curly lace wigs for black women

July 22, 2012 in african american human hair full lace wigs

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curly lace wigs for black women

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curly lace wigs for black women

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silky straight human hair lace wigs

July 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

What is the silky straight wigs ? As we know the human hair lace wigs there are the 6 kinds of the textures,the most common hairstyle is the silky straight, the hairs are like the silky straight, so we always called the kind hairstyles silky straight wigs,or silky wigs.

The silky wigs inlcude the silky straight human hair lace wigs and the synthetic silky straight wigs.There are big different price between them.About the price of the synthetic wigs $50  each one,but theprice of the human hair silky straight start $99 to $599.That is because the human hair wigs price depending the length,the cap construction,the cap size and the mixed color or there are many price list for them.

For example,the silk top full lace wigs  in stock silky straight remy human hair 20 inch #4,the price is $259

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yaki straight human hair full lace wigs

July 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

There are 5 kinds of the yaki straight wigs , yaki straight human hair full lace wigs,

yaki straight human hair lace front wigs,yaki glueless lace front wigs,silk top full lace yaki wigs,silk top glueless yaki wigs.

I have to say the yaki straight wigs are very popular in the world.Especially africa american black women very love the hairstyle yaki human hair full lace wigs,sometimes,they buy more than one pcs one time from us.I asked the question to our consumers,why did you buy 3 pcs one time ? Some of women told me,they like the yaki very much,and the yaki hair is better suitable for their own real hair.The best season is that they apply the yaki human wigs to become so beautiful than before hairstyle.They wend to different kinds of the parties,they dress up themself different hairstyles, so their friends also like theire new impress during the parties.There are some women to tell us,they buy the yaki straight human hair full lace wigs as gift to send their freinds.Based on customers’ feedback information,our inform the factory to produce so many yaki full lace wigs baby hairs one time.Now,we have the 1980 pcs yaki straight wigs in stock.we also sell the 20 pcs yaki wigs every day.

we just said the yaki straight wigs there are 5 kinds of hairstyle,so there are different price of them.Our store supply the all kinds price list to meet many consumers needing.

The price is $99 to $599 of the yaki human hair lace wigs.If you have more interesting about our store,pls visit our offical website:

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lace front yaki human hair wigs

July 18, 2012 in hd lace front wig human hair

lace front yaki human hair wigs

The lace front yaki human hair wigs is also the one fashion hairstyle of the many kinds of hairstyles.

because the yaki straight human hair wigs feel quite strong,and the more beautiful than other wave.

and you can do give or have a permanent wave your needing,so many black women love the style.

lace front yaki human hair wigs

13×4 lace front wig yaki straight

wig texture chart supply lace front yaki human hair wigs,body wave human hair wigs,

silky straight,deep wave,water wave,curly,jery curly,kinky curly,kinky straight,light yaki straight,

italian yaki straight, corase yaki and so on.

there are made of the 100% human hair.

“what’s the difference between yaki and kinky straight?” the most African american customers would often ask.

As we can see from the picture,lace front yaki human hair wig has a little bit of texture,

making it more believable looking when paired with African american natural hair when straightened.

lace front yaki human hair wigs

human hair types and prices

  1. indian remy human hair
  2. indian virgin human hair
  3. chinese virgin human hair
  4. the top qulaity brazilian virgin hair

our best quality is the 100% brazilian virgin silk top glueless human hair full lace wigs,

it is the best,the expensive and the suitable,so many celebrity love the kind.

The price at least $500 , many the kinds of the silk top full lace wigs are $800-$2000 .

they think the kind of the lace wigs are super.

of course, most of women love to buy about $200 for indian remy lace front human hair wigs,

because the price is better for so many ladies.

and the price also depend the length,the texture and the color.

our store sell the more yaki straight human hair wigs than silky straight human hair lace wigs.

welcome to our store,if you have any questions, please contact us

[email protected]

Fashion 8 mm full lace wigs

July 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

The 8 mm full lace wigs of the style is deeper than the 12 mm full lace wgs, of course the fashion 8 mm hairstyle is more than beautiful 12 mm hairstyle.The hair texture of the effect is more than 12 mm. The fashion 8 mm full lace wigs is fashion this year, because so many holleywood stars love the hairstyle,for example,Halle Berry ,Angelina Jolie Catherine_Zata_Jones Cameron Diaz Uma Thurman Grace Kelly Meryl Streep Natalie Portman Nicole Kidman Jennjfer LoDez,Beyonce and so on.I will upload the pictures of the celebrity ,

if you like to ,please click the picture to place the order.

The celebrity will leads the fashion,because they have so many fans in the world.we know the fans are super crazy,they copy their idols,from the head to the foot. the hats,the sunglasses the colothes,and the super fashion bags,the fans love all them.when we are walking the street, you will meet so many fashion things.That is because of the Holleywood stars.Of course, the fashion things are the huge business choice for the company.For example, as like our  campany, we always search all the popular element,and relationship of the fashion wigs.

Once we can creat one new hairstyle of wigs, we will earn the so much money.The other hands, other companies once launch new products of the human hair lace wigs, our factory will make them in time.Every one really want to share the profite during the short we have to do that thing.

Welcome to our store supply the top quality of human hair full lace wigs and the lace front wigs.

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Love fashion,Enjoy life!

12 mm full lace wigs

July 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

The new texture of the hairstyle of the human hair full lace wigs, 12 mm  full lace wigs.we dare say a few women maybe not know the new hairstyle, bc the wave is prety than the curly.and will become to be fashion in the world.

The new style maybe only sulit for the many black women,

please the follow picture about the kind style

If you love the kind of wig,please click the pircture to place an order now.

Recently,our store receive the big customing order of the 12 mm full lace wigs the order cluding the 12 mm lace front wigs 10inch–22inch color#1b,and the 12mm full lace wigs 12inch–22inch color #1 lace brown medium cap size.The consumer ask us to do make as they supply the deatiails information.this is very easy for us, we can do custom any hairstyle hair for any consumers.we are good at the making the human hair wigs,and have the 10 years of the experience human wigs .if you can give us the service opportunity, we will never let you down,and once you purche the one time from us , you will never buy the wigs from the other stores.

By the way ,our all lace wigs with the Money Back guarntee,only if you do not feel the satisfaction, pls contact us in time, we will do all refund to you.without any excuse. Your satisfaction is our big goal.

And we are searching the partners to do cooperation on your country.Let us do the earn the more money together,

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Gabrielle union new hairstyles 2021

July 16, 2012 in hd lace front wig human hair

Gabrielle union new hairstyles

Some clients sent a photo of Gabrielle union and ask if we could make the hairstyles (Gabrielle union new hairstyles).

then I interested in her.

In April 2017, Union announced her first book, a memoir, entitled We’re Going to Need More Wine.

In December 2017, We’re Going to Need More Wine was named a Best Book of the Year by a Black Author by The Root magazine.

I was impressed by her young age and wide range of knowledge.

other than that,i love her hairstyles,especially curly hair.

Gabrielle union curly hair

Gabrielle union new hairstyles

kinky curly

Gabrielle union looks pretty cool with kinky curly new haircut.

The hair is lovely soft and beautiful and when it wet up its even more vibrant.

After washing and air-drying the hair the hair is still soft.

it is easy to style because it was already pre plucked.

There are adjustable straps as well and two combs so it feels very secure.

you can make it have more volume just by fluffing it and running your fingers through it.

Then if you want less, just spray it with water and leave-in detangler.

Gabrielle union natural hair styles

Gabrielle union new hairstyles kinky straight

Kinky straight has always been African american go to for a more natural look.

as you can see,Gabrielle union looks 10 years younger.

if you need a quick wig to just run to the store or something in this is your go to.


Gabrielle union new hairstyles

kinky straight

Gabrielle union new hairstyles

Gabrielle union new hairstyles

13×4 lace front loose deep wave

Gabrielle union new hairstyles loose deep wave

The part is deep so it looks more natural.

There is some shedding but not a lot,Typical amount for a wig.

you don’t have to do much with it, just brush and go. Hair don’t get fuzzy.

The density is also good so you will not have to worry about tracks showing.

Bleach your knots, pluck the hair line and go.


Hair & wig care information

July 13, 2012 in Uncategorized store do the caring the information about the human hair lace wigs

1,It is recommender that you reseal your knots each time you wash your wig,this will help to prevent the hair shedding.

2,When washing it, you must gradually wet the hair down and brush it gently before you completely wash the hair.if the hair is very dry and a lot of water is added at once,it will swell up like sponge and tangle.

3,Do not brush or comb any curly or wave hair wigs or kinky straight full lace wigs  as it will cause it to tangle and knot.

4,pls do not color ,perm,or do any extra chemical processes because it has already been treated.

5,Make sure you brush the hair often and apply some leave-in conditioners to make the hair soft and moist.

Custom celebrity hairstyle human hair lace wigs

July 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Custom celebrity hairstyle human hair lace wigs

Every year,our store meet the many custom orders,many of the orders are the custom celebrity hairstyle human hair lace wigs.why the women like to custom the celebrity hairstyle human hair lace wigs ? As we know, the hollywood stars leads the fashion every many white women and black women all over the world love them,they are their super fans.they do copy all the celebrity,sometimes.
Especially,they like to apply the same hairstyle wigs and the clothes with the celebrity.we have to say the Custom celebrity hairstyle human hair lace wigs will take a long time, as usually, one custom wig will take about 4 weeks to can be done. our any of the full lace wigs human hair and lace front wigs  are made by all they need more time than our stock wigs.Once place the custom order, the women are very willing to wait for their expecting wig.

Of course, the custom celebrity hairstyle human hair lace wigs not only take much time,but also it will take much money,so expensive for common women.

Now ,for example, we just did  Custom Beyonce hairstyles for the customer from America, pls see the more information about the custom order

the order is the 18 inch #4 full lace wigs cap size Medium custom Beyonce hairstyles Silky Straight wigs $299 including the shipping.

Product Details:
 Name:18 inch #4 full lace wigs cap size Medium custom Beyonce hairstyles Silky Straight wigs
Lenth:  18 “
Color : as our color chart,pls chose
Density :Standard 120%,
Texture :Silky straight
Material: 100% Indian Remy Human Hair
Cap Construction :Swiss full lace
Lace color: Medium Bronw
Cap size :Medium, Large ,Size
Hairline :Natural Hairline
After the consumer received the wig,to her surprice,they told us it is very similar with beyonce wearing that hairstyle. Our goal is :Love fashion,enjoy life.
pls give us the service opportunity,we will never let you down!

human hair wigs for white women – silk base wigs

July 12, 2012 in silk top full lace human hair wigs

Wigs are pretty accepted in the black community regardless of the reason for wearing them.

Although I watch a lot of videos about wigs from other white women,

the most informative videos about wig wearing are from black women.

human hair wigs for white women

I recently had a conversation about wigs with a room of white women

and I didn’t realize there was so much apprehension and shame surrounding this subject.

White women still have not accepted hair loss as a normal part of life.

One lady said:”Being Caucasian, I find the light Yaki texture to be closest to my own hair because it is soft but has coarseness.”

then I recommend transparent silk base wig light yaki straight glueless.

As you can see how hide the line of demarcation with a silk top unit.

this seems like the best option to hide the lace.

human hair wigs for white women

silk base wig light yaki texture

human hair wigs for white women

another said:”For me it is not just a texture issue but as you indicated a color issue.

My preferred colors are in the dark blond/ light Blond range.”

Light Blond is in vogue again.

If want it to be lightweight and not heavy and comfortable for an all day wear but still look natural,

this is the one.

Or you can buy natural color and dye them to your liking.

human hair wigs for white women

Light Blond 613 color

human hair wigs for white women

Another lady said:”I have really thin and short hair,

I could easily see and feel wefts so it was impossible for me to wear lace front wigs.

Since you say your hair is really thin I think a silk base full lace wig would be best,

Plus while you wear your wig you can still experiment & grow your hair while looking cute in your wig,

Once you gain thickness in your hair you can wear extensions.

human hair wigs for white women

What is a silk base wig

 Just concentrate on yourselves and be the best person you can be.