How to wash the wigs

February 7, 2017 in wig care

Now the wigs are ubiquitous. More and more people wear it. I recommend human hair wig for u, it is real hair and last longer time.

today the editor teach u how to wash the wigs. u should know, the correct wash, it will increase the life of wigs. lol

Step 1: comb to tangle free

2: add to shampoo

3: soak to clear up. tip: pls try to wash the wigs in gallon jugs of spring water or distilled water instead of the tap water

4: add the hair conditioner. it is make the hair softer. if ur wig is tangle, it will be useful.

5: soak in gallon jugs of spring water

6: squeeze the water

7: absorb the water

8: put it on the wig stand, keep the style

Last, hope it is helpful for u.