Water wave 360 lace wig | human hair water wave maintenance

January 3, 2017 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

First of all,considering the time to customized and cost to bleach the hair,

our water wave 360 lace wig is cheaper compared to similar wigs, nice wig out of the box.

Water wave 360 lace wig

because single knots at hairline so you will have no issues bleaching them.

The curl is pretty and as soon as you wet it the curls were popping!

When you wet the wig it looked a little thin but once it started to dry it looked nice and full.

generally speaking ,a section at the top was straight.

Well in the full light of day you see that water wave 360 lace wig was constructed with care.

you can do a variety of styles without damaging your own hair.

such as making updo hairstyles, high pony style, high bun look.

water wave wig maintenance

All you do is put moose and water on this hair and style it with my fingers.

you can also use a wig control spray,that’s good for human hair wigs.

add concealer and foundation to the knots thinned edges to your liking,

also use a wig grip to hold it down securely.

I would like to give a word of advice.

Do not use cheap products on water wave 360 lace wig ,or sulfur products,

these products will cause your unit to tangle out of control.

water wave wig 20 inch

water wave 360 lace wig

water wave dry look

Hair type: Brazilian virgin hair , also 100% human hair wig

Hair length: 20 inch

color: 1b jet off black

Hair texture: water wave

Standard density : 150% density

Cap construction:  360 lace (22.5*4*1)

pre plucked hairline, baby hair,bleached knots



If you have a love hate relationship with wavy curly wigs,

i promise you get your money’s worth,

you can order a short one if you don’t want to risk more money.