eve rapper hairstyles — 4 of the Top Black Celebrity hairstyles

September 28, 2015 in hd lace front wig human hair

The transition to warmer weather is one that can feel like a sigh of relief after shedding those layers, and it rings true for hairstyles, too.

when you let your hair down this summer, which style will you choose?

because the social media is always filled with human interest stories and the weekly discuss what celebrities are wearing, what their hair looks like.

so,let’s have a look!

eve rapper hairstyles

It’s said that This hair style was Brought into vogue By Hollywood stars.

it’s well known that the 613 blonde color is divine.

you can use it to accomplish your “Lil Kim” vibe for the Freaknik party.

And on top of that, human hair 13x6x1 T part 613 blonde bob wig is very agitate affordable.

and transparent lace is top notch.

eve rapper hairstyles

eve rapper blonde hair

eve rapper hairstyles

Obviously,Ombre hair is quite special.

As you can see,Eve looks good with her ombre hairstyle, It matches her clothes perfectly.

to be honest,

our natural color Virgin Brazilian straight wigs are soft and silky and just slides through the fingers

and flows and moves with your motion.

it is super easy to customize to your liking,

so allow yourself to choose colors and styles that you love.

eve rapper hairstyles

eve rapper hairstyles

I think italian yaki hair is the most natural of all Eve rapper hairstyles.

this is also her hairstyle in the American television series,Queens.

it literally looks and feels like freshly permed and blown out African American hair!

If you naturally have thick hair and this mimics the thickness of your hair so well.

and If you also were looking for an everyday wig as a protective style,this is for you.

eve rapper hairstyles

human hair italian yaki wig

eve rapper hairstyles

Have you thought about having your hair in a shorter style?

such as shoulder length kinky curly,it is classy, feels natural,Curls bounced right back.

and It’s light but if you want it fuller looking just separate the curls when dry.

If you want the style in the pictures, I would suggest getting a 16 inch length,

Add this to your collection!!

eve rapper hairstyles

kinky curly human hair wig


In conclusion,i hope you found this article helpful.



U-part wig kinky curly

September 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Classiclacewigs custom some cheaper wig, many kinds of texture, and the cost price is low, suit for many customers. U-part wig

kinky curly u-part

Hair texture: kinky curly

Hair length : 18inch

Hair color: #1 jet black

u-part wig

U-part cap. 1.5inch*2inch.

human hair lace wigs density | how to measure wig density

September 7, 2015 in african american human hair full lace wigs

Human hair lace wigs density is basically telling you how thick a wig or unit is.

It measures the numbers of hair per square inch. How full the wig is.

human hair lace wigs density

Personally, I’ve never been able to tell human hair lace wigs density just from looking at it and feeling it.

There were a few ways to get a general idea of it.

One involved counting individual strands in a 1 square inch area,

but since the average person apparently has approximately 2,200 strands per square inch

that didn’t seem like a great idea to me.

The second way was to judge how much of your scalp you see,

If you see parts of your scalp while hair is laying flat, you likely have low density hair.

If you only see parts of your scalp with a little movement, you likely have medium density hair.

it’s difficult or impossible to see parts of your scalp, you likely have high density hair.

This is usually the method I go with to determine if a wig has high density –

how much of the wig cap I can see with the hair just laying flat and not moving at all.

human hair lace wigs density

medium density hair

wig hair density chart

human hair lace wigs density

wig hair density chart

You can look up wig density charts that show photos of what the hair looks like on the lace for different densities,you can reference.

but it’s worth noting that, if the human hair wig is really full at the top near the lace,

as it goes down, it thins out and isn’t as full, and the ends are really thinned out.

then, how can we judge the human hair lace wigs density?

I hope this has been of help to you.