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November 1, 2021 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

Cheap real human hair wigs,that it would 1) fit, 2) be true to the lace size they advertised and 3) atleast be okay quality hair.

You’re most worried about getting a wig, there is so many inconsistencies.

you read so many reviews on wigs and many times you found them NOT to be true at all.

  • it is Not real human hair.
  • the smell was horrendous.
  • the company is not sending the right length hair,ends are thin.
  • picture is used for item but it is not the wig that you will receive,may be the pics from someone else’s instagram.
  • got a defective one,there’s a bunch of super short hairs sticking up at the top.

 You’ve seen other wigs with the same picture so not sure which wig is best.

where can i buy real human hair wigs?

  • Lace quality always on point, always true to length.
  •  the hair is soft and bouncy.
  • The hair came packaged professionally with no odors.
  • The unit haves a natural hair line with baby hair even bleach the nots.
  • the straps are adjustable enough to accommodate a head size and the combs are actually in the right place.
  • it’s reasonable price.

cheap real human hair wigs

classiclacewigs is only good at making human hair wigs for african american and not very good at making blonde wigs.

such as 360 lace front wig kinky straight,Indian remy hair jerry curl,Indian remy kinky curly hair.

hair color #1 (jet black),#1b(jet off black),natural color ,#2 (dark brown) and #4(medium brown).

True to every detail, classiclacewigs vendor was extremely professional.

indian remy hair jerry curl

use water and a quarter amount of Cantu curling activator cream once a week to keep the frizz tamed;

or add some serum and clear gel while its damp to tame the frizz.

this is a great wig perfect for year round.

cheap real human hair wigs

indian remy hair jerry curl

 indian remy kinky curly hair

After the install you applied water, a little oil, and very little foam. The hair is super super soft…

in the mornings you apply a little water and the curls hold all day.

It took colour nicely and was absolutely wonderful when placed onto the clients head.

indian remy kinky curly hair is worth buying.

indian remy vendors

indian remy kinky curly hair



brazilian straight human hair wigs

October 23, 2021 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

brazilian straight human hair wigs

You had been looking for a decent human hair piece, that wouldn’t be too costly. well made, quality items.

Brazilian straight human hair wigs soft and lustrous even after washing.

360 lace front wigs straight hair

360 lace frontal Brazilian straight flowing like celebrity grade hair.

Do the wig hairline come pre plucked?

Brazilian straight human hair wigs has the very natural pre plucked hairline with baby hair around,

you wouldn’t have to do much to match it with your hairline.

brazilian straight human hair wigs

360 lace wig pre plucked

Brazilian straight hair natural color

Can you dye Brazilian hair natural color?

Brazilian Straight hair is 100% human hair, which can be dyed and permed.

the hair will fall off a little, but it is not serious.

You can apply some oil after dyeing the wig to treat the Straight hair.

Does unit have split ends throughout?

I didn’t notice any split ends. I washed the Brazilian straight with shampoo and used a leave in conditioner.

in my opinion Brazilian straight looks better after a wash.

Brazilian straight hair length chart

brazilian straight human hair wigs

Brazilian straight hair length chart

you will definitely be a repeat customer!

360 lace wig body wave | real human hair 360 lace wigs

October 21, 2021 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

Got 360 lace wig body wave from classiclacewigs it’s far better than what you was purchasing from some of the brands that claim to be higher end.

360 lace wig body wave

The whole point of purchasing a 360 lace body wave wig is to part your hair any way you want.

the top of the unit was straight,

The ends of the unit are soft and straight and does not look or feel like a raccoons tail.

It’s well proportioned And not thin and stringy at the ends.

if you are on the skinnier side 360 lace wig 180 density is definitely going to look thick enough.

360 lace wig body wave

360 lace wig body wave

hd lace wigs body wave

Hair melts well into scalp if your a beginner this is for you !

HD lace is damn near undetectable.

why is HD lace so expensive

skin melt invisible hd lace

It’s very lightweight your scalp can breathe,Its definitely an every day wig.

For the wavy texture, please hold the wave in the same direction with hair oil or nutrition water after washing.

body wave human hair color 4

Can body wave wigs come in number #4 brown?

body wave human hair color 4 is flattering color, color 4 is sensational.

360 lace wig body wave

body wave human hair color 4

can you sleep in a 360 lace wig?

My first night sleeping in it, (I did tack it down with got to be glued spray and gel by the way)

I tied a silk scarf only around the perimeter of my head

and I put the hair in a bun under my bonnet.

I added product (BB foaming wrapping) only around the perimeter to lay down the baby hairs,

but nothing on the hair.

kinky curly wig hair company | kinky curly wig human hair

October 20, 2021 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

As a kinky curly wig hair company,

I definitely recommend any woman that is interested in purchasing hair that mimics African American hair to buy kinky curly wig human hair.

kinky curly wig hair company

The curls are very natural and it looks like my real hair ,the curled mimic 3C human hair.

If u looking for a wig for beginners kinky curly is your go-to it’s really nice soft hair.

you need to take care of the hair a bit more compared to straight or body wave hair.

how to maintain a kinky curly wig?

You do have to put some work into it because it is a kinky hair texture but as long as you know how to take care of it it’s fine.

Here’s what you can do

1.The best solution for you to comb through the hair is to use Cantu curl moisturizer and water.

2. Spray down with water and curling gel to define your curls.

3.with a little moose and not much maintenance it’s truly beautiful.

4.melts into your skin with a lace tint spray I used by Ebin.

5.For the scalp I used foundation underneath and plucked a part and put powder on the part, No bleaching.

6.To maintain it I wash with a shampoo with Argon oil then use a leave in conditioner.

how to style a kinky curly wig?

If you don’t know how to bleach knots so you can just molded hair to cover the hairline.

when it’s dry it sticks up like an Afro, the curls are popping,

If you get a long kinky curly wig you have to have product on it.

kinky curly wig hair company

360 lace wig kinky curly

Make a Deep Part and High Ponytail,

Beautifully constructed,when it has been installed the lace was undetectable.

kinky curly wig hair company

360 lace wig kinky curly

kinky curly wig length chart

kinky curly wig hair company

kinky curly hair length chart

The hair length should be measured from the head top to the hair bottom when the hair is straight.

a curl or wavy wig will be shorter by 1″-2″ than a straight wig. 

It varies depending on how deep the curl is.

kinky curly wig is shorter by 3″-4″ than the straight wig.










african american wigs near me | black american wigs

October 18, 2021 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

African american yaki lace wig texture feels just like type 4 hair that has been pressed/blown out,

It’s more of a bone straight relaxer texture,

The texture is def like a relaxed African American feel,Nowhere near silky.

african american yaki lace wig

Light yaki wig looks so real, like freshly relaxed hair,it holds curls very well and flows nicely.

The texture is like when you have a fresh relaxer.

360 lace wig pre plucked

the pre plucked hairline comes really natural looking,

so it’s great if your lazy like me or just a beginner in wigs.

human hair light yaki wig holds a curl good,

and when you flat iron it you can get a even more bone straight look.

african american yaki lace wig

360 lace wig pre plucked

silk top light yaki wig

african american yaki lace wig

with silk top and without silk top


4 by 4 silk base on top,if you are a brown(er) skinned girl like myself this lace is magical,

I didn’t have to put foundation on it, dye it, or even bleach the knots.

It just matched my skin tone perfectly and looks so natural.

light yaki textured but definitely not kinky textured.

through sleep, work outs, humidity, etc this wig still looks great.


african american yaki lace wig

silk top light yaki wig

u part wig light yaki

A U-part wig is a wig with a U-shaped opening at the front,

that allows you to blend your leave out or attach a closure.

It’s a great protective style that allows for endless versatility,

and will save you both time and patience!

african american yaki lace wig

u part wig light yaki

so If you like to look fabulous, order African american yaki lace wig!

african american ponytail wigs | african american wigs human hair

October 8, 2021 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

african american ponytail wigs

Three cap constructions human hair wigs can make high ponytail,

there are 360 lace wig ,full lace wig and silk top full lace wig.

african american ponytail wigs that look real.

  • 360 lace wig styles

 A lace wig which is made by 22.5″x4″x1″ lace and middle bundles, it is 360 lace wig.

it’s actually a full frontal your able to do a side part with enough parting space,

360 lace wig also can make high ponytail,

360 lace wig kinky curly wig,afro curly hair textures,

fitting well and looks just like African american own hair.

african american ponytail wigs

360 lace wig kinky curly

  •  african american full lace wigs

because human hair full lace wigs needing glue to fix,

so you can wear it down or in a high ponytail,

and full lace wig so light you will forget you even had it on.

especially italian yaki hair is a coarse wavy and also a heavier kinky texture, 

it is extremely full and it can blend perfectly with African American relaxed hair.

african american ponytail wigs

italian yaki full lace wig

  •  silk top wig kinky straight

Kinky straight hair is perfectly textured to match relaxed or blow-dried hair 4c hair.

as you can see,the texture is very good for coarse relaxed or textured hair.

The density is also really full even when you put it in a ponytail.

silk skin(4×4 inch silk base on top,we called silk top)

which allows you to have the flexibility to part the hair where ever you please.

that is a plus.

african american ponytail wigs

silk top wig kinky straight

All in all,Human hair African american ponytail wigs,don’t miss!

african american wigs online shopping

September 25, 2021 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

African american wigs online shopping

I know how hard it is to make a decision to purchase “Good Hair” online.

but African american wigs online shopping has already become a new way of shopping.

Shopping online is a convenient alternative to driving to the store, because it helps save time.

Hope this article helped you guys.

Kinky straight  360 lace wig

This is hands down wig for African american.

It looked like relaxed African American hair.

No split ends, and doesn’t shed. 

so It work easy don’t have to do much to easy to work with.

360 African american wigs was thinner at hairline and gradually got thicker as it got towards the cap. 

preplucking is top notch.

All in all this is a great practice wig or everyday wig. 

360 lace wig kinky straight

African american kinky curly wigs

Human hair kinky curly wigs is a better investment than buying synthetic wigs,

you get what you pay for.the curled mimics African American hair,3c hair.

13×4 lace front kinky curly wig ,

Part has to be 4 inches and you can part on either sides wherever you want.

HD Transparent Swiss Lace, Invisible and Breathable, Suitable for All Skins.

The price is right for those little mistakes we make when we’re learning how to handle lace wigs.

african american wigs online shopping

hd lace wigs kinky curly

African american wigs deep wave lace front 

The deep wave wig are absolutely beautiful especially when the hair still has moisture to it.

it holds a curls well,when ever curls drop the waves are beautiful.

The lace is beginner friendly just need to tweeze the hairline a bit. 

If you are a chocolate girl and all you do to fix that is bleaching the knots.

the longer the hair is on your back a little tangle you may receive but can untangle with your fingers or a brush.

african american wigs online shopping

13×6 lace frontal wig deep wave

cheap human hair wigs for african american

September 22, 2021 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

cheap human hair wigs african american

Italian yaki wig is a coarse wavy and also a heavier kinky texture,

it can blend perfectly with African American Relaxed Hair.

Black girl approved, especially if you are natural and like big hair.

Perfect for 4C hair!

360 Lace Wig Italian Yaki

Free Part Natural, 360 lace wig italian yaki has lace all around perimeter.

Tightening band, Its constructed with 2 combs in the front as well as in the back.

The wig had baby hairs and was pre-plucked.

it curls nicely and straightened fast and easy.

cheap human hair wigs african american

most natural looking wigs for African American

Cheap human hair wigs with good reviews,

they are affordable and easy to apply,

If your looking for a more natural wig and for a great price this is the one!


360 lace wig pros and cons

September 18, 2021 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

360 lace wig standards

With a 360 wig you have free parting and can do a high ponytail tail without seeing the wefts.

The wefts are in the middle and down the back of this wig leaving no room for a high ponytail according to the 360 lace wig standards.  

360 lace wig pros and cons

360 lace wig pros and cons

360 lace wig vs full lace wig

a full lace wig that you have lace throughout the entirety of the wig.

360 lace wig pros and cons

full lace wig cap 

price — 360 lace wigs is cheaper than full lace wig.

you can purchase a 360 lace frontal and two to four bundles and sew them in the middle of the way.

but a full lace wig you can’t make it,it is generally make by a factory.

It takes much more time,so it’s gonna be a little bit more pricier than a 360 lace wig.

versatile — full lace wigs is more versatile,it has parting space throughout the wig,

you can do cornrows ,half-up half-down,ponytail with it.

360 lace wigs you can do a lot of updo such as buns and high ponytails.

fullness — generally a full lace wig is going to standard 120 density,

 but a 360 lace wig is going to 130, 150 or 180 density.

360 lace wig pros and cons

360 lace wig vs lace front

360 lace wig pros and cons

13×4 hd lace frontal wig

Both 360 and full lace wigs cost more than a closure wig and a frontal wig.

a lace front wig is a frontal with bundles back.

you can part it in the front and add bundles in the hair.

For those who enjoy low ponytails or side ponytails,

you can easily put lace front wigs in a ponytail!

360 lace wig pros and cons

5×5 HD lace frontal wig 

you can maybe get one whole year out of these wigs if purchase from us

but that’s only with proper maintenance and care.

360 lace wig pros and cons

Before buying,I think it is necessary for you to read it.

1.360 lace wigs with Pre plucked hairline.

The hairline is amazingly pre plucked and the cap construction is also amazing.

2. “I paid for a 360 wig but received a front lace wig instead.”

you cannot wear up in a ponytail.

The back nape has about a fourth of an inch of lace and hair!

The lace is supposed to go all the way around your head with a little cap In the crown.

This is made like all the other regular wigs that are 13 x 4 lace front wigs.

3.  cap size.  360 lace wig too small?

my stylist had to struggle to get it on,confirm the size before placing an order.

same cap size,glueless one fits well, 360 wig too small.

because glueless wig has got large area stretch at back.

the elasticity of Swiss lace less than stretch lace.

4. need glue. if you want a glueless wig,i don’t recommend.

5. hair density. for example,360 lace wig 180 density,

there are different thicknesses from companies.

“you get what you pay for” has its place.

hope it helps you find some top 360 lace wig companies.

360 lace wig pros and cons

360 lace wig

custom made human hair wig | custom fit human hair wigs

September 10, 2021 in 100 human hair 360 lace wigs

custom human hair wig

We have been working hard to make custom human hair wig

more comfortable and natural for our clients.

We care about every detail,Cap size,cap construction,hair color,

hair density, hairline,lace color,silk top color,bleached knots and so on…

More and more African American are becoming our long-term clients,

Because in some details, we can always handle it well.

custom human hair wigs for African american

Classiclacewigs is expert on making Italian Yaki Silk Top Lace Wigs for African american.

custom human hair wig maker

human hair wig italian yaki


“My only issue is that it’s a too big for my head,

like a large and I’m a medium, says average size so not sure what’s going on there.”


“This was my first time ordering hair offline mostly

because my head is small and most caps don’t work.

I ordered a 360 lace wig 180 density small cap but it was still a little to big.”


“Can i order 360 lace wig in a #1 jet black color?”


The above are examples of the problems encountered when buying wigs,

now they all choose our custom human hair wig customized service .

custom human hair wig

How do you measure your head for a wig head?

1.Measure all around the head.

Position tape measure so its edge follows the hairline around the head and nape of the neck.

2.Front to Nape.

Measure from hairline at center of forehead straight back over crown to center of hairline at nape of neck.

3.Ear to Ear across forehead.

At front of ear, measure from hairline at base of sideburn,

up across the hairline along forehead to same point in front of other ear.

4.Ear to Ear over top.

Measure from hairline directly above the ear across top of head to the hairline directly above the other ear.

5.Temple to Temple round back.

From temple to temple across the back of head.

6.Nape of Neck.

Measure the width of hairline across the nape of the neck.

custom human hair wig

custom human hair wig reviews

“Its out of the box wearable when you cut the lace,

I literally have never purchased a unit that I’ve been this happy with”.

“I’m constantly telling people it’s a unit from classic lace wigs,

classic lace wigs is now my only go-to vendor for my human hair units.’’

custom human hair wig

when you click a particular wig, there are options for a unit with drop-down menu items.

The price will be calculated based on your selections.

Once you add the item to your cart you can email and

ask for the final price or you can pay the calculated price and they will refund you any difference.

how much does a custom wig cost?

There is no extra cost. 

however, custom human hair wig need at least two months to customize.

custom human hair wig