how to make thin hair grow thicker (female)

July 30, 2014 in human hair wig care and maintenance

sparse coarse hair

For these women who do not have the beautiful, richly and healthy hairs,

the cheap full lace wigs from could be regarded as their first choice.

However, they should also try their best to recover the healthy condition of their sparse coarse hair as the original beauty is the real beauty.

sparse coarse hair

human hair italian yaki wig

sparse coarse hair

Today, the customer service from Classiclacewigs will describe with each people how to better improve the hair quality by eating daily food.

Absorption of nutrients is the basis of hair growth.

In order to better promote the greatest degree of sparse coarse hair growth and health, woman should not always set their sights on the bathroom jars.

On the contrary, they need to enter into the kitchen to research how to eat healthy to improve their hair quality and quantity.


Frankly speaking,

these people who want to improve their hair quality and abandon the full lace wig should eat more beans

which are rich in vitamin H that can prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

They should also eat more green leafy vegetables which are rich in vitamins A and C that can promote sebum production.

The sebum can care hair and prevents hair breakage to promote long hair become longer than before.

how to make thin hair grow thicker

In addition to these bog species,

there are also many other specific food which could help to improve the quality of original hair.

The first one is asparagus which is rich in protein, vitamin C, vitamin A and folic acid.

This vegetable also contains a lot of fiber and iron elements.

Because of the richly and useful elements containing,

the asparagus can stimulate hair growth and provide sufficient silicon element to holding sparse coarse hair so smoothly.

In addition, asparagus also contains large amount of Vitamin E which could also helps a lot to hair health.

The second good food is the traditional honeydew.

As we all know, the folic acid deficiency can cause into the hair loss

so eat more foods containing enough amount of folic acid can promote hair growth.

The honeydew could be regarded as the fruit that contain hug amount of folic acid.

Eating more honeydew could help each hair loss women say goodbye to their beautiful full lace wigs.

how to make thin hair grow thicker

The third sort of hair caring food is the commonly eating Broccoli.

Each 30g of broccoli contains vitamin C which amount is more than the 30g oranges.

On the other hand, the broccoli also is rich in vitamins A and C which can promote the production of sebum.

The vitamin C can promote the circulation of the scalp and hair health benefit.

The last very good food element is the Mango.

The ripe mango contains a lot of carotene and vitamin which can increase the amount of oxygen consuming of scalp,

thereby, promoting the blood circulation of the scalp and then the hair growth will be accelerated.

By the guidance of this article,

maybe many women who are suffering from the hair loss problem will be get rid of their long term wearing full lace wigs.

sparse coarse hair

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Selection of lace wig should be differ from the conditions of the occasions

July 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

July 20, 2014-China-Recently, wearing one set of beautiful silk top lace wigs become new fashion trend for each beauty. Although the lace wig or human wig could bring with each girl the fashionable atmosphere, the selection for this product should also be based on the types of occasions. Now, the editor from famous lace wigs online store will share with each friend the suitable lace wig for each specific occasion.

Gentle pure If reader want to meet with friends together to enjoy the afternoon sunshine light, they should select one set of shoulder-length silk top lace wig with full of gentle and pure feeling. The straight hair which hanging over shoulders could let reader casual and handsome looks more endearing.

If reader wants to go with their boyfriend for the romantic candlelight dinner, the Retro romantic elegant soft wavy lace wigs could be regarded as the best choice. This kind of lace wig could let each woman become who eager to own a little more feminine, more mature and more charming achieve their goal. Overall speaking, the tenderness feminine look should be enough to attract all eyes from other people.

As we all know, the elegant woman should be always the most attractive screen. If reader wants to attend the dinner or night party, the elegant outside appearance should be the most suitable goal. In order to achieve this effect, the forehead bangs must be very chic. People could select the fashionable cheap lace front wigs from to easily get their satisfied effect. It will develop their elegant and luxurious charm very effectively.

The last choice should be the wonderful short hair which could be said the universal hair type. For these women who already adapt and boring with their long hair looking, choosing a set of short hair lace wig occasionally also have another sort of unique flavor. If reader’s skin color is very white and healthy, they should choose the lace wig with burgundy hair color make. If reader is an America African, the best chose should be the black color lace wig. Overall speaking, the fashionable beautiful short hair could always make a woman become more youthful and shining in the daily life.

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