silk base closure vs hd closure

May 15, 2015 in best human hair extensions for black hair

I would love to wear my natural hair but I don’t have enough hair to create a decent style.

The closure is unprocessed I knew this after washing the closure it will wave back up to it’s original form.

The closure lays down flat and natural as well.

I used my closure to construct a wig. It blended perfectly although the bundles were Peruvian body wave.
The closure was nice, and full, not overly thick so no plucking is necessary in my opinion. Bleach took easily to this hair (for the knots) so I do believe it is 100% human hair and virgin color. The closure is constructed well, with reinforced edges for sewing down and there are single knots towards the front with double knots throughout. This helps give it a more lighter effect towards the hairline and more natural too.

Instead of purchasing real human hair wigs, some of our customers prefer lace closure or silk top closure with hair wefts. Today the editor wanna to help our fans to know the difference between lace closure and silk top closure.

lace closuresilk top closure


As shown in the above 2 pictures, the left one is 4×4 lace closure, the right one is 4×4 silk top closure. With silk top, it cost more, but the hair looks more natural when you parting it.

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hd lace closure 4×4 straight

May 5, 2015 in best human hair extensions for black hair

Because human hair lace wigs are most times too expensive for the younger population who just started working or are still in college.

The Classic lace wigs Brazilian Human Hair HD lace closure 4×4 straight rivals the hair from the high-end hair stores!!

If you are on the fence, I would say go for it.

hd lace closure 4×4 straight

First of all,the knots are small so there is no need to bleach the knots

all you have to do is add some tinted lace spray for the hd lace to give that scalp effect.

Straight hair is unprocessed, the natural color is a beautiful black shade with natural shine into it.

Normally,it is a little on the thin side, because it helps create a more natural look.

Also easily manageable, low tangles, and little to no shedding.

hd lace closure 4x4 straight

hd lace closure 4×4 straight

hd lace closure with 3 bundles

The Brazilian straight hair keeps its elasticity, softness, shine, and volume.

just follow the instructions given by the company on what is best for the hair,

The bundles will last 6 months to a year.

The wefts are very well made because they didn’t fall apart even after washing glue out of them multiple times.

and how flexible the wefts are,because it makes sewing much easier and it lays flatter.

it curls pretty easy with the flexi rods.

Overall the hd lace closure 4×4 straight with bundles has maintained a great standard, low maintenance.

All hair comes individually wrapped,we can also custom made lace closure and hair wefts as your request.

hd lace closure 4x4 straight

hd lace closure with 3 bundles

is it possible to sew in a wig?

Of coarse,but salt water is terrible for weaves,

Once you go hack from the beach wash the hair and pit conditioner in it (left it on for about 15 minutes),

I suggest use good quality shampoo and conditioner though.

And it’s better use a heat protectant type of leave-in when blow brushing.

Issa Rae natural hairstyles | wedding hairstyles | ponytail hairstyles

December 19, 2014 in best human hair extensions for black hair

On the red carpet at the 2017 Emmy Awards, Issa Rae told reporters, “I’m rooting for everybody black.”

The quote went viral and appeared on T-shirts and in the song “Sue Me” by the rapper Wale.

She is my biggest fan.

Rae first broke the happy news on Instagram,

sharing that she married Diame in a stunning ceremony in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France, after years of dating.

I‘ll bless her for this the longest day I live.

Issa Rae natural hairstyles

I like Issa Rae natural hairstyles,especially her wedding hairstyle.

The bridal hairstyle doesn’t have to be boring, stuffy, or traditional.

Instead, they can be trendy, chic, and fresh!

From long, loose waves to pixie cuts and braids.

Pair the style with an equally romantic bridal gown.

Most look best with thick hair,

so be sure to clip in hair extensions and start taking hair vitamins

to get your mane in perfect condition for your wedding day.

Issa Rae natural hairstyles

Issa Rae hairstyles on insucure season 4

There are so many braided hairstyles out there,you’re bound to find one you love.

Better yet, some of them only require a brush and hair elastics to create.

From Dutch and French to classic three-strand and pull-through braids, your options are endless.

Issa Rae natural hairstyles

Issa Rae natural hairstyles

If you don’t have ultra-long hair,

Using just pieces from the top section of your hair,

create two simple three-strand plaits starting from your temples.

Braid it towards the back of your head, then secure them with a pretty floral clip.

Leave the rest of your hair loose in soft waves; this will make it look thicker.

If you have a birthday party coming up and you can definitely going to try this!

Issa Rae natural hairstyles

Issa Rae natural hairstyles

The ponytail is one of the most versatile hairstyles out there.

For an ultra-flattering look, be sure to create lots of volume at the crown of your head.

Use hair extensions to give the ponytail extra thickness, 

and cover any hair elastics or pins by wrapping a piece of hair around it.

The bonus of a ponytail is that there’s no hair to hide or distract from your make-up,

and you can show off a pair of gorgeous statement earrings too.

Issa Rae natural hairstyles 

lace frontal bundles | 13×4 frontal and bundles human hair

April 16, 2013 in best human hair extensions for black hair

lace frontal bundles

high end lace frontal bundles are holding up better than some more expensive hair has.

Just because something is more expensive doesn’t make it better,

just because something is more cheap doesn’t make it worse.  

lace frontal 13×4

the lace is almost invisible and it should melt seamlessly once applied.

The original color is a natural brownish black with a natural luster.

The frontal bleaches really well and there is very little need to pluck the part.

It lays so flat and look super natural.

There are no scraggly ends what so ever!

overall,The lace frontal is low maintenance and lasts a while.

lace frontal bundles

lace frontal 13×4

lace frontal natural look

A lace frontal is a great purchase for ladies seeking more natural looking.

With a 13×4 lace frontal, you have direct access to much of the scalp.

A lace frontal is also a good option for ladies suffering from thinning hairlines or at the crown of their head.

Ladies like to think of a lace frontal like a spot treatment for their hair.

Place it in the spot that needs it most.

body wave Brazilian bundles

Bundles are always full, thick and no smell to product,

thick even the longest inch was full, nice constructed wefts.

It has a pretty luster/shine that isn’t too much and a whole lotta bounce.

do this test where flip the bundle upside down hold it by the weft and shake it like crazy in every direction,

ran your fingers through it once,  it just reverted back!

Over time, you will glad the texture became more realistic to your hair texture.

when the hair gets a little worn and loses its shine

but that’s easily fix temporary as long as the hair is washed with all natural conditioner.

please protect the weave like your own hair or better,

As long as you maintain the hair as instructed it will last for a long time.

lace frontal bundles

body wave Brazilian bundles

If you’ve been searching for a reliable vendor with great natural full lace frontal bundles,

I would recommend trying it especially if you have never bought hair befor.

How is a lace frontal installed?

February 19, 2013 in best human hair extensions for black hair

A lace frontal is best installed by a professional since more advanced weaving and hair extension techniques are also employed.

If you are very well versed in lace frontal and hair weaving,

then this is something that you can most likely do.

If you are only good at one of these skills, you will need professional help.

A lace frontal is installed like any other lace wig around the hairline area.

For the back half,

some stylists choose to directly integrate the Silk Top Lace Frontal into the extension

through braiding techniques while others prefer basic blending of the two units.

By using this guide, you can better acquaint yourself with lace frontals.

Whether you are a weave or extension lover for life,

it never hurts to try something new.

As always, make sure to seek professional help if you are unsure

about best lace frontals application and using lace wig hair products.

Everything to know about tape in extensions African american hair

January 31, 2013 in best human hair extensions for black hair

tape in extensions African american hair

As long as you apply and remove extensions correctly,

you should have little to no hair loss or damage.

tape in extensions African american hair

kinky straight tape in human hair extensions 

How long do Tape in hair extensions last?

Tape-ins can be wore for up to 6-8 weeks with proper maintenance.

and they’re reusable,Tape-Ins can be reused up to 3 times.

Clip-ins are meant to be temporary, wear them for the day or an event and remove.

how to put in tape in hair extensions?

Basically to apply them is super easy,

all you do is pull the white part off of the top and put that underneath a small slither of the hair

and then all you do place another tape in over top of the hair.

They should be only about 1/4 inch down to start.

You need super clean and straight lines with the right amount of hair so you don’t have breakage.

Keep in mind it’s a little bit of hair between the tapes so definitely don’t be rough with it.

tape in extensions African american hair

tape in hair extensions before and after

tape in extensions African american hair

can you install tape extensions yourself?

Of course you can do it yourself!

seek out a professional if you’re unsure or not proficient,

however, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

This does not need to be done by a trained professional, they are so easy to apply.

Just watch a couple of videos on how to do it and get a friend or family member to help you.

tape in extensions African american hair

yaki straight tape in hair extensions

what is single sided tape extensions?

The single-sided method refers to the type of tape with adhesive only one side.

You still have to seal the bond,

as in you still complete the sandwich but instead of using two wefts you use one weft and one piece of tape.

The reason why thin-haired women may appreciate this method is that it cuts the weight of the extension bond.

If hair is damaged the additional weight of new extensions,

over time can cause breakage,

if you eliminate a weft you have a healthier installation over time.

tape in extensions African american hair

can you wash your hair after getting tape in extensions?

You just can’t do deep conditioning or anything that may deteriorate the adhesive of the tape.

Regular wash and conditioning is fine,

you just have to make sure you’re using products that are noted as safe for use on extensions.

But only use conditioner on ends and not near tape.

and then when you are caring for them just make sure not to put any conditioner or oil

on the bonds because that will cause them to slip.

best way to sleep with tape in hair extensions

The weight of the extensions should help smooth out the root at the application site,

so it won’t bunch up all wild if that’s what you’re worried about,

but it May require a shower to fix if you sleep on it in a funny way.

That being said it is recommended that when sleeping in extensions,

you put it in a loose ponytail or braid to avoid matting and tangling while you sleep.

are tape in extensions noticeable?

Your own hair covers the tape extensions,

so they are 100% invisible!

You hair grows out with the tape extensions,

and then your own hair covers it.

These are applied inside of hair,

not on the outside, so you cannot see anything at all!

what you can use to remove your Tape in hair extensions?

91% alcohol in a spray bottle. Slips right out.

Then, hit your hair with any conditioner and comb out any left behind adhesive.

If you’re worried that Alcohol will damage your hair and dry it out!

no it won’t if you follow up with an oil based conditioner to replenish your hair.

Don’t use a straightener.

Just think of what happens if you put heat on tape.

It would be a mess to take out.

The truth about | do sew in extensions cause hair loss

January 31, 2013 in best human hair extensions for black hair

do sew in extensions cause hair loss?

The issue is poor care for our natural hair.

there’s nothing wrong with getting a hair weave as long as it’s a protective style growing up.

do sew in extensions cause hair loss
how you know that the weave is installed properly?

1.if your cornrows or your braiding pattern is too tight don’t be shy

make sure you speak what to have is doing your hair, it’s fragile.

do sew in extensions cause hair loss

how to loosen tight braids

2.the fact that hair is you’re supposed to be comfortable when they’re installed they shouldn’t be too tight.

If you’re leaving your hair styling ,

your hair feels really tight then that’s an indication that is not install correctly. really do not want a pipe install or type grading pattern to lead to is traction alopecia traction,

If you repeatedly pulling at your hair coiling up the hair follicles,

this stress on your scalp will eventually cause permanent hair loss.

do sew in extensions cause hair loss

nylon thread

4. My next tip would be to avoid cotton thread and use nylon thread.

cotton thread is a big no-no because it draws moisture out of your hair,

it also takes advantage of weak points within the braids

and actually can cause breakage on your hair as well,

make sure that the thread that you use in is nylon rather than cotton.

that’s the main point without damaging your natural hair.

do sew in extensions cause hair loss

5.make sure when you get the chance to add little water to your hair,

and it’s makes getting enough moisture and enough love and care and attention,

also includes making sure that you’re having breaks in between weaves something you are doing.

overall  your hair health is the priority in any hair style that you rock.

do sew in extensions cause hair loss

do sew in extensions cause hair loss?

So many black female love the look of weave and the versatility it gives you,

Howevernot every African american female is skilled in sewing in extensions.

do sew in extensions cause hair loss?

feedback from one of my clients:

“My hair keeps falling out due to sew-ins, and now its super short,

 and i already barely have enough hair as it is, i don’t wanna go bald,

so I’m trying to find a way to just slap on my wig with a wig cap without having to sew it in”.

do sew in extensions cause hair loss

5×5 hd lace front wig straight

please STOP with the weaves!! Buy wigs instead and take it off at night, wash your hair often,

or at least start washing hair properly.

It is the mildew and build up, and constant tugging that is causing the hair loss.

Mildew will grow in any warm dark place.

The sweat, and water and even if you think you are drying properly you are not.

Hair should be washed at least once a week.

Use a tea tree oil solution this will wash the hair,

and at the same time its an antifungal and it will stop the mildew from forming.

You can also use a couple drops of oregano oil in water use that as a solution,

or even clove bud oil.

All of these will help….this should be done WITH shampooing properly.

there is no such thing and over washing your hair ladies.

Sew-In Hair Extensions 101: Answers to Users’ Most Concerning Questions

January 31, 2013 in best human hair extensions for black hair

sew in hair extension
middle part sew in with leave out hairstyles





Are sew in extensions good for thin hair?


hair extension sew in before and after


can you get sew in extensions with curly hair

can you put your hair up with sew in extensions

do sew in extensions cause hair loss

sew in hairstyles with leave out

I love sew ins because they’re super versatile and allow for low manipulation due to there being a small area of leave-out.

middle part sew in with leave out hairstyles

what is a full sew in no leave out

what is a traditional sew in with leave out

how long can you keep a leave out sew in

kinky straight sew in with leave out

kinky curly sew in no leave out

leave out sew in extensions

how to take care of leave out sew in

how many bundles for a sew in with leave out

2 bundle sew in with leave out

sew in braid pattern with leave out

how to maintain a sew-in with leave out

hair extensions for african american females

January 29, 2013 in best human hair extensions for black hair

hair extensions for african american females

Back in the day, African american hair is not quite good in quality.

and it is a shame to have such frizzy hair on head when go to shopping or show before friends.

but now human hair extensions or lace wigs have successfully solved this big issue for African american.

more and more beautiful and cheaper styled wigs or hair extensions are sold out everywhere you can buy.

hair extensions for african american females

5×5 hd film lace closure with bundles

hair extensions for African american females

lacked style and was not flattering compared to what we have now.

Luckily those days are gone and with today’s hair extensions, you can look like a celebrity.

hair extensions have been around for some time now but mostly these human wigs, cost quite a bit.

hair closures or frontal with human hair,

it is knotted and sewed by hand, creating a virtually undetectable hairline!

You will definitely get a good 4-6 months out of it if you take proper care of it.

hair extensions for african american females

4×4 HD Lace Closure body wave

Straight hair is a texture of which anyone can have.

There are all different hair textures of natural hair and extension hair.

black females can get them to mimic their own texture and many others.

hair extensions for african american females

hd lace closure 4×4 straight with bundles

lace closure wigs human hair

for black women, there has been many newest style wigs.

 If you don’t have time for the hassle often involved with hair extensions.

5×5 lace closure wig is a very easy, throw-on-and-go wig.

The wig was constructed well so if you’re a beginner it’s easy to install.

It is so full with a nice pre-plucked hairline.

this is a lace closure 5×5 so the lace is not around the whole front of the wig,

The hair is affordable so if your thinking about purchasing go ahead and do it.

hair extensions for african american females