Our Hopeful Wish List – Black Friday Sales Online now !!!

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Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November), often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Around the office of classiclacewigs.net, we’re all preparing for Black Friday. We’ll have full coverage of all the best deals, sales and markdowns on the big day, but right now, all we can do is hope that the things we’d really love to have end up in someone’s sale section. Below, check out a short list of the things we’re each going to be searching for once all the sales launch.

Black Friday

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How to Buy Suitable Yourself Natural Human Hair Wigs Online

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The hair is the glory of the woman. Many times, when women are ready out, the hardest thing to do is choose a suitable hair. Choosing correctly,you may save time and be happy. Classiclacewigs will teach u  how to buy a suitable human hair wig online, as follows:

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The Customer Show of classiclacewigs.net

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silky straight 20 inch

                 Item ID:              CW 23088

                 Hair color:         color #1b

                 Hair Length:    20 inch

                 Lace Color:        medium brown

                 Cap Construction: Glueless  with 4X4 silk top

                 Hair Texture:  silky straight

                 Cap Size:             average cap size

                 click  here  to buy this wig

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wig cap under lace wig — 5 lace cap constructions classiclacewigs

November 24, 2014 in african american human hair full lace wigs

When we purchase a human hair wig, will choose texture, length and color,

The most important thing is that u need choose a suitable wig cap under lace wig,cap size and medium lace color.

now let us know a lot about cap construction from classiclacewigs.

wig cap under lace wig

full lace wig (we called cap1)

bleached knots, can be parted anywhere,

stretch in the middle, need fix to glue.

wig cap under lace wig

glueless full lace wig(we called cap2)

have elastic band at back,can adjust the cap size. with 6 combs or clips.

stretch straps more comfortable.

wig cap under lace wig

lace front wig(we called cap4)

3inch lace in the front. elastic band at back, can adjust the cap size.

wig cap under lace wig

full lace wig with silk top(we called cap5)

with silk top looks more natural. bleached knots.

need glue to fix.

wig cap under lace wig

glueless with silk top full lace wig(we called cap6)

with silk top looks more natural. with 6 combs or clips.

no need glue to fix. elastic band at back, can adjust cap size.

wig cap under lace wig

classiclacewigs have all the cap construction.

By knowing a lot about cap construction, it is so easy to choose the most suitable wig for yourself.


5 Star Feedback from One of Our Customer

November 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

These days, we meet a very nice and kindly customer; she is very satisfied with our wigs. As edit of classiclacewigs.net, i am really glad to share this story with everyone. I believe that many of our customers love this item: glueless with silk top Italian yaki:

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How to wash your wig learn from classiclacewigs

November 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

classiclacewigs only do 100% human hair wig with top quality.  Human hair wig is the easiest to look after, it can be last long time.  so you can wear them for years if you take care of it carefully.

Why do u wash a wig? Well wigs need to be cleaned pretty often to keep them from looking frizzy,dirty,and smelling.When u sweat under your wig, u get sweat,oils and such all over the wig wetting. This will start to make your wig smell funky! No one likes a funky smell. Also washing can keep wigs soft and fluffy.

Follow these steps to get your human hair wig as clean as possible. If you wear your human hair wig every day, wash it once a week; otherwise, wash it once every eight to ten uses.


I hope this was helpful, and u can try to wash your wigs. Pls join our facebook classiclacewigs.net , we will have many information about how to care and wash wigs.

Hot Selling Glueless with Silk Top Italian Yaki Texture of classiclacewigs.net

November 18, 2014 in silk top full lace human hair wigs

The Indian remy hair glueless with silk top Italian yaki 

is the best selling product of the very famous online store – Classiclaceiwgs.net

glueless full lace wig silk top italian yaki

Most of our customers, especially our African American customers,

like the Indian remy hair glueless with silk top Italian yaki,

because the Italian yaki texture with the same texture of their own hair.

And with the cap construction of glueless with silk top (which was called cap#6 ),

the wigs looks very natural when you parting it.

With glueless full lace with silk top cap,

you can part it anywhere,

then the hair looks like they grown out from the scalp.

glueless full lace wig silk top italian yaki

glueless full lace wig silk top italian yaki

Girls, if you like wig which is very big and full,

the Indian remy hair glueless with silk top Italian yaki is the best choice.

A unit like this in black it so amazing for them to have a unique texture,

Our in- stock wig with our standard 130% density,

if you need more density in order to make the wigs looks fuller,

you can contact with us about the custom order via sending email to [email protected].

glueless full lace wig silk top italian yaki

If you want to know more about this glueless with silk top Italian yaki,

you can click this link and review this video on YouTube:


Our regular custom TwinGodesses has made a video for our this product.

black girls also like it better flat ironed…cute,

glueless full lace wig silk top italian yaki

flat ironed italian yaki hair 

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human hair wig care tips- 7 daily care for human hair wigs

November 14, 2014 in human hair wig care and maintenance

human hair wig care tips

Do we have to wash it before use? 

No you don’t have to.

but when it comes to styling the wig that’s definitely a lot easier to do after it’s been conditioned,

so you can manipulate the hair into the style and parting you want and then have it dry in that position.

human hair wig care tips

When you conditioned the hair wig what temperature of the water did you use ?

I use a small amount of hot water to dissolve the conditioner better then add cooler to warm water to fill.


How long do you leave it soaked in wig conditioner?

I usually let it sit for 20-25 mins.


should I let the wig and lace dry before trying to install and glue down or?

I would do it the night before you need to use it and style it into what ever part you want

so when it’s dry you aren’t having to mess with it at all just throw it on and secure!

(Not only that but a wet wig is a heavy wig so it’s just all around easier when dry)

human hair wig care tips

how to remove the excess glue from you lace frontal/closure?

If you struggle with cleaning your lace from the residue,

Use OIL! Any natural oil you have that you use for your hair.

Put some on the areas and rub it until the glue starts to slowly ease up.

Keep rubbing the oil in until you can slightly pull out the glue.

Then wash it in some neutralizing shampoo.

human hair wig care tips

if u have to worry about loosing to much hair when u wash it and

how often u should wash it and can u use any shampoo and conditioner?

Loss of hair all depends on the quality of the hair and how you maintain the hair.

You can use whatever shampoo & conditioner you like.

human hair wig care tips

hd lace frontal straight wig

when letting it dry on a wig stand I can just put it as I wear & not inside out?

Can I let it dry in the outside in the sun or will that damage it?

It can air dry inside out or regular but I prefer to style the part I want on the wig stand so it can set in place while it dries.

I wouldn’t put it in direct heat either avoiding as much heat as possible will keep your wigs nicer a lot longer.

The long blonde hair – the most important thing for broke girl – Caroline

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In the American Television ” 2 Broke girls”,  Caroline Channing has long blonde hair. The long blonde hair is the most important thing for her, because it make her looks very sexy and attractive.

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Famous Hair Store Classiclacewigs Introduces a Discounted Range in Curly Human Hair Wigs

November 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

classiclacewigs.net, China has rolled out a wide selection of curly human hair wigs. Resolute in beating market competition from other global hair stores, the company has taped attractive discount tags on most of the curly wigs. Among the first of the line launches is the fascinating 22 inches long curly wing. Made purely from human hair, the makers have carefully used baby hair along the perimeter of the hair to emulate the look of a hairline in its natural growth. The hairline is freestyle and hair can be parted from anywhere. The company is viewing the wig as one of its frontrunners with 120% density and a lace front cap.

The company also has high expectations from its deluxe loose curly silk top full lace wigs. Like most of the wigs rolled out at the recent launch, this wig is also made using pure human hair. Like mostly curly hairstyles wearers will have the liberty to part the hairline from anywhere on the head. The store has maintained the density at 120% and the cap construction is the preferred lace front cap. The length has been kept short at 14 inches to give a trendy look to the face and match party attires.

classiclacewigs.net has also launched some exciting collections in celebrity curly wigs. Leading the row is the 16 inch natural looking curly wig blonde. Hair experts at the store claim that the cap less wig weighs less than a kilogram and the adjustable straps on the back fit the wig on just any head. The company has included hair extension clips and a PC styling comb free with the wig. To top it all, the makers are giving away the wig at a discount of 70%.

Another fresh entrant in the celebrity wigs column is the 11nch Kerry Hilson Romance Black Wig. According to store insiders of classiclacewigs.net, this is among their most sold curly human hair afro wig. The wig is voluminously wavy and offers loose layering throughout the contours. The designers have made deliberate use of a cap less construction to impart a light frame to the wig. If that were not enough, the wig ships to the US for free in less than 4 days.