Full lace need glue cap or glueless full lace cap

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For the real human hair wigs, there are so many different kinds of cap construction. In our company, our factory has released 7 kinds of cap construction: Full lace cap, lace front cap, with silk top cap.

There are also two kinds of full lace cap with no silk top: full lace need glue cap and glueless full lace cap. There are so many customers do not know the difference between these two kinds cap construction, so i wanna to share a blog about them today. Read the rest of this entry →

kinky curly u-part wig

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U-part human hair wigs is different from full lace and lace front wig. It is a fashion and comfortable wig. Many customers love it. It will have many kinds of texture.

Hair texture: kinky curly

Hair length: 18inch

Hair color: #1 jet black

Cap construction: u-part wig

U-part area: 1.5inch*2inch(we can do this area by customers’ request)

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Garcelle Beauvais hairstyles — Top 3 Garcelle Beauvais natural hair

June 26, 2015 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

Above all,What’s suitable is the best! Garcelle Beauvais hairstyles are always fashionable, but they do not always suit you.

I can show you some pretty good hairstyles.

Garcelle Beauvais hairstyles

The beautiful full lace Yaki human hair wig.

because we have a dizzy array of choices that are available to us.

When selecting wigs, fine, quality human hair will be a wise investment.

The yaki hair is light weight but the texture gives the appearance of thick relaxed African american hair.

for black women,If you want high end wigs that you can do the bare minimum with and this is the one.

Garcelle Beauvais hairstyles

yaki full lace wig

Garcelle Beauvais hairstyles

yaki bob wig with bangs

yaki bob wig with bangs

This cut takes years off her.

maybe you won’t believe it,the wigs worn by celebrities are not necessarily expensive,

since they only wear it for one time.

yaki bob wig no lace front is a affordable,manageable wig,perfect for a quick & easy style!

you not only can wear it with a hat or alone,

you also can comfortably push the hair behind your ears maintain a semi- natural look.

Garcelle Beauvais hairstyles

Beauvais has appeared on the covers of numerous luxury lifestyle and fashion magazines.

She usually parts her hair in the middle.

Or, try one that’s slightly off-center to blur the bold edges of a square face.

Garcelle Beauvais hairstyles

deep wave wig with side part

As long as you know how to install it,deep wave 360 lace wig is bomb!

If you aren’t a person to like big hair you have to find a way to keep it looking wet without being wet,

Don’t worry,only add water and oil to enhance curls.

in addition,the pre plucked hairline is gradually becoming mainstream.

That comes more naturally to you.

It’s also a very good spring time hair.


If you want your hair like Garcelle Beauvais hairstyles. Do you have a favourite?

indian remy human hair lace front wigs wholesale full

June 25, 2015 in hd lace front wig human hair

indian remy human hair lace front wigs wholesale full

Human hair is all coming from South Asia/ countries that follow Hindu / Islam, etc practices.

This is all hair made as offerings to a temple and then processed to different colours and curl patterns.

As well many women in villages will get into contact with vendors to have their hair cut in exchange of money to sustain their families.

there isn’t a culture of women cutting/donating their hair in Brazil

nor do they have a large enough population to keep up with the US demand for hair,

such thing as Brazilian and Peruvian hair ,

Those names are describing the grade of the hair.

indian remy human hair lace front wigs wholesale full

raw indian hair 

Why do Indians use henna on hair?

Red strands from hair collected from Indian temples are from henna. It’s not “fibers.”

It is an Ayurvedic natural hair dye that also has medicinal and therapeutic properties.

It’s good for the scalp and acts as a plant based protein treatment.

Henna deposits a beautiful reddish,

orange tint to hair that usually shows up more vividly on light colored hair.

If the donor had a few grey strands of hair, henna would make those strands stand out.

The tiny can also be seen in dark hair when in bright light.

The only bad thing about it is you won’t be able to lift that hair to a bright blonde.

Otherwise it’s completely normal and not an indicator of poor quality.

indian remy human hair lace front wigs wholesale full

Asian wig makers not only dominant the american markets but also Europe and Africa,

It is quality not price that sells our products.

We mainly deal with black owned wig stores and small business owners from western countries.

You should noticed that the 100% human hair from the bss used to be so good and last so long around 2006-2009.

But as soon as “virgin hair” started becoming popular,

The 100% human hair in the bss changed gradually and drastically in quality.

Also, it’s rare to find good 100% human hair in physical retail stores now.

indian remy human hair lace front wigs wholesale full

yaki straight lace front wig

indian remy human hair lace front wigs wholesale full

What’s crazy is how black women started the trends on how to improve the wigs they use to produce.

such as pre plucking , bleaching the knots, HD invisible lace and ext.

indian remy human hair lace front wigs wholesale full

5×5 hd lace closure wig kinky straight

Raw Indian hair is lighter but it is more static prone which means it will be frizzy in humid climates.

Raw hair is definitely the best hair on the market period especially raw Indian hair.

lace front wig 613  blonde color bleached from 100% raw Indian hair.

indian remy human hair lace front wigs wholesale full

613 Silky straight front lace wig


The beautiful kinky straight

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Most of our African American customer like the Italian yaki texture, because they feel the Italian yaki texture fit their own hair best. Today i wanna to share with our fans another hair style “kinky straight”, which is very similar to Italian yaki.

kinky straight kinky straight 1

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Affordable lace front wigs pre plucked — 13×4 or 13×6 lace frontal wig

June 16, 2015 in hd lace front wig human hair

Affordable lace front wigs pre plucked are the best choice for women who is on a budget in need of a stylish and affordable wig.

These wigs cost much less to manufacture than the full lace wigs, because lace is only on the front of the cap.

In this way, although the makers use premium Indian Remy hair and other quality materials,

the price is still low and affordable.

Affordable lace front wigs pre plucked

Affordable lace front wigs pre plucked

13×4 lace front cap

If you’re worried about the cap size of lace front wigs,  don’t be;

There is adjustable straps on back to help you achieve a custom fit.

And with their amazing design, you don’t need to glue the wig in order to wear it.

The lace on our lace front wigs typically ranges 4 inches or 6 inches in length.

because the parting options are somewhat limited, so you can only style the hair in the front.

lace front wigs yaki texture

Yaki texture just the right amount of texture not too silky and not to kinky.

Perfect for African american relaxed hair or blown out and straightened natural hair.

By the way, you need to know the difference between yaki and kinky straight,

kinky straight textre can blend into relaxed or unrelaxed edges,

but yaki looks like kinky straight simply did  flat ironing.

 If you’ve been wanting to try yaki for A WHILE! buy it now!

affordable lace front wigs pre plucked

lace front wigs yaki texture

All in all,

Classiclacewigs Affordable lace front wigs pre plucked are the reasonable,affordable, manageable wigs.

Custom order long wave with ombre hair color

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Recently, factory make many custom orders. now let editor recommend one long wave with ombre hair color. ombre hair color makes wigs more fashion and beautiful. normally, from the roots the shortest length is 4inch, for this, the ombre hair wigs looks more natural. the custom order detail as follows:


Hair texture: wave

Hair length: 24inch

Hair color: from the roots 4 inch is #2, the rest is #5 color

Cap construction: glueless full lace wig(we called cap2) with combs

Lace color: dark brown lace color

Hair density: the hairline is 80%. the crown is 150%, the whole head is 170%.

T color: 1.5 inch color #8 and 20.5 inch color #60

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These days, our factory custom made a beautiful blonde T color wig for one of our customer. The T color is : 1.5 inch color #8 as hair root, the rest 20.5 inch with color #60. Because the color is too light, so we make the wig with Malaysian virgin hair. Malaysian virgin hair with better quality than remy hair, it is softer and last longer. The following are the beautiful pictures for this natural straight wig:


If you also want to custom make a wig for yourself or friends, you can also let us know all of your request. You can download the custom order form and fill in all of your needing details and send the form to [email protected]


Body wave color #4 with #27 highlights

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In the summer, customers always like much lighter color. more beautiful and sunshine. Different color in a wig, looks more fashion. recently, many customers choose highlights.



Hair type: Indian remy human hair

Hair texture: body wave

Length: 18inch

Hair color: #4 with highlights #27,this picture is 25% highlights, u can choose a lot of highlights.

Cap construction: glueless full lace cap

Lace color: transparent lace color.

know a lot from: https://www.classiclacewigs.net

brazilian straight virgin human hair

June 5, 2015 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

brazilian straight virgin human hair

All of the Brazilian textured wigs were styled from brazilian straight virgin human hair,

you can curl the hair yourself using a curler and wrapping it around the curler section-by-section

then brushed it. once you curl it, it seemed much fuller.

brazilian straight full lace wig

Hair is an investment,if you are a Flight Attendant,

so this wig will come in handy as you are on a tight schedule and will help you save time on hair care.

brazilian straight virgin human hair full lace wig is incredibly soft and like butter after cowashing it!

it’s not so bulky at the top giving a more natural look,

Looks like a normal full head of hair and the hair is legitimately straight.

brazilian straight virgin human hair

brazilian straight full lace wig

360 straight lace wig

There’s a good amount of space for parting despite it being a 360 lace wig.

This is the wig for you if you are on a tight budget.

Relatively speaking, 360 lace wig is cheaper than full lace wig.

it can also satisfy your need for thick density(150 density 180 density or 200 density).

The lace area and the density of hair determine the price,

no only the larger the area of Swiss lace, the higher the price,

but also the thicker the density, the higher the price.

brazilian straight virgin human hair

360 straight lace wig

brazilian straight bundles

Taking into consideration those due to college graduation and being on a budget,

those don’t want to spend amount (ranging 300-600) on wig.

I would recommend brazilian straight bundles.

remember you have to treat brazilian straight bundles as if it’s your hair.

you can also use weft sealer before installed the bundles to minimize shedding.

If this hair is maintained properly u will definitely get use out of it.

brazilian straight virgin human hair

brazilian straight bundles

 dyed brazilian straight hair

Honestly,we highly recommend find specific hairdresser to dye

your brazilian straight virgin human hair as you will get the result you want,

but If you can’t get to a salon, please always choose good quality hair dye and test a small sample first.