Especially for the African American – glueless full lace wig kinky straight

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glueless full lace wig kinky straight

Most of our customers don’t like the silky hair, because they want the hair looks kinky or yaki.

Especially for the African American customers,

most of them love the kinky straight texture,

because the kinky straight texture looks like their own hair.

Those people who like the full and coarse hair will fall in love with kinky straight.

glueless full lace wig kinky straight

glueless full lace wig kinky straight

can you flat iron kinky straight hair

All of the hair texture/styles were styled on the basis of  natural straight.

Because of the processed technology,

it is better for us do not processed the glueless full lace wig kinky straight by yourself again,

especially for the indian remy hair wigs.

For the kinky straight texture, you can flat iron it if your don’t want the hair looks so full and coarse.

But please remember don’t use too hot temperature to straight it,

we suggest you raise the temperature little by little to test it out.

otherwise, it may cause shedding.

how to curl kinky straight wig

For the glueless full lace wig kinky straight,

it can’t not be dyed with very lighter color,

the lightest color for kinky straight is color #4.

If you want to dye the hair by yourself, then you can select the natural color kinky straight.

For kinky straight we don’t suggest you do any wave or curly,

because if the temperature is high, the hair would be broke off,

especially for the kinky straight with lighter color.

Some Ladies don’t understand why the human hair couldn’t be dyed or curled.

Because the processed technology of the factory are different with hair salon,

any second processed may cause shedding or tangle.

Even our own hair may be damaged when we style or dye the hair too much.

The hair on the wig need to take care, because the wig has no scalp to support the nutrition.

If you like to style the yaki texture, you can select the yaki, light yaki or coarse yaki,

these hair texture could hold curly well and could be dyed with light color.

glueless full lace wig kinky straight

coarse yaki lace wigs


how to dye the human hair wig!

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Normally, we know what kind of texture fit for u. But we do not make sure the hair color. Different people have different skin color, so we have difficult to choose a hair color. Generally, we suggest customer choose natural color. because classiclacewigs natural color can be dyed. u can be dyed to your liking color by yourself. this is our customer, she always purchase virgin hair natural color. then she dyed it to this picture color by herself.

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different style of the natural color human hair wigs

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These days the wigs are becoming the necessities in the real life. The human hair wigs with multiple colors, so some people meet problems when they select the hair color, because they don’t know which color fit themselves well. Natural color hair is much helpful for this customers, because natural color is not processed by the factory, so the customers who are hard to select the hair color could pick up the natural color. Because of the advantage – unprocessed, natural color could be dyed by customers or their hair dresser. Some people don’t know how does the natural color looks like, our natural color is between color #1b and color #2, in other words natural color is between jet off black and dark brown color. With natural color human hair, we can style it to different style, such as natural straight, body wave, deep wave, Italian yaki and so on.

natural color natural straight

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How to curl the human hair wig!

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Merry Christmas. Christmas or Christmas Day is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus, the central figure of Christianity.  today i got my customer picture. she bought Chinese virgin hair natural straight. she curled it to your liking texture by herself.

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The new must-have in the fashion world-human hair wigs

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Nowadays, more and more person is interested in fashion items, such as the dresser, jeans, and bags. Especially for the lady, the fashion items are necessary for the event or parties. Thanks for the stars and fashion magazines, we can get much fashion information very quickly and we can know that which kind of fashion items fit us well. Some of the person who pays close attention to fashion word are very familiar with the stars street style. From the star street style, we can know which kind of style will be fashion.


As before, most of people focus on the dresser, shoes or bags. But recently, the human hair wigs become the darling of the fashion word. Someone notice that the hair styles of the stars are always changeable. For example, today the hair of the star is shot, maybe the star with long wave hair tomorrow. It is not magic, she just need to wear a wig with wave style.

wave style

If you have long hair and gonna to try the short hair, you don’t need to cut your own hair, what you need is only a human hair wigs, then you can change to the hair style you need.


The wigs are much useful for change the hair style and make you look more fashion without cutting or style your own hair. More and more young girls love the wigs, because the wigs make them looks more elegant and attractive.



Light yaki— one of the classiclacewigs hot sailing texture

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If u think italian yaki is more coarse for u, u can choose light yaki.  Light yaki is less coarse than italian yaki. Many customers love light yaki, and classiclacewigs have much more good reviews. as follows:

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Issa Rae natural hairstyles | wedding hairstyles | ponytail hairstyles

December 19, 2014 in best human hair extensions for black hair

On the red carpet at the 2017 Emmy Awards, Issa Rae told reporters, “I’m rooting for everybody black.”

The quote went viral and appeared on T-shirts and in the song “Sue Me” by the rapper Wale.

She is my biggest fan.

Rae first broke the happy news on Instagram,

sharing that she married Diame in a stunning ceremony in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France, after years of dating.

I‘ll bless her for this the longest day I live.

Issa Rae natural hairstyles

I like Issa Rae natural hairstyles,especially her wedding hairstyle.

The bridal hairstyle doesn’t have to be boring, stuffy, or traditional.

Instead, they can be trendy, chic, and fresh!

From long, loose waves to pixie cuts and braids.

Pair the style with an equally romantic bridal gown.

Most look best with thick hair,

so be sure to clip in hair extensions and start taking hair vitamins

to get your mane in perfect condition for your wedding day.

Issa Rae natural hairstyles

Issa Rae hairstyles on insucure season 4

There are so many braided hairstyles out there,you’re bound to find one you love.

Better yet, some of them only require a brush and hair elastics to create.

From Dutch and French to classic three-strand and pull-through braids, your options are endless.

Issa Rae natural hairstyles

Issa Rae natural hairstyles

If you don’t have ultra-long hair,

Using just pieces from the top section of your hair,

create two simple three-strand plaits starting from your temples.

Braid it towards the back of your head, then secure them with a pretty floral clip.

Leave the rest of your hair loose in soft waves; this will make it look thicker.

If you have a birthday party coming up and you can definitely going to try this!

Issa Rae natural hairstyles

Issa Rae natural hairstyles

The ponytail is one of the most versatile hairstyles out there.

For an ultra-flattering look, be sure to create lots of volume at the crown of your head.

Use hair extensions to give the ponytail extra thickness, 

and cover any hair elastics or pins by wrapping a piece of hair around it.

The bonus of a ponytail is that there’s no hair to hide or distract from your make-up,

and you can show off a pair of gorgeous statement earrings too.

Issa Rae natural hairstyles 

Customer feedback of classiclacewigs

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classiclacewigs are a large manufacturer of hair products in China. We offer top quality full lace wig, lace front wig, 100% Human hair lace wigs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. we provide best quality and best service to every customers.

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What’s the difference between Virgin hair and Remy hair

December 16, 2014 in hd lace front wig human hair

virgin human hair vs remy hair

Did you ever be confused with the virgin human hair vs remy hair?

Remy hair does not always mean virgin hair, in fact it rarely means that.

Although the two terms are used synonymous, they are completely different in meanings.

virgin hair definition

Virgin hair refers to hair that is completely unprocessed, and intact.

To qualify as virgin hair, it must meet rigorous standards including:

not been permed, dyed, colored, bleached, and chemically processed in any way.

This also means it comes from a single donor, and all the cuticles are intact, running in the same direction.

virgin human hair vs remy hair

brazilian straight hair virgin human hair

Is Virgin hair also human hair?

Yes,It is .

Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair,Indian hair and Chinese hair are all a form of human Virgin hair.

The hair is 100% natural and not processed and free of any damage to the cuticles.

100% Remy human hair meaning

Remy hair can be can be categorized in the premium segment, as far as hair quality is concerned.

Remy hair is bundled in such a manner that the roots of the hair are on one side and the tip of the hair on the opposite side.

Since all the hair cuticles are placed in the same direction,

the hairs remain undisturbed, making them more durable and long lasting.

virgin human hair vs remy hair

indian remy kinky straight HD lace wig

virgin human hair vs remy hair

how to spot Remy hair?

the Remy hair is not going to matt because the hair is protected by the cuticle.

the cuticle to your hair is like your skin to your body.

it keeps to moisture in,it keeps it shiny,it keeps it silky,it gives it body,it keeps it moving.

so if the cuticle is removed,they then have to put a silicone,

an artificial cuticle on the hair and you’ll be able to tell that within 5 weeks that you have non-Remy hair.

when i’m buying hair at a hair boutique,how do i know the difference?

one way you can test it to make sure is that if you wet your hand,

dip it in some water,you go down its gonna fell really smooth,

you dip your hand back in water you’re gonna go up,

its gonna kind of fell rough and that’s what you want.

if it feels smooth going down and smooth going up that means that the cuticle has been removed.

so you want it to feel a little rough when you’re going back up.

so that’s a tip on how to purchase remy hair.

virgin human hair vs remy hair

How long does Remy human hair last?

Remy hair can last up to a year with proper care and maintenance.

When it comes to remy hair wig, you have to care for your wigs just like your own natural hair.

You need to shampoo and condition your hair regularly, especially if you use a lot of hair products.

Deposits from the hair products, if not washed off on a regular basis,

can degrade the quality of the hair (just like your own hair) and

combined with the use of heat can affect the smooth natural feeling and behavior of the remy hair.

If you maintain your remy hair wigs properly,

you will have sleek, smooth, tangle free beautiful natural looking hair for a very long time

and will be able the reuse the hair many times after.

virgin human hair vs remy hair

How to Select a Hair Style for face shape female

December 15, 2014 in african american human hair full lace wigs

It is so important for you to choose right hair style.

Most women look great with right hair,

and the chosen hair style is a kind of reflection of women’s sense on fashion and beauty.

Every hair style and hair cut will be good looking when fitting your facial shape,

so you shall choose hairstyles based on your facial shapes.









hair style for face shape female

Normally, the length of oval face is 2.5 times as the width and the forehead is a bit wider than jaw.

Hair stylists consider oval as perfect facial shape,

so many hair cuts and styles are suitable for this shape.

The most suitable hair style for oval shape is with layers,

as this hair style can highlight the cheekbones, lips or chin on the face.

However, short layer at the top of head is not suggested, since it will make oval face with a longer look.

Also, blunt cut is not recommended to women with oval face and also thick and curly hair.

hair style for face shape female

oval face curly hair

Square face is featured with strong angular lines on the face.

It is not suggested to wear short hair styles because it will make the angular lines stronger.

Chin-length hair style is suitable for this facial shape due to its softness and texture.

Also it will be excellent if you choose a drawn back style and the back of head will be full of hair to highlight cheekbones.

hair style for face shape female

curly hairstyles for square faces

hair style for face shape female

Round face has the features of round chin, which makes the face look wide.

Women with round face shall try to narrow the width of hair on the sides,

and around the ears in order to make the face look slimmer.

The following hair styles are not suggested on round face, such as center partings,

full fringes and one-length hair cut or blunt cut on short hair.

hair style for face shape female

hair style for face shape female

Heart face shape is with wide forehead and a narrow chin.

Also eyes and cheekbones are dominant visible areas on the face.

For women with longer hair, you can use wavy layers around your cheekbones,

which makes your chin look rounder.

For women with shorter hair, you can use the top layers or side-swept bangs.

hair style for face shape female

Hanging straight hair is not suitable for Oblong face.

It is recommended to choose hair styles such as bob cut,

which will widen the face a little and make this face look softer.

hair style for face shape female