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May 24, 2016 in human hair wig care and maintenance

single knot lace front wigs

there are two types of wig knots:

single knots,these knots are smaller in size and are normally found at the front hairline of lace front wigs.
single knots are easier to bleach and give a more natural hairline appearance.

double knots,these type of knots give a very big appearance in size and are very visible.
double knots are harder to bleach an mostly found 1 inched behind wig hairline.

single knot lace front wigs

single knots vs double knots

how to make wig knots look natural

There are two ways to make wig knots look natural,one is bleach knots.

Light or dark skin, when it comes to bleaching knots on your lace wigs if you want the best results!

Bleaching the knots camouflage the black dots in the lace to make it look like it’s coming out of your scalp.

  1. then is plucking the part absolutely necessary or does bleaching the knots make up for it ?

       Plucking helps mimic the density of your real hair. They serve 2 different purposes.

      2. Is it better to pluck first then bleach or the other way around ?

       Bleach first then pluck, bleaching it first makes it a lot easier to pluck.

      3.When you wash the hair the bleach doesn’t run off into the rest of the hair and messing up the color there?

        The bleach needs to sit on the hair for a longer time to change the hair color.

         Water stops the bleach from working.

single knot lace front wigs

bleached knots wig before and after

another way is seal the knots on your single knot lace front wigs.

If you can not bleach the knots like it’s a must for you,

then you can seal the knots on your lace front wig.

Basically sealing the knots prevents the hair from shedding and or balding.

As far as sealing my knots,i just go online and purchase lace knot sealer ( Walker tape top loc-knot sealer).

it’s usually in a black spray bottle.

I definitely recommend it for anybody that’s bleaching their knots.

single knot lace front wigs

13×4 HD lace front wig

how to seal the knots on a lace wig

It’s a very creative method on single knot lace front wigs.

you can use the got2b glue and mixed the powder to make paste.

It’s the same consistency as the knot concealer

but this method is wet and doesn’t dry as fast as the perfect line knot concealer.

why add the got2b glue? Wouldn’t using just the foundation work OK? What’s the purpose of the glue?

Not only does the thickness of the gel cover the grids (holes in lace) making it look like scalp,

it helps the color you choose stick well and not rub off easily.

It turned out nice although concealer will save u a step.

single knot lace front wigs

why don’t wig manufacturers just do this on creation?

single knot lace front wigs vs silk base wig

Make single knot lace front wigs look just like scalp with out spending the extra money on a silk base wig.

Just started wearing single knot lace front wigs and needed to learn a few tricks.

In fact,silk base wigs save your a lot of time.

4×4 silk based lace front wig is $50 higher than the price of lace front wig.

then there’s no need to bleach the knots or seal the knots on single knot lace front wigs.

single knot lace front wigs