Kinky curly hd wig | kinky curly wig human hair

January 28, 2022 in hd lace front wig human hair

The human hair kinky curly HD wig can melt how you want it to if you work with it.

Been buying from different stores but finally I’ve found this one that put a smile on my face.

I just love wearing this as it is so feminine, soft, flattering.

kinky curly hd wig

as far as styling, the curl pattern will not lose its shape.

The ends feel great and it doesn’t get tangled easily!

kinky curly hd wig blends well when using concealer.

360 kinky curly hd wig 150 density thick and the curls lay nicely.

As long as you take care of it as your natural hair it will last long.

kinky curly hd wig

kinky curly hd wig

how to detangle kinky curly wig

I use Tresemme Curl Hydrate shampoo and conditioner,

Hask Keratin Protein leave- in spray,

and Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Leave-In treatment to get the best look.

you can put oil on it to keep it silky and

it’s easier to get the pronged brush through it without tearing out the hair.


Only just finger comb for detangling kinky curly hair to prevent tangles and shedding .

If you used a regular comb or a wig brush the hair will tangle more and shed.


I installed it with Got 2b Glue Freeze Spray and braided it into 8 individual braids at night,

adding a little mousse to the ends,

rolling the braids with 2 flexi bend rollers (4 braids to each roller) and wore a cap.

kinky curly wig lace front

The lace part is 13×4 which was nice,

If you don’t like lace all the way around then it is perfect.

the hairline came plucked nicely, and i added powder to hide the knots.

I love that the back bottom has a tighter curl than the front,no tracks are showing.

I allow kinky curly hd wig to air dry on my wig stand so the curls are more defined.

This 13×4 kinky curly wig does have a few flyaways,

but nothing that can’t be fixed with some wax stick, mousse, or freeze spray.

Can’t rate longevity yet, but it has potential.

360 human hair wigs pre plucked

January 27, 2022 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

I always enjoy wearing 360 human hair wigs pre plucked, that have face framing pieces.

The hairline is pre plucked and will only require minimal customization if necessary.

360 human hair wigs pre plucked

I got 360 lace wig body wave professionally installed for my birthday party,

and it held up just as fine as well for the event.

360 human hair wigs pre plucked body wave soft and manageable beautiful healthy shiners.

The knots are small they looked like God sent the angels to hand make it,

I bleached the knots just a little to get it to my liking.

medium brown swiss lace thicker than an HD lace.

360 human hair wigs pre plucked

pre plucked body wave wig

360 lace frontal Brazilian straight

I was influenced by a tiktoker I saw how beautiful the Brazilian straight were on her

so I decided to try them out .

I am impressed by the quality of 360 lace frontal Brazilian straight.

This is a superior wig,beautiful Brazilian hair on a well constructed mesh.

It’s very versatile as I was able to do a side part and middle part.

If you want a thicker wig I suggest you order a 180% density wig for fullness.

360 human hair wigs pre plucked

360 lace frontal Brazilian straight

widow’s peak hairline wig

a V-shaped point in the hairline in the middle of the forehead.

the edges pre-plucked and it’s shaped to have a widow’s peak.

it’s perfect for people that are pros at customizing widow’s peak hairline wig,

classiclacewigs is good at making widow’s peak hairline wig,

please remark it when you place the order.

360 human hair wigs pre plucked

widow’s peak hairline wig

pre plucked deep wave wig

I am very picky and 360 human hair wigs pre plucked deep wave meets my high expectations.

it came pre plucked and was plucked beautiful.

pre plucked deep wave wig that nice sheen look,

i use carols daughters curling spray, curling cream, some moose,

and last but not least take some water in my hands and wet the hair.

braid deep wave hair at night and hydrate it with the right Oil free products

it should be a long lasting wig.

360 human hair wigs pre plucked

pre plucked deep wave wig


glueless pre plucked human hair wigs

January 20, 2022 in hd lace front wig human hair

I love to review glueless  pre plucked human hair wigs to help other potential customers.

Keep in mind for potential customers that most retailers not all

but most that place their products on amazon,

tend to use a second grade version (lesser quality) than

their original quality product to cut cost and stay competitive.

glueless pre plucked human hair wigs

I will stay purchasing glueless pre plucked human hair wigs from classiclacewigs website.

it may cost you more but at least you get bundles and wigs true to length and density.

I purchased curly human hair wigs pre plucked,360 human hair wigs pre plucked

and pre plucked kinky straight wigs.

pre  plucked hairline

I only had to pluck a little bit because honestly they do a bomb job at pre plucking it for you,

so you really don’t have to do anything if you choose not too.

glueless pre plucked human hair wigs

pre plucked kinky straight wig

bleached knots already

Usual I bleach my knots before do my installations,

but classiclacewigs glueless pre plucked human hair wigs did not require that.

Swiss lace 

The medium brown lace is soft, stretchy

and may need to be tinted/make up applied if you are darker skinned.


Some shedding which is understandable

because it was dry but once I conditioned it the shedding decreased.

curly human hair wigs pre plucked

As most times the longer the hair the thinner it gets especially with curlier textures.

classiclacewigs curly hair strands are long from root to tip.

There is also no tangling or bunching of hair in the nape area.

Something classy but still sexy.

If you sleep with curly human hair wigs glued down, simply braid it at night while damp.

It helps to manage the wave pattern.

The key to making it last is proper care.

I wet it and braid it nightly and wear a scarf AND bonnet every night.

curly human hair wigs pre plucked

360 human hair wigs pre plucked

The hairline looks hella good and can be parted anywhere.

You can always add a bundle with no problem or adding a bundle to the ponytail

if you want to wear it half up, half down.

glueless pre plucked human hair wigs

body wave

pre plucked kinky straight wigs

The hair has a little bit of texture,

making it more believable looking when paired with my natural hair when straightened.

This wig does NOT feel like i am wearing a helmet its light and airy.

From the texture to the density it is well constructed.

glueless pre plucked human hair wigs

360 lace wig kinky straight

so I am definitely going to continue to purchase

glueless pre plucked human hair wigs from classiclacewigs!

how to maintain kinky straight hair/ lace glue / shampoo

January 15, 2022 in human hair wig care and maintenance

how to maintain kinky straight hair

360 kinky straight wig was easy to install,

stayed in place needing minor touch-up with wig glue and looked like my natural hair,

family and friends could not believe it was a wig.

Kinky straight has always been my go to for a more natural look.

Density of hair was the nice amount

if your going for a realistic African American volume hair.

360 kinky straight wig


how to maintain kinky straight hair? Works good just follow instructions.

 lace glue for wigs

how to maintain kinky straight hair

Ghost Bond XL Hair Replacement Adhesive


This Adhesive does work- Just have to get the hang of it.

Check out youtube videos on how the adhesive is supposed

to be dotted along your forehead (in front of your hairline,

then use your blow dyer on cool and keep it on the area

you applied the adhesive until it turns clear.

then re dot again for your 2nd layer and repeat same steps with the dryer.

Trust me it works.

how long it will last?

It really depends The weather where you are,

what your doing if it’s to hot it won’t last very long,

if your wild it also won’t last long,

but if you take care of your hair a tie it down at night

then you will get at long wear maybe 2 weeks.

I would not recommend swimming with this on,

at least not fully submerging your head under water.

The glue will loosen and your unit will start to lift.

Overall I like ghost bond XL I have heard platinum is better.

I will have to try it next time.

For those looking for video instructions, I’ve listed some names below.
On YouTube:
TT Wells (@TTdoesitall)

human hair wig shampoo

I had been using another product for several years. I decided to try something new.

awesome human wig shampoo left my hair silky smooth…and so clean!

The shampoo is better than regular shampoo because it specifically for human hair wigs.

Soak your hairpiece!

It’s actually for diluting & then soaking your hair in

Not for direct application in the shower.

I have used this product on human hair kinky straight wigs,

5 cups of tepid water and 2-3 caps of shampoo,

Let soak for 10 – 15 minutes and then rinse under warm water running back and forth,

put on a stand to air dry.

It is the easiest way to remove sweat, dirt, and makeup from your wig in 15 minutes.

the kinky straight hair was soft after drying without any conditioner.

Helped keep my kinky straight wig in good shape for 6 mos.

it is a effective way to restore human hair wig.

Makes my wig look very healthy.

how to maintain kinky straight hair

awesome human wig shampoo


glueless yaki lace wigs

January 6, 2022 in african american human hair full lace wigs

glueless yaki lace wigs

Not sponsored and I purchased glueless yaki lace wigs with my own money.

I believe that it’s important to be honest about a product even if it is somewhat negative,

my honesty will help others to make an informed decision before purchasing an inferior product.

yaki glueless full lace wig

I hate super thick hair so this 12 inch yaki straight with 120% density is perfect for me.

The lace is durable yet flexible and honestly, comfortable for me to wear and easy to install.

easy to clean and does not heat the scalp.

Gives off a natural look !!!

I love throwing glueless yaki lace wigs on for any occasion.

This hair can last for a very long time depending on how you maintain it.

It can last a year under good care.

glueless yaki lace wigs

yaki glueless full lace wig

glueless full lace wigs cap

  • with 6 clips or combs
  • can be parted anywhere
  • elastic band can adjust the cap size
  • swiss lace in the front and no need glue to fix
  • metal strips by side make the wig more stable

It sits comfortably, without being very tight or itchy,

which is much appreciated since I do have more sensitive skin.

You really need to measure size of head and know the circumference before purchasing a wig.

glueless yaki lace wigs

glueless full lace wigs cap

deep wave glueless lace wig

This is another wig that extremely nice,

it will compliment your outfit and complexion.

deep wave glueless lace wig makes you looks younger too.

 I combed mine out a bit to get a fluffy look,

but you can also use mousse or a denman brush for defined curls.

The hair is true to length and full from the roots to the ends.

deep wave glueless lace wig

glueless full lace wig vs lace front

which is better lace front or full lace wigs?

If you want a deep part or more of a natural look i recommend glueless full lace wig.

13×4 lace front wig meaning if you wanted a middle part you would get the 4 inches..

if you are opting for a yaki lace front wig deep side part,

you would only be able to have a part of about an inch or less depending on how low you go.