Which kinds of products foreigners love to buy from Chinese products?

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Which kinds of products foreigners love to buy from Chinese products?
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November 20, 2013-USA-Most of people should hear about that Chinese people love to buy luxury goods abroad such as LV and Channel. But, which products foreigners love to buy from Chinese products? The problem should be very interesting for many people. Owner of professional online seller www.classiclacewigs.net for full lace wigs has said that clothing, mobile phones and wigs should be the three major products in the first row which other countries’ people want to purchase. The good selling performance of wig products such as full lace wig and front lace wig should be let people become amazing. The classiclacewigs.net enter into this industry for more than 5 years and the average daily sales of this online wig store should be about 40 units which more than 90% of the full lace wig would be sent to African-American’s hands.

“As a global processing and manufacturing base, China’s processing and manufacturing industry has had great development. The exporting volume of China’s wig has accounted for 70% share of global volume,” said Jerry, the owner of online store classiclacewigs.net,” the United State should be the largest importing country for full lace wig. Their importing volume could account 60 percent of the world whole volume.”

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At the online platform of website classiclacewigs.net, the American consumers are the major part of all of clients. The sales volume of American has accounted for 90%. The customer service of classiclacewigs.net said:”There are many black men in the America’s population. Black’s hair is not easy to be taken care of. In this case, some black women will choose to use a wig product such full lace wig to replace their real hair. The African American women whose life standard is slightly better should have average 6 to 7 sets of wigs products.” This would be a hue market for all of people in the wig industry.

On the other hand, the owner of professional online seller for wig classiclacewigs.net has also said that the cross boarder online business would give the Chinese markets with more and more global opportunities. “Today, there are more than 160 countries’ clients would purchase Chinese goods through online shopping. There are also many similar examples like wig.” said the owner of classiclacewigs.net. The online business for wig product would have better development in the future.

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