Wig Making

April 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

People have little or no knowledge about italian yaki full lace wigs or hair replacement systems especially if they are first time wearers so we make an effort to be as helpful by giving more information.

Creating a best full lace wigs or hair replacement system is a highly skilled art. This is an art where the artist cannot show off but has to conceal his artistic skill without letting others know the secret behind the flawless hair. It should look natural and not like anything other than the head of hair you should have had.

Generally the view on the word wig is not a very positive one. It’s a harsh word with a hard connotation. I would rather refer to it as Aternative Hair or Hair Solutions or even Fashion Hair if it for non medical hairloss.

Many wigmakers advertise the term ‘Medical Wigs’. In fact, there are no such wigs. Wigs for medical hair loss are those wigs which give the most natural and comfortable solutions for daily wear. They are not made by a specific brand or have a price range. You should choose your wig based on your personal preference and what makes you feel the most comfortable. However, some wigs work better for sensitive scalp due to chemotherapy or hair loss.All monofilament top wigs have soft caps, are lightweight and well ventilated making them appropriate choices for medical hair loss patients. For people with extremely sensitive scalps, 100% hand-tied wigs are the most comfortable because they do not have wefts, therefore there are very few seams to irritate the scalp. Only through constant research and personal experience have we compiled information of wigs to be used by clients with hair loss due to cancer and alopecia. We take constant feedback from clients. This client feedback allows us to learn and improve from their experiences.

A good wig, requires a proper design, and does not necessarily need to have a lot of hair. Less density of hair gives more natural appearance. Too much hair can detract from the naturalness of any wig, hair replacement or restoration method. So in replicating the growth and density of natural hair exactly as you find with naturally occurring hair a naturally contoured hairline that begins with irregularly spaced hair increasing in density as the hairline progresses, visible scalp beneath the hair, from the hairline through the crown has to be made. A flow and bounce to the hair that allows multiple directional movement of the hair for unlimited styling options. So if you have a dense wig with too much hair emerging from the front it is going to look artificial.

A Wig for hair loss due to Alopecia, Chemotherapy, and Radiation should be

Custom made to give natural appearance and get the perfect fit

Very light weight, breathable and allow air ventilation.

Easily washable for hygienic reasons, without tangling of hair.

Comfortable & not exert pressure on any area of the head in spite of prolonged use.

Keep in mind that a wig cannot replicate the way your hair blends into your skin. It surely does in movies and on television, but that requires a great deal of time and trained professionals to look after it full time to keep it looking that way.