human hair wigs for older women | short african american wigs

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human hair wigs for older women

Tired of thinning aging hair,you”d give kinky straight a try since it’s very much like african american hair.

short african american wigs kinky straight Perfect for those who want to deal with a very low maintenance style.

human hair 4c wigs

kinky straight looks best in natural state or flat iron.

it feels like the texture of  African american 4c hair and you could run my fingers through it.

If you would like to curl this hair, curl it after you wash and blow dry but not after you straighten.

I would recommend not to straighten it, just so you can keep the thickness to the hair,If you’re going to wear it in a bun.

If you want it really thin, then straighten it twice.If you would like to keep the thickness, straighten in once or not at all.

human hair wig for older women

human hair 4c wigs

 short curly african american wig

Kinky curly wig feels like the texture of  African american too.

Curls revert back instantly after wash day,the wig is pretty & tight so you can apply curling custard to keep the “wet” look,

Each mornin you can spray wig with water bottle that has conditioner mixed in.

as for length curly hair is of course short than straight hair,but if you put it on and measure it ,

you will see that it is true to length.

 If you’re looking to buy a wig for the summer, short curly african american wig is the one.

human hair wigs glueless

 The lace to lay flatter,you don’t use glue for lace frontals.

If you’re a perfectionist,

The closure doesn’t require any bleaching just light tweezing and concealer to blur out the “holes” in the lace and it blends seamlessly.

short african american wigs

human hair wigs glueless


human hair wigs versus synthetic

If you attempted to color the unit and it started smoking! Afterwards the hair began to’s synthetic hair.

If it is Human hair,  dye the hair and yes it does get hot but it never smokes.