The particularity of Italian yaki

July 10, 2015 in Indian remy human hair, Italian yaki

Italian yaki texture is always our hot selling items, because there are so many African American customers love this coarse texture. For African American women, the Italian yaki fit their own hair very well.

Just because Italian yaki is coarse texture, so there are some particularity of it. Actually we make the methods of ” how to take care the wig” on the tag very clearly, especially about the Italian yaki. Italian yaki was styled from natural straight by factory,  so we don’t suggest our customer style this texture to much. There are so many customer complain about the problem when they wear the Italian yaki wigs.

natural colorcolor 1color 1bcolor 2color 4

With  Italian yaki we could not dye the too light color, color #4 is the lightest color for Italian yaki. As shown in the above pictures, Italian yaki can be natural color, color #1, color #2, color #1b, color #4. If you dye it to lighter color than color #4, the hair would be damaged and broke.

By the way, there are so many customers wanna to style the Italian yaki to wave, but because they are not too familiar with real human hair wigs, they use high temperature. In this way, the hair were also damaged by high temperature, then the wig start to shed and tangle.

Italian yaki is very different with other hair texture, so we need to take more care of Italian yaki wigs.