Italian yaki full lace wig — Eve hairstyle in the movie, Queens

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Italian yaki full lace wig has been popular since the 2009s.

In 2021, Eve starred in the American television series, Queens,

Eve in the movie not only dressed very well, but her hairstyle looked so perfect.

italian yaki full lace wig

italian yaki

italian yaki full lace wig

This style of haircut has a with working women.

the hair matched African american perfectly all the way down to the color.

the hair is thick in full take well to at home products and an easy go to hairstyle to lay off your edges.

but finding a good vendor with a full frontal at the top has been hard on Amazon.

because consumers have a wide array of choices and price competition is fierce.

If you are looking for a company that provides full frontal wig classic lace wigs is the company to give a try!

our italian yaki full lace wig is a full frontal wig,the price is somewhere around $300.

italian yaki full lace wig

full lace wig cap

italian yaki full lace wig

italian yaki full lace wig

Eve ponytail wig styles

Eve’s hair was scraped back from her face in a low ponytail.

natural color wig suited her brown skin color,the hair style makes her more attractive.

if you like wear the wig in a ponytail,then full lace cap wig is the best choice,360 lace wigs is next.

difference between full lace and 360 frontal

full lace wigs is full Hand-made wigs,

it looks the most natural of the ready made choices

because individual strands are knotted on to a net base rather than wefts of hair being sewn together.

and it’s light and minimum shedding.

you can of course throw it on in minutes without any extra steps,that’s benefit of full lace wigs.

but 360 lace wigs is combination of hand-tied and machine-made wigs.

compare with full lace wigs,the price is obviously one of the main selling points.

if you like thick hair,it fits you better.

especially italian yaki 360 lace wig from the texture of the hair to the density just gives wow.

italian yaki full lace wig

italian yaki 360 lace wig


Taraji P Henson natural hairstyles

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Taraji P Henson natural hairstyles

Taraji Penda Henson is an American actress and singer.

Not only is she beautiful,

but she is able to assume the look and feel of the role she is cast in with ease and finess!

Taraji P Henson is a versatile, very talented actress!

In 2016, Time named Henson one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

She is a class act that all black women ought to be proud of.

She had different kinds of hairstyles to represent various occasions and events.

Her black hair wig gleamed in the sun.

Taraji P Henson natural hairstylesTaraji P Henson natural hairstylesTaraji P Henson natural hairstyles

Taraji P Henson natural hairstyles

her gorgeous yaki hair!

Taraji P Henson natural hairstylesTaraji P Henson natural hairstyles

She‘s always very sensibly dressed.

no matter how black with,

have a natural common sense,

but European and American stars of his love Oh,

the black heart of hearts there is an atmospheric elements.

Taraji P Henson natural hairstyles

Taraji P Henson natural hairstylesTaraji P Henson natural hairstyles

I love Taraji’s personality and her real-world go-getter mentality about using her skills to earn income outside of acting.

she truly is getting better with age.

Taraji P Henson natural hairstyles

Taraji P Henson natural hairstyles

she is truly a black queen; and carrys herself with with poise, humility,

and confidence all at the same time AND she is so down to earth!

Taraji P Henson natural hairstyles

I feel like wigs are a form of expression because there’s many different colors and styles to choose from.

Black girls can easily damage their hair by straightening and dying it all the time,

so instead said they can wear wigs and have a hairstyle they like.


People forget that celebrities folk are paid to look perfect, better than the every day woman.

Therefore the lengths they go to for a professional hairstyle will be much further

than anything an every day woman could afford time money and energy into.

Let your beauty reflect in you style.


Same length wave

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For most of our wigs, they have a layer,  makes the wig more natural. like our real hair, also have a layer. But some people do not like it, they like same length wig. for this order, we can do custom order now.

malaysian virgin hair wave

this texture is a wave wig. Malaysian virgin hair wave,with baby hair and bleached knots. The most important is same length, not layer. virgin hair is unprocessed. the hair type is much better, will last long time than remy hair.

Italian yaki— your best choice

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Classiclacewigs is engaged in a hair wig industry for many years. It own a hair factory, have many kinds of hair wig and hair wefts in stock. also can do custom order for customers. the hot selling texture is italian yaki


Hair type: 100% human hair

Hair texture: italian yaki

Hair length: 20inch

Hair color: #4. medium brown color

Hair density: 120%

Buy it from:

1b human hair wigs | human hair wigs for African american

August 6, 2015 in hd lace front wig human hair

 1b human  hair wigs

African american most choice of 1b human hair wigs were a good match for their skin tone.

Ladies always had different kinds of hairstyles to represent various occasions and events.

If you’re going for black hair, opt for “jet off black” or “darkest brown” as it tends to have a bit of warmth.

1b human hair wigs

1b vs natural color

 what color is a 1b wig?

1b human hair wigs are true natural black wigs or named jet off black wigs,

which most sellers claim that hair is a natural black but usually is a shade of brown.

then you can spot the difference between these two pictures.

1b yaki wig

1b human hair wigs

1b yaki wig

Hair type: Indian remy hair, 100% human hair

texture:  yaki straight ,the luster is nice

color: 1b(natural black /jet off black)

hairline: pre plucked ,baby hair,lightly bleached knots

1B hair knots can’t be bleached because they won’t take,

Unless it’s Remy or virgin hair.

Cap construction: 13×4 lace front with tracks at back,tracks are invisible

believe me,the yaki wig looked 100% like the picture and the description was completely accurate.

1b human hair wigs yaki straight greatly resembles African american natural hair pattern,

looks like when it’s flat ironed.

also it is so soft and have a nice flow.

 1b/30 bob wig

 At first,most vendors sell 1b/30 bob wig in silky straight,

but we make it in yaki straight,more suitable for African american.

and the color is cute also perfect for the fall 🧡🍂,

style it in a middle part but you can also make it a side part if you want.

honestly,130 density–it’s also not too thin and not too thick so a nice density.

it’s perfect for when you want a quick cute hairstyle.


1b human hair wigs compare to your usual chosen style,which one do you prefer?

5×5 hd film lace closure and bundles | human hair wigs for black female

August 3, 2015 in best human hair extensions for black hair

A hd film lace closure is a hair piece,

only a few inches long and wide and is usually made of a hd lace

that is attached to a cornrow base and secured around the perimeter.

hd film lace closure

hd is high definition lace that is to be used typically in television and movies.

so some people call it hd film lace.

If you’re so light it’s so hard to find a closure that matches your skin tone,

then the HD lace does not feel hard and is transparent, which will help with melting the lace down.

You can’t even tell it’s a lace closure, It looks like it’s coming from the scalp!

How long does HD lace life last?

Although it is thinner it is definitely still durable and taken care of properly can last you over a year for sure.

hd film lace closure

hd lace closure 5×5

5×5 are my favorite because it’s versatile.

5×5 hd film lace closure give more coverage without being so large it’s like a frontal.

If you like a deep bleach, I recommend you seal the knots because it will shed !

you can maintain the hair with a professional washing and conditioning every 2 weeks.

hd film lace closure

hd lace closure 5×5 with bundles

The closure is thick IN A GOOD WAY! (Not like a helmet on your head).

if you like it super full use all 4  bundles.

the bundles are soft and full of body,It’s bouncy and luscious.

Minimum shedding depending on how you take care if it.

but I don’t recommend perm the hair too often, it will be hurt the hair.

We must care the hair regularly to keep the hair soft and not dry.

hd film lace closure

hd lace closure and bundles body wave

5×5 hd lace closure wig

Frontals are just too much work and stress to maintain and wear.

but 5×5 closure wigs Requires minima to no effort to wear.

You won’t need a whole bunch of products to tame.

I suggest if you want a beautiful hair please just care your hair as carefully as you can.

hd film lace closure

if you’re looking for an affordable hair company to make a decent sew in or wig, you can’t go wrong with Classic lace wigs.