacks.Then,you should serach the lace wig company name into youtube to check the video reviews.Although the lace wigs company did write some 5 stars reviews on their website by themselves,after wathcing the videos reviews ,you will have your own judgment.Especially when dealing with Chinese companies.

classic lace wigs review

2.Payment.Accept the PayPal or not.Americans worry about that kind of stuff with companies based overseas.That's why when we see PayPal it makes us more comfortable. Using PayPal also gives us some comfort because if we want to dispute or return something, PayPal will help. When paying directly to the company, you don't have those protections.

3.Return Policy.After you got the lace wigs ,in fact, you are not happy,the lace wigs companies can accept return or not.what other policy about the return wigs,you must do read it carefully.For example,lace been or not cut,shipping back cost who will pay and shipping time will need.

4.Live chat service.The lace wigs website support the live chat tool for solving your the urgent questions about the needing lace wigs.Some lace wigs vendors only support email contacting,that is so inconvenient.How long time they do reply and help u solve the problems,also prove the reliability of the company.

5.Email reply time.Sometimes,you have a few questions about your needing the lace wigs(custom cap size or do with orders time ),you did send email to the website service email.If they do reply during 24 hours,that is so the way ,classiclacewigs company ask to do rely during 12 hours.You maybe meet the thing, a few days later, some other hair company did reply your email,this kind of lace wig company not been trusting !No ones caring the website.

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how to get cheap silk top lace wigs

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what is the silk top lace wigs ?

If you like to use the full lace wigs,i guess you know the silk top lace wigs different from common full lace wigs,and you must know the silk top lace wigs not cheap.

The common full lace wigs is very mature technology for imitation scalp in today,but the knots are very obvious,some one have to do bleach the knots when they wear the full lace wigs.

The Silk Top full lace wigs is one of the best technology on the lace wig market today,bc it with with hidden knots,almost same with your real scalp.No needing to do beach knots .From the picture of both compare,with silk top lace wigs lookig so more naturally.That is why more and more customers love the silk top lace wigs.

So many people know the silk top full lace wigs cost more,about $300 each one .So some customers maybe have not enough budget to buy the silk top lace wigs.

Now,we tell you some tips how to get the cheap silk top lace wigs?

1.The festival promotion.A lots of wigs compaines always do huge discount during the limited you should grasp the opportunity to get your needing silk top lace wigs.

2.Clearance.some silk top lace wigs out of date or other customer did custom orders ,wig compainess will do clearance them by end of year.

3.Giveway.Each wig company have their offical Social accounts,on Facebook,Instragram,Pinterest,youtube.they need more and more fans,so always do some silk top lace wigs for giveway to encourage fans to participate in activities.This is good opportunity too.

4.Resources swap.If you have youtube channel and with many fans,you can contact sellers to negotiations,ask them to send one silk top lace wigs for free,you will help them do one video.This is best way for sellers,they love to do cooperation together.

If you have one youtube channel or instatram,please freely contact us( email to us([email protected]) ,we maybe do off cheap silk top lace wigs for you.

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How I human hair care tips

September 2, 2017 in wig care

When you look at this picture, a lot of people are surprised, how does your human hair care amazing?

Based on our experience, I’m going to tell you five tips to help you on this human natural hair care journey!

human hair care

1,NO HEAT!If you always go to barber shop or a salon to flat iron your hairs,as far as we know, some girls do hair care every week.If you always do the same thing ,you can’t get beautiful hair.

so you must stop this behavior that hurts your hair now,if you still want to keep your smooth and beautiful hairs.

2. CUT THE DAMAGE!In daily life,Once you find some damaged hair,Please cut them off in time.Once hair large area is damaged,no restoring it back to its original state.So cut them off at the beginning.

3. DEEP CONDITION!I will tell you the women who often ask these questions,deep condition care hair is really important,this way help your hair back original state,restore the original elasticity and luster.

I often do deep condition hair twice a week.Every time I don’t care deeply enough,i can feel my hair dry after wash,so you need to keep your hair in depth condition.

4.Don’t use bad conditioner.that contain parabens, sulfates or silicones,please read the ingredient list carefully when you buy these conditioner.

5. KEEP PATIENCE!Sadly,no product can make your hair bounce back quickly.It took me a year and a half to repair my broken hair,so trust me ,I feel your bad hair day pain.As long as you are willing to insist on deep condition,damaged hair will soon revert to its original state.

Last ,many people would ask,since not dye and heat ,really want to change other hair style ,how to do ?

Friendly speaking,i suggest you buy a human hair wig that fit better for you,the human hair straight lace wigs by handmade,the natural color can be dyed and curly as your needing style.

So it’s a very reliable way to do it,if you want to learn more about human hair lace wigs care,please visit our website( ordirectly contact us ,we will give you the right advice.




You’re losing money by not use 11 ways get the best wigs for cancer patients

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Cancer patients need wigs after losing clumps of hair during medication. It is normal for someone to feel upset when they lose their hair during chemotherapy. This is because drugs damage hair follicles leaving the patient un-expectedly without hair. We have an excellent solution for you, no reason to be anxious or worry anymore! A suitable cap is important to cover the thinning hair; this restores your ego in public and gives you the comfortable feeling of natural hair.

For a woman suffering from cancer that possibly leads to thinning in the process of treatment, Full Lace wigs or Full Cranial Prosthesis are your latest and classy hair replacement components. Any woman seeking satisfaction after a discouraging loss of hair will find self-pleasure in Full Lace Wigs or Lace Front Wigs.

Full Cranial Prosthesis aka Full Lace Wigs or Lace Front Wigs gives women suffering from cancer a beautiful auxiliary for their hair loss.

This hair restores their joy since it has a strong resemblance to natural hair and can be styled in any way, parted anywhere just like one will do to their natural hair. Full Lace wigs come in several lengths, colors and textures and can therefore be worn in high ponytail, braided in cornrows and styled into any style of luxury.

It is difficult to notice this hair; it is secured on the head’s skin using a skin liquid adhesive or tape creating an unseen hairline which gives a true appearance of naturally growing hair. One strand is tied at a time to the lace base; this makes it difficult to detach, its gauze-like lace fabric that makes up the cap is made pure in order to take the skin color of the natural scalp. It is also build uniquely to allow excellent aeration and eradicate discomfort from heat or dampness.

full lace wig cap needing glue can do ponytail

Full Cranial Prosthesis aka Full Lace Wigs or Lace Front Wigs are 100% remy human hair. In addition they are light in weight and appear natural and unnoticeable by close keen viewers. One feels extra-ordinary comfortable with options to curl the hair, blown-dry, perm, color or style in a more elegant way. The hair seems as if growing from their scalp.

We have discovered that a lot of cancer patients are being defrauded by scrupulous traders who sale synthetic hair instead of quality human hair wigs. They intentionally lure un-aware customers to buy from them poor quality wigs. We would therefore give you some details that will give you a clear knowledge of about synthetic and human hair:

Choosing between synthetic hair and human hair can sometimes be a headache. The truth is that both are not the same and so one is superior to the other. The question is, which one will best serve your needs?

11 ways get the best wigs for cancer patients

  1. Whereas Synthetic hair is highly destroyed by heat, meaning that one cannot blow dry, curl or attempt to straighten these wigs.
  2. Synthetic hair extensions and sections cannot be dyed or color treated; human hair wigs allow you to style as much as you wish to.
  3. While synthetic hair can only go up to three to six months with great care, well maintained human hair wigs gives you’re a service of a whole year or twelve months.
  4. Synthetic hair wigs appear like human hair from far but when closely viewed one will notice the difference centrally to human hair wigs which have look truly natural and feel like natural hair even at cross range.
  5. Human hair wigs requires great care in order to serve you best and offer great comfort whereas synthetic hair wigs need less maintenance and rarely lose their original style.
  6. Just like natural hair, human hair wigs need to be styled frequently to maintain the good looks contrary to synthetic hair wigs that can be worn right from the box. In addition, synthetic hair is quite cheap to acquire while human hair wigs are expensive to acquire.
  7. Human hair wigs is really superior, elegant and sophisticated. It has a versatile ability to style into any modern appearance. This coupled with a natural look makes human hair wigs only comparable to real natural human hair.
  8. Research has it that at the same density synthetic hair wigs are heavier than human hair wigs.
  9. Human hair wigs are specially designed to allow aeration of heat and moisture unlike Synthetic hair wigs cannot respire therefore the scalp may sweat and itch more than normal.
  10. The fact that human hair wigs can be dyed, streaked or treated with shampoo just like natural hair makes maintenance of this hair a friendly and enjoyable undertaking contrary to synthetic hair wigs which require specialized treat once in a while.
  11. Human hair burns briefly and will not continue to burn unless you hold it to the fire. The brief flame is orange, then the hair chars leaving a dark ash that turns to powder when crushed. The odor smells of burning flesh or burning feathers. Synthetic hair ispolyester fibers.burns and melts quite rapidly in the same instance. The sputtery flame is orange and with black smoke. It melts, drips, then becomes sticky to the touch before forming an ash of hard black beads.synthetic hair different with human hair

So why would one prefer a heavy load that does not give you the comfort of life up on your head? You need human hair wigs for that feel of a unique lady and true restoration of your natural hair.

Human hair wigs will remain a great choice for a cancer patient who wants to keep the flexibility of natural hair and easily go for any fashionable style of choice. This will give a feeling of self- confidence and acceptance defying any feeling of abnormality since human hair wigs appear naturally growing from the scalp. Above all, they are longer lasting wigs, if well maintained they serve you more than a year.

Human hair wigs for cancer patient are the top best wigs that give a natural feel. You need to get these wigs because they are the best to keep your beauty, flair and classy hair panache.


How to get the best human hair silk top lace wigs hidden knots

April 18, 2017 in silk top full lace wig

The most popular of human hair wigs are the silk top lace wigs hidden knots and full lace wigs.

Beauty on your head calls for that unique and special look given by human hair wigs professionally styled and designed to comfortably suit your imagined appearance.Women love wigs for various reasons some of which may be party costumes and uniformity, adding on hairstyle, covering thinning hair or occasional purposes.You will find several choices in the market place which include synthetic hair wigs, Virgin hair wigs or Remy hair wigs.

Before buying that wig you ever anticipated to have in your new hair style and that which will give a distinctive look, you need to take a moment and discover materials used to construct them, their comfort and up to which extend does the wig allow for restyling. Silk top hair is knotted and concealed between the layers and tied using knots. It has a layer of lace and silk on the top which gives a real appearance of scalp and hair growing at the top. This layer of lace has different colors such as light brown , medium brown and dark brown.

What is the difference between silk top lace wigs hidden knots and full lace wig?

Silk top lace wigs is knotted and concealed between the layers and tied using knots. It has a layer of lace and silk on the top which gives a real appearance of scalp and hair growing at the top. This layer of lace has different colors such as light brown , medium brown and dark brown. When you love the hair to be knotted, then the knots are beautifully concealed between the silk layers leaving them totally invisible and conveying a false message to your admirer that “the hair you see is my natural best”.

Full lace wigs are made on full lace caps where by single knots at hairline and double knots elsewhere are used. These wigs have a mesh which allows your hair to breath.

Once you’re set to go, there is a few more things to understand about knotting. The various types of knotting which are at your disposal will help you make the best choice for the new hair style and maintain the natural look you desperately desired for. Some of these include:

Single Knots:

In case you chose a full lace wig, then single knot is the most appropriate means of knitting you require. This involves a hand-tying single hair strand to the lace unit at a time and ensuring the hair appears as if growing out of the scalp. Though single knots may some times be disadvantageous in that they shed off if not well taken care of during combing. These knots give a natural, much realistic and less visible appearance of your style.

Double knots:

You may be interested on minimizing shedding and ensuring a longer persistence with your wigs intact, then these knots will be a better option for you. Even though the double knots are more visible as compared to single knots, their ability to keep your hair style intact is unquestionable. In this case the lace is tied up to several hair strands. With a competent professional and a thorough job, a more realistic appearance may be achieved.

Hidden knots(silk top):

You may be wondering how to achieve a completely invisible knot, there is no reason to worry since it will only cost you a few extra dollars to have the job accomplished. As compared to other types of knots, the triple or reverse silk top as it is referred by professionals; is expensive to achieve but impressive to possess. The hand tied hair is inserted between the silk and the lace of the wig and the knot is effectively secured by tying it three times to minimize any possible chances of shedding.

compare single knots and silk top lace wigs hidden knots

Bleached knots:

Bleaching as the name suggests will introduce a bleaching agent called peroxide. The knot is bleached to obtain a lighter appearance though it may mostly dwindle the knot and encourage detaching.

Silk top lace wigs hidden knots and full lace wigs will always rock your mind when trying to get the best from the market. This should not give you a challenge again once you read this excerpt. You are guaranteed to go for best choice without much struggle and pain. Silk top lace wigs give the most ever natural look, ensuring more realistic appearance compared to the full lace wigs. None the less, full lace wigs are most flexible.

The advantages of full hair wigs are enormous, these include: full hair wigs give greater durability. This offers you value for your money. In addition, full lace wigs do not introduce strange ways of hair management, the same way you maintain your natural hair will these wigs call for. Contrary to any other wig, full hair wigs can be costume colored to bring in the most impressive and realistic appearance ever. Research shows that full hair wigs have higher tolerance to heat subjected by appliances used during styling.

However, a few drawbacks on full hair wigs like oxidizing and change of color, climatic contractions like natural hair, weight on your head and need for great care and professionalism to keep the beauty will and should not discourage you from going for this best unique human hair.

7 Best Facts Moms wear what human hair wigs to the wedding

March 31, 2017 in Italian yaki

7 Best Facts Moms wear what human hair wigs to the wedding

Weddings are special occasions and they deserve special attention.

With trendy, beautiful human hair wigs available to help you look the best,no matter what the occasion,you have nothing to worry.

“What shall I wear to the wedding?“”I just couldn’t make up my mind over what to wear to my best friend’s wedding.” are often discussed by mothers.

Like that,introduce some human hair wigs for women .

Silky straight wig:

Silky straight is the most popular and well-known looks,smooth and shiny.  it resembles Caucasian hair and is very fine and silky to the can used as the base texture for wavy or curly wigs.

silky straight human hair wigs for women

light yaki wig:

 that is silky and straight,yaki straight a little coarser than light yaki,They seem as though they are naturally casual and level pressed. This is a standout amongst the most prevalent assortments of hair surface. The wigs calls for minimum upkeep frequently incline toward it. a 100% human hair indian mery light yaki lace fornt wig cost $150 or so.a lot of ladies like the yaki texture,Because it can also used as the base texture for wavy wigs.

light yaki human hair wigs for women

Yaki straight wig:
The hair is not as straight and plush like Silky Yaki but rather still looks loose. It would seem that run of the mill African/American hair.

yaki stragiht human hair wigs for women

Italian yaki wig:

That is more coarser than yaki straight,a fluffy hair,it is so popular with African/American women. a human hair  italian yaki full lace wig cost $200 or so.

italian yaki human hair wigs for women

Kinky Curl wig:

It has the most normal surface of African American hair. Such hair seems as though they are not casual or blow-dried. Indeed, they look as though they are not artificially processed.

kinky curly human hair wigs for women


bob style wigs: a short haircut for women(common length:10inch and 12inch ),such as:A-line bob; Buzz-cut bob;Chin-length bob;Inverted bob and so on,there are so many pictures can be searched on google, pinterest and instagram.

human hair bob style wigs

curly wig and wave wig:

curly and wave hair are very popular hairstyles every year,it always looks youthful but many styles,there is always a suitable for you.

deep wave human hair wigs for women

To get any of human hair wigs for women, explore the choices at The wigs are affordable. These wigs are 100% human hair, not synthetic.


The Oscars Wonderful Moment

March 2, 2017 in custom order by picture

The 89th Academy Awards ceremony took place on February 26, 2017.  As a hair editor, i am more concerned about the hair stylist of stars.
Free style, middle part and side part. with wave style, straight hair, and high ponytail. the hair color i loved, it is fit for their skin.
today we talk about Emma Stone. we must congratulation to her, the Actress in a leading role.
I love her shoulder-length with blonde, and big wave, side part with side bangs. I found that she always with a short hair. very beautiful young and fashion.
for example, this straight hair, the hair stylist do a bit wave for her.  it is more fashion than bob style.
if u love it, contact with us: [email protected] we Engaged in the wig industry over  10 years. we never let u down

Grammy fashion hair style

February 23, 2017 in Indian remy human hair

half silk top timg

First of all, congratulations on Adele’s Grammy Awards. Besides music, for adele, her hair style, i prefer it. either high ponytail or straight hair.

Our full lace cap can put up, high ponytail will make people cute and young. and our glueless cap, we need add the lace at back, then also can make the high ponytail, pls see this pic:


Then let us see the straight hair. with blonde hair. and this color is ombre color. on the top with highlights. this is not very silky straight, it is most like natural wave. normally. we suggest clients buy a silky straight, it can be styled by yourself.

The Grammy is gone, but the fashion and beauty still here

February 16, 2017 in full lace cap


The recording industry’s most prestigious award, the GRAMMY. 2017.2.13 the fifty-ninth Grammy, more and more super stars and the bling bling dress, the most important is the music.

today editor want to say the hair style. classiclacewigs is more than 10 years in the wig industry. we have our own hair factory, the hair wefts, lace closure, top closure, lace frontal and lace wigs, many in stock.


Rihanna in my heart, she is the fashion queen. This year Grammy, this long wave hair style with middle part. for this wave wig, we have many in stock.

if u like it, pls click this link:



How to wash the wigs

February 7, 2017 in wig care

Now the wigs are ubiquitous. More and more people wear it. I recommend human hair wig for u, it is real hair and last longer time.

today the editor teach u how to wash the wigs. u should know, the correct wash, it will increase the life of wigs. lol

Step 1: comb to tangle free

2: add to shampoo

3: soak to clear up. tip: pls try to wash the wigs in gallon jugs of spring water or distilled water instead of the tap water

4: add the hair conditioner. it is make the hair softer. if ur wig is tangle, it will be useful.

5: soak in gallon jugs of spring water

6: squeeze the water

7: absorb the water

8: put it on the wig stand, keep the style

Last, hope it is helpful for u.

Long Beautiful wave for African Ameican

January 3, 2017 in full lace cap


Hair type: Indian remy hair, also 100% human hair wig

Hair length: 20inch

Hair color: 1b jet off black

Hair texture: wave (from the roots do wave)

Standard density : 120% density

Cap construction:  full lace with silk top cap

360 lace frontal for body wave

October 24, 2016 in 360 lace frontal

body-waveimg_0075 img_0078

Today let us talk about 360 lace frontal, the new arrival hair product. It have many texture: straight, body wave or curly and so on…

now i recommend this body wave. normally, its size is 22*4*2. perimeter is 22inch, the front lace is 4inch and the back lace is 2inch.

the lace is Swiss lace, it is softer. Natural hairline and with baby hair.

Body wave lace frontal

October 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

dsc01959 dsc01960 dsc01962

this is body wave lace frontal. 13*6 lace 14inch natural color medium brown lace color.

and do a widow’s peak. the lace frontal looks more fashion.

sometimes, people will choose lace frontal with 2-3 pcs hair wetfs, it will be whole head.