ombre yaki lace wig | a nice color match to the brown skin tone

August 18, 2016 in hd lace front wig human hair

ombre yaki lace wig

If you were looking for a nice ombre yaki lace wig match to the brown skin tone,#1b/30 ombre wig is it!

The dark roots gives it a very nice touch,

The 1b/30 color is nice and vibrant.

The knots are practically invisible and super small ,

 just used makeup and the knots covered easily!

It’s slightly pre-plucked, but you can do your own plucking to get it to your liking.

Defiantly more appealing in person than image.

ombre yaki lace wig

ombre yaki lace wig

 yaki ombre bob wig

If you want to try out a ombre bob for the spring/summer season,

I recommend 1b/30 ombre yaki bob wig 10 inch,13×4 lace frontal wig,130 density.

“Beyoncé in that peach and mint Cavalli dress” bob,

The hair feels not too thin, not to thick, like a natural appearance.

and It was plucked to perfection,you will  love the hair line.

no plucking or knot bleaching or any other steps you’d normally take to make the hairline look more natural.

If you were afraid being short hair that it would hang around your neck, but it’s not.

it’s perfect for beginners or anyone who just want to change their hairstyle in seconds,

plus it’s easy to install and remove.

ombre yaki lace wig

yaki 1b/30 bob wig



normally, for ombre color, need do custom order(20 days or so).

and the ombre color, you can choose your needing color.


Sanaa Lathan hairstyles

August 4, 2016 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

Sanaa Lathan hairstyles

Sanaa Lathan in the movie not only dressed very well, but her hairstyles looked so perfect.

Her hair style makes her more attractive.

I love her hairstyle. Can I have the style like that?

Sanaa Lathan curly hair

This shoulder length curly effect is very cute to wear all year round,

If you do not have super thick hair so 130 density would look more realistic on you.

All you need is the wig conditioner apart or you may create your own with leave in conditioner and water mixed together.

If you’ve been wearing your hair as a NATURAL girl for a while but wanted to try something different.

this is for you.

Sanaa Lathan hairstyles

13×4 lace front kinky curly

Sanaa Lathan ponytail

Most wigs shown on websites really don’t look like what you actually buy but this one do.

Sanna Lathan looks great with kinky straight hair like that.

When the kinky straight is dried it looks fuller so it can be worn in different styles.

A ponytail or a bun without worrying that your lace will show or the wig will pull back.

the wig also has a natural pre plucked hairline that in my opinion can suit any face shape.

Sanaa Lathan hairstyles

360 lace wig kinky straight

 Sanaa Lathan hairstyles

As you can see,she wore a black pantsuit, and the dark brown body wave hair fell over her shoulders.

I thought she is very attractive.

body wave are still in fashion over the years.

We could make 360 lace wig  body wave in dark brown color, 

however, it need at least 4 weeks to customize.

 Sanaa Lathan hairstyles

body wave