Glueless full lace with silk top cap

July 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today one of our customer was confused of our “glueless full lace with silk top” cap construction. So i wanna to introduce this kind cap construction.

glueless full lace with silk top

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Blonde Silky straight with highlight color

July 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

There are so many customers concern about the hair color rather than hair texture when they purchase real human hair wig from us. Some of our customer, especially the white women always like blonde hair. The blonde hair fit their white skin color very well.

color 27 silky straight highlight with color 613

Today i wanna to share the color #27 silky straight highlight with color #613 with our fans. The main color of this wig is color #27, in order to make it fashioner and more beautiful, we highlight it with color #613. Summer is very hot, so our factory make this wig with lace front cap construction, there is breathable weft on back of the cap, so it is very suitable for hot summer day.

Since this wig with silky straight texture, our customer can styled this wig to curly by themselves.

Brazilian straight hair natural color wig

July 27, 2015 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

Most of time, some ladies is difficult to make a choice.

For most of my customers, they do not know which texture and color fit for her.

Brazilian straight hair natural color

On the one hand, i will send color chart and many textures to them.

On the other hand, i will suggest that they can choose natural straight and natural color.

because natural straight can be curled, and natural color(between #1b and #2) can be dyed.

Virgin hair is unprocessed which is much better than remy hair,

whether you curl or dye the hair, it will not harm for your hair.

22 inch  Brazilian striaght wig

You know inches brings out the best in us ladies.

today I will introduce one of virgin hair natural straight:

Brazilian straight full lace wig, natural color 22 inch.

Because it’s a full lace wig,so you can make any part as you please.

As you can see, it’s full and it takes color well,no white or Grey hair in between.

The wig is perfect density super flowy.

Brazilian straight hair natural color wig is suitable for dark skin or light skin.

for light skin,choose transparent lace or light brown lace.

for dark skin,choose medium brown lace or dark brown lace.

If you don’t not like wigs with all those bundles that look unnatural.

then I think you’ll like this one.

Brazilian straight hair natural color

22 inch brazilian striaght wig

pre plucked 360 lace frontal wig straight virgin human hair

African Americans, more than Whites, prefer thicker hair,

such as 360 lace wig 180 density even 360 lace wig 250 density.

The advantage 360 wig has is easy to add bundles to make it thicker.

Brazilian straight hair natural color

Brazilian straight hair natural color



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What are difference between Italian yaki and kinky straight

July 20, 2015 in hd lace front wig human hair

Many customers do not know the difference between Italian yaki and kinky straight.

difference between italian yaki and kinky straight

kinky straight is really mimics blow dried natural hair Afro textured hair,

flowing and feels very soft to the touch.

In fact,italian yaki is actually similar with kinky straight,

but italian yaki is a little coarser than kinky straight.

difference between italian yaki and kinky straight

difference between italian yaki and kinky straight

kinky straight human hair lace wig

pre plucked kinky straight wig so popular now.

The fullness and the construction are impeccable, no straggly ends,

four combs and it really can be parted anywhere along the front.

kinky straight honestly looks just that natural,you will enjoy the look and versatility.

no plucking really needed unless you want to give it some extra love,

If you need a everyday natural look this is it.

the wig can last a long time(at least 6 months) if taking care of properly.

difference between italian yaki and kinky straight

italian yaki 360 lace wig

It looks very full especially when dry but is very light!

The edges and baby hairs were well plucked, the hair is soft and full.

you’ll love how small the knots are which contributes to the naturalness.

True to length all around.

difference between italian yaki and kinky straight

italian yaki 360 lace wig


My conclusion is,if you are a busy person and with the wig you can just plop it on and go!


Deep wave hair weft with silk top closure

July 16, 2015 in best human hair extensions for black hair

4×4 vs 5×5 lace closure

melt hd lace frontal and bundles

can you do a side part with a 4×4 closure


Recently, hair weft become more and more popular.

Some people have hair, but it is thin, so they will buy hair weft not a wig.

when  wig shedding more, u also can buy some hair weft.

The hair weft have many kinds of texture, body wave, natural straight, curly…

today we will recommend deep wave for u.


Beautiful curly wigs

July 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

As one of the most popular real human hair wigs supplier, classiclacewigs released a lot of beautiful curly hair style. Different customers like different hair styles, so we offer more hair style as we can.

curlykinky curlycurlywf-6wf-8

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New arrival natural wave

July 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Recently, factory push out a new arrival hair wig—natural wave.  this natural wave, is a little different from body wave, looks more natural and fashion.  We custom order by virgin hair or remy hair. it will be same texture.

natural wave

Hair texture: natural wave

Hair length : 20inch

Hair color: natural color

Cap construction: glueless full lace cap

Know a lot:

The particularity of Italian yaki

July 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Italian yaki texture is always our hot selling items, because there are so many African American customers love this coarse texture. For African American women, the Italian yaki fit their own hair very well.

Just because Italian yaki is coarse texture, so there are some particularity of it. Actually we make the methods of ” how to take care the wig” on the tag very clearly, especially about the Italian yaki. Italian yaki was styled from natural straight by factory,  so we don’t suggest our customer style this texture to much. There are so many customer complain about the problem when they wear the Italian yaki wigs.

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Angela Bassett curly hair

July 6, 2015 in african american human hair full lace wigs

Angela Bassett curly hair

Angela Bassett curly hair and natural charisma were refreshing, and let‘s have a look through her hairstyles for some inspiration!

She was always glam.

Angela Bassett curly hair

Angela Bassett curly

for this curly hairstyle,we have some full lace wigs on sale,It has been very popular in US.

because the front of full lace wig has a lot of lace on it so you can part it in different places.

When it is wet it looks stunning but when it is dry it gets really big,

You can run your fingers in the hair to add more body and create more volume.

How I do that is by wetting the hair and applying lots of moisturizing mousse in it.

When it’s dry it keep that wet look.

Once you wrap or just hold the hair up in a donuts to go and sleep and just tie your hair down

or use a silk cap or hair net you won’t have tangle hair once you treat it good.

Angela Bassett curly hair

Another style of curly hair,kinky curly wig.

after spritzing it lightly with water and running some Lotta body wrap foaming mousse through this wig,

it looked STUNNING.

One recommendation though is to cut the lace in a way that looks like a natural hairline,

instead of in a straight line,

and to put some foundation in your skin color underneath the lace,

let it dry overnight, so that when you put the wig on the next day, it looks SO natural.

Angela Bassett curly hair

kinky curly

Angela Bassett bob hairstyle

That‘s a really refreshing sentiment.

yaki bob wig with bangs

yaki human hair bob wig

For the ones who don’t like to have to deal with adhering lace down and all that nonsense, 

machine made yaki bob wigs is affordable and manageable.

It’s very lightweight and does not give off the “Hair helmet” look.

you can curl yours a bit for some body.