Full lace wig for black women

March 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

In order to make their hair more manageable and alter their hair’s appearance, many black women treat their own hair with chemical. Although this method is very useful for changing the style, but adding chemicals is very dangerous for heath. And the most important is that using chemical may damage your hair and make your own hair to mess and dry.

Italian yaki for black women


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silk base closure wigs indian hair and silk base closure

March 30, 2015 in silk top full lace human hair wigs

silk base closure wigs indian hair

That hair is either from India or China,You’re better off getting Indian hair.

The hair is 100% remy means where all of the hairs are aligned in one direction,from cuticle to end.

Let’s look at the silk base closure wig cap first.

silk base closure wigs indian hair

silk base closure wigs indian hair

silk base closure wig cap

silk base closure wigs indian hair

The silk base closure wig has a small piece of lace at the front where the baby hairs are already pulled out for you.

If you’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to hide the grids on lace wigs and no matter what the grids still show,

then you will love silk base closure wigs Indian hair.

you can’t expect a “one size fits all” product when skin comes in so many colors.

we do offer silk base color options.

the dark brown silk base is a darker shade,

you don’t have to do anything to get it to match your dark skin tone.

silk base closure wigs indian hair

silk base color chartsilk base closure wigs indian hair

silk base closure wig deep wave

Try getting a wig grip,It will keep your wig from moving if you don’t desire to use a wig glue or gel.

By the way, the breathable hair weft on back of silk base front cap is so attractive for hot summer day.

silk base closure wigs indian hair

4×4 silk base closure

If you don’t want to wear a full on wig and have been looking at hair toppers.

you can just use a 4×4 silk base closure and add clips to them and just clip on top of your head

and help to cover your thinning hair and since just have it blend with the rest of your hair.

They are wonderful for crown thinning when you are not yet ready to use a full head system or wig.

the hair does get a little thin towards the ends, but it should blend fine once installed.

silk base closure wigs indian hair

4×4 silk base closure

The lace front wig for summer

March 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Summer is coming soon, so many of our customers feel the full lace cap wigs are a little hot.  Therefor, the editor will share a breathable cap construction with our fans:

lace front with weft on back


This cap construction with lace in the front and breathable weft on back.The breathable weft on back make the wigs more comfortable in summer. You an part the hair on the lace, this wig could not be freely parted as the wigs with full lace cap.

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#33 color short curly!

March 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Lace wigs is a best choice for women. No matter what texture and color do u like, u can purchase a wig, and do not go to the hair salon to make your own hair, maybe harm for your own hair. In the summer, the weather is hotter and hotter.  short hair become more and more popular. now editor will recommend a light color short curly.

Hair type: Indian remy hair(the picture is indian remy hair). if u want the hair last long time, u can choose virgin hair.

Hair texture: curly

Hair length: 12inch

Hair color: #33 color(u can choose your liking color by the color chart)

Cap construction: full lace cap or lace front cap.

color33 curly

The full lace with silk top wig – ponytails available

March 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

Nowadays, the temperature is becoming warmer, so there are so many  girls want to make ponytail. That’s why the editor want to share our full lace wigs silk top wigs today.

full lace with silk top


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Why choose remy full lace wigs?

March 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

If you want to buy a new wig, you have two choices: lace front wigs and full lace wigs.For those looking for a high quality and economic products, before the lace wig.Because they only in front of the lace, they more affordable than their peers, but the style of your choice is limited.For those who seek unsurpassed quality and flexibility, remy full lace wig is the way to go.Their features are:

remy hair, this is the virgin hair with the entire epidermis full

– lace cap, can provide unique versatility, including make high ponytailand horsetail

– lightweight structure, provide comfortable in all conditions.


New arrival-14 mm curly

March 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

There is a great variety of curly hair style, such as kinky curly, 6 mm curly, 8 mm curly and so on. These days, real human hair wigs supplier has released a new kind of curly – 14 mm curly, because some of our customer may prefer the loose curly than the other curly styles.

14 mm curly


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New Fashion texture—kinky curly!

March 19, 2015 in african american human hair full lace wigs

Kelly Rowland, an American singer, becomes hotter and hotter. Her makeup and her clothes attract us.But particular attention is her hair style. as an editor, i love her kinky curly hair style. 
Kelly Rowland shows her black hair with these large long curly hair.She is this hair style is very fashionable.A lot of hair contrast strongly with her lovely face, especially the women’s chubby face and hair.

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kamo knots and regular knots hair difference

March 17, 2015 in african american human hair full lace wigs

kamo knots and regular knots hair

kamo knots and regular knots hair

kamo knots and regular knots hair difference

regular knots on lace wigs

As we know, the hair of the lace wig was tied on the lace.

So when dark hair is knotted to the lace,

the knot of the darker strands of hair creates a noticeable dark dot that can look unnatural when viewed close up.

In the last years, the bleached knots are the best solution for making the knots invisible.

After the knots was bleached, the dark dot of the knots became lighter.

Bleaching knots was an effective way to improve the appearance of the knots and hidden the knots near the hairline,

however there are also some weak point to this bleaching process.

if we do too much bleaching for the knots, the knots would be weaker.

That means the knots would be broke and the hair will eventually begin to shed.

Moreover, bleaching knots couldn’t make the knots of the lace wig totally disappear.

kamo knots wig

Kamo Knot are a revolutionary new way to hidden the knots for a realistic hairline without the use of harsh bleach.

With kamo lace the knots are camouflaged in this way:

before the hair are hand tied to the lace,

dye the root of the hair with a light color (usually color #4 or lighter).

Kamo lace is better solution than “bleached knots”.

Because the light color roots were blended in the lace,

so the knots are more invisible than bleached knots.

Kamo knots make it looks like that the hair are growing out of the scalp.

The knots are fast totally disappeared.

kamo knots and regular knots hair

Kamo knots wig hasn’t been popular for a long time,

The most commonly used method is still  bleach knots or seal the knots.

kamo knots and regular knots hair

single knots at hairline

U-part lace wigs

March 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

U-part lace wig is a revolutionary new way to get a “suture” in the appearance of a small part of the time and cost.  For those who are not familiar with this type of wigs, wig is a simple modification of a u-shaped piece of half or three-quarters of wigs, and u-shaped cut out of the champions league for the users to leave their own a small part of the hair through the semicircle of the u-shaped openings.the opening allows you to use your own hair, creating a part of nature.U-part lace wig to comb and adjustable shoulder straps, for safety.It makes a simple and quick application.

u-part lace wigs

Cap construction: u-part

Hair texture:  people purchase the needing texture match their own hair. for example, African American choose italian yaki or kinky straight.

u-part area: 1.5 inch * 2 inch(according to your needing can adjust)