Knowing about the differences between the medical wig and the normal full lace wig

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There are many differences between the medical wig and the normal best full lace wig. Today the online store will tell you the clear difference between these wigs. This online shop is the professional supplier for the lace wigs with baby hair, human hair lace front wigs for black women , cheap glueless human hair lace wigs and other high quality lace wig. The address of the website is
The first step is that we want to introduce you the application and other details of the medical wig. The medical human hair lace wigs has generally been applied to the head which has had the surgery or the hair customers who have loss hair after chemotherapy. The first requirement for wig of this type of customer is comfortable. Because the bottom of the cheap full lace wig has directly contacted with the scalp of the head, so there would be more demanding for the fabric of the wig.
We generally use the Class A material which could be directly contact with the skin of the head. The soft material is more suitable for the contacting with the skin without causing redness, swelling and allergies. Good air permeability will contribute to the recovery of the wound. The pores of the head can breathe freely. We will have the feeling of refreshing.
The wearing for the medical wig needs a good stability. The traditional pawl cannot be used. The fixing by the elasticity of the fabric of the wig is the best choice. The color of the wig has to be more natural and health. The requirement of the fidelity should be higher which other people cannot identify the real or false for the wig.
The fashion wigs such as the silk top lace wigs, glueless full lace human hair wigs and other cheap full lace wig are very common in our daily life. As we all know, the fashion wig hair are generally more suitable for the people who have the white hair or the people who often dye their hair and constantly change their hairstyle. Many customers who prefer to the fashion best full lace wig are willing to pursue the varied and style of the hairstyle. They need to suitable hairstyle for different occasions so the lace wig is their best choice.

Many fashion lace wigs have been used to match the different occasions in our daily life. So the wearing time for the best full lace wig is not too long. The requirements for the production process of the fashion lace wig are not higher than medical wig. So the cost of the fashion lace wig is often cheaper than the medical wig. However, if you prefer to the long-term wearing, it is also recommended the hand-woven lace wig with better permeability.

Fan Bingbing learn to create amazing shapes with a wig

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As we all know, Fan Bingbing favorite fuss with a wig on his head. As everyone knows, in fact, only a range of great beauty then three of four silk top lace wigs, back and forth to wear out. Here, we summarize the past Wallace to wear on different occasions were limited out several wigs. Read the rest of this entry →

In Stock Synthetic Full Lace Wigs

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Full lace wigs are usually the pre styled best full lace wigs offered at lower prices than human hair wigs. Since they are pre designed by wig makers, most of synthetic wigs are in stock and ready to be purchased by those who like to have it. The styles are carefully chosen and designed by wig specialists to cater the different needs of wig users. Read the rest of this entry →

Factoids on Lace Wigs!

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As we all know hair is one of the things that make a person look good. Having a stylistic hair means good appearance and extra beauty especially to the ladies out there who wanted to look good and cool. So to give women the full satisfaction they wanted in terms of hair designs, best full lace wigs are being designed and particularly, lace wigs or a wig designed with a sheer lace base are being introduced. These are worn for fashion or various other aesthetic and stylistic reasons, including cultural and religious observance. Read the rest of this entry →

How is a lace frontal installed?

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A lace frontal is best installed by a professional since more advanced weaving and hair extension techniques are also employed. If you are very well versed in silk top lace wigs and hair weaving, then this is something that you can most likely do. If you are only good at one of these skills, you will need professional help. Read the rest of this entry →

lace frontal bundles | 13×4 frontal and bundles human hair

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lace frontal bundles

high end lace frontal bundles are holding up better than some more expensive hair has.

Just because something is more expensive doesn’t make it better,

just because something is more cheap doesn’t make it worse.  

lace frontal 13×4

the lace is almost invisible and it should melt seamlessly once applied.

The original color is a natural brownish black with a natural luster.

The frontal bleaches really well and there is very little need to pluck the part.

It lays so flat and look super natural.

There are no scraggly ends what so ever!

overall,The lace frontal is low maintenance and lasts a while.

lace frontal bundles

lace frontal 13×4

lace frontal natural look

A lace frontal is a great purchase for ladies seeking more natural looking.

With a 13×4 lace frontal, you have direct access to much of the scalp.

A lace frontal is also a good option for ladies suffering from thinning hairlines or at the crown of their head.

Ladies like to think of a lace frontal like a spot treatment for their hair.

Place it in the spot that needs it most.

body wave Brazilian bundles

Bundles are always full, thick and no smell to product,

thick even the longest inch was full, nice constructed wefts.

It has a pretty luster/shine that isn’t too much and a whole lotta bounce.

do this test where flip the bundle upside down hold it by the weft and shake it like crazy in every direction,

ran your fingers through it once,  it just reverted back!

Over time, you will glad the texture became more realistic to your hair texture.

when the hair gets a little worn and loses its shine

but that’s easily fix temporary as long as the hair is washed with all natural conditioner.

please protect the weave like your own hair or better,

As long as you maintain the hair as instructed it will last for a long time.

lace frontal bundles

body wave Brazilian bundles

If you’ve been searching for a reliable vendor with great natural full lace frontal bundles,

I would recommend trying it especially if you have never bought hair befor.

What could be the variance in between a ribbons top wig collectively with a frequent wig?

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A entire ribbons Wig can be an intricately made hat made totally from lace. each and every strand of locks is individually hand tied for the ribbons providing the realistic look of the scalp. Our ribbons best full lace wigs are made with bleached knots to blend in using the color belonging for the lace. When determining upon your ribbons Wig, you would choose a comparable color for the exclusive scalp to ensure a realistic look. Read the rest of this entry →

How do I accept a wig density?

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What is the aberration amid a applique foreground wig and a approved wig?

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A abounding Applique Wig is an intricately advised cap created absolutely from lace. Anniversary fiber of hair is alone duke angry to the applique giving the astute actualization of a scalp. Our Applique Wigs are produced with albino knots to alloy in with the colour of the silk top lace wigs. If chief aloft your Applique Wig, you would accept a agnate colour to your own attic to ensure a astute look. You would again be able to allotment the hair in any administration or abrasion it in a top ponytail after the anguish of apparent tracks. Read the rest of this entry →

Our Euro Texture Cuticle Hair

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From 2013, we will only focus on Cuticle Remy Hair (Euro Texture Cuticle Hair),Here is the instruction of this hair:

European Texture Cuticle hair is the finest hair which keep the cuticle aligned in the same direction. This human hair for white women is collected directly from the hair donors who are young and healthy. The hair is tied and maintained with all the cuticles intact and going in one direction. We picked the highest quality raw hair to make European texture cuticle hair .The hair dyed or made any chemical processed before can’t be used. European texture cuticle hair is the most natural look and longest lasting type of hair extensions. With proper care Euro texture cuticle hair extensions can last years. Read the rest of this entry →