5×5 hd lace closure deep side part

July 16, 2015 in best human hair extensions for black hair

5×5 hd lace closure deep side part

What type of closure should I get for a side part?

If you wanted to switch your part, you can do so with a 5×5 closure.

Just tell your stylist to only place the closure a little bit to the side

so that way you want accomplish a middle part as well as a deep side part.

but this method doesn’t work with 5×5 closure wigs,

because It is one side longer than the other when you shift it.

5x5 hd lace closure deep side part

5×5 hd lace closure deep side part

Which is better 4×4 or 5×5 closure?

ma’am can be done with any size closure. As long as it is lace.

one of my client favorites now cause 5×5 def look like a frontal,

They’re so much easier than frontals and they look good with deep side part.

She think she’d feel comfortable with closure wigs than with frontal wigs.

but for girls with small forehead & low edges,

especially the middle is higher up, the sides come close to the eyebrows.

then I recommend using 4×4 lace closure.

can you do a side part with a 4×4 closure?

Sure,but It can’t do a deep side part like 5×5.

5x5 hd lace closure deep side part


5×5 closure vs 13×4

what I’m thinking about the 5×5 lace is that what if you wanna put the hair behind your ears?

like what if its windy for example..

does the track show on the sides?

that’s why I’m thinking I should get a frontal .

its just looks more natural.

but its also uncomfortable cause of the glue.

tip: If you use got2B hairspray,

When i take it off i use a spray bottle with 1/2 water and 1/2 aloe juice (the kind u drink),

spray my edges, massage, wait a minute and gently take off my lace frontal.

5x5 hd lace closure deep side part

13×4 ear to ear frontal body wave

5×5 hd lace closure deep side part

Those with thinning hair or some type of diagnosis for hair loss.

make sure you still nourish and moisturize it while under lace closure

or you’ll end up with unhealthy hair!