13x6x1 t part wig | t part lace wig human hair natural straight

January 4, 2016 in hd lace front wig human hair

t part wig definition

13x6x1 t part wig meaning you could only wear your wig in one part position if that makes sense.

there’s no unnecessary plucking, bleaching of the sort.

It give a flawless frontal look without all the extra lace and customizing!!

This is great for beginners or someone who doesn’t have a lot of time for styling.

you can’t pull it back for alternate styles showing more of the face…limited style flexibility.

13x6x1 t part wig


13x6x1 t part wig

If you always wanted to try a lace front wig,

and you don’t want to go crazy with an expensive one just in case mess it up.

then,i recommend 13x6x1 t part wig,

it is great quality though, not skimpy and is very full.

The hairs knots also can easily be covered up with makeup instead of going through a bleaching process.


For those ladies who love short hair,it is more easy to take care.

for short wig, we recommend do bob style.

it is more beautiful and fashion,Bob style wig will make ladies look younger.

13x6x1 t part wig

13x6x1 t part wig

13x6x1 HD t part wig

Because the HD lace is impeccable,just melted so good.

so The lace has left a deep impression on ladies.

and minimal bleaching of knots needed,

it allow you the opportunity to upkeep easily.


In short,Ladies if you’re looking for a nice affordable wig 13x6x1 t part wig is the wig for you.