Q&A: HD lace VS Swiss lace | 360 lace wigs VS lace front wigs

September 10, 2021 in hd lace front wig human hair

HD lace VS Swiss lace

Regular Transparent Swiss lace and light brown Swiss lace for white skin,

medium brown lace and dark brown lace for dark skin.

but skin melt invisible HD Lace is Suitable for white skin and black skin.

yes,all skin.

HD lace VS Swiss lace

HD lace is a Premium material,

It can melt into your skin much better than normal Swiss lace,

which can make the hairline looks more natural and Invisible.

HD lace is also called “film lace” this kind of lace used in movies and things like that.

Because obviously in movies they use those super high quality cameras

so when actors/actress need to wear wigs they have to be perfect scalp.

HD lace VS Swiss lace

skin melt invisible hd lace

360 lace wigs VS lace front wigs

the lace goes around the entire perimeter of the wig.

4 inch in the front can part freely,1 inch at back can do high ponytail ,

the middle parts is machine sewn onto a breathable cap. this is 360 lace wig.

HD lace VS Swiss lace

360 wig cap 

but 13×4 lace frontal wigs or 13×6 lace frontal wigs are with weft in the center,

half machine made and half hand tied,13 inch for hairline,4 inch or 6 inch for middle part.

because it isn’t a full lace wig so the parting near the ears does not go further than 1 inches.

HD lace VS Swiss lace

13×4 wig cap

yaki hd lace wig

HD lace looks good in person and on camera.

but it is thin,so Treat hd lace like a Baby,you should gentle to all your hd lace wigs.

HD lace wigs with pre plucked hairline is in fashion,it’s a perfect combination.

Pre plucked hairline meaning plucking creates baby hair illusions and a realistic,natural looking hairline.

so this is a wig for everyday easy wear. Go for it. You won’t regret it.

HD lace VS Swiss lace

yaki straight 

hd lace wigs meaning | why is HD lace so expensive

August 23, 2021 in hd lace front wig human hair

hd lace wigs meaning

The characteristics of HD lace(hd lace wigs meaning):
Suitable for all skin tones
High definition
high transparency
thinnest lace
melt with all skin tone perfectly.

The characteristics of Swiss lace :
Four different lace colors with different skin tones
transparent Swiss lace
light brown Swiss lace
medium brown Swiss lace
dark brown Swiss lace
It is more intuitive to illustrate the difference with a picture


hd lace wigs meaning

The characteristics of HD lace: Suitable for all skin tones

why is HD lace so expensive? 

Expensive is relative, HD lace is expensive than regular Swiss lace.

HD lace is a new lace material that is more light, soft
and delicate and looks more transparent than normal lace.

hd lace pros and cons


Natural-looking hairline:

The HD lace wig gives a more natural-looking hairline.


1.Higher cost:
HD lace wigs tend to be more expensive than other wig types.
HD lace wigs require more maintenance than traditional wigs,
as the lace material is more delicate and prone to damage.
3.Limited life span:
HD lace wigs generally have a shorter lifespan than other wig types due to the delicate nature of the lace material.
4.Requires special care:
HD lace wigs require special care to maintain the lace material, such as avoiding excessive heat and brushing gently.

hd lace 360 wig

HD lace with pre plucked hairline on 360 lace wigs,

This lace is transparent like the one in the photo.

hd lace 360 wig kinky curly hair is super kinky with very tight curl pattern.

hd lace wigs meaning

360 lace wig kinky curly

hd lace frontal wig 13×6

13×6 hd lace wigs meaning ear to ear 13 inch to make a natural pre  plucked hairline,

6 inch deep can part free.

the hd lace enables you to glue or get it down

or you can use the clips in the wig to secure it on your head.

hd lace wigs meaning

hd lace front wig 13×6



glueless lace front wigs for African american

July 10, 2021 in hd lace front wig human hair

glueless lace front wigs for African american

When buying a glueless lace front wig, and the cap size says 22 inches,that’s the circumference.

Circumference is your primary and most important measurement for selecting a wig size.

Use the elastic band method to lay it flat and combs. Stay away from adhesives.

then the lace will last a little longer.

but thinking the hairline might not lay flat without adhesive,

It’s probably because you didn’t choose the right cap sizes.

In addition to measuring the circumference, you also need to measure

Front to nape
Ear to ear across forehead
Ear to ear over top
Temple to temple round back
Nape of neck

glueless lace front wigs for African american

glueless lace front wigs for african american

glueless 5×5 closure wig is 5 inches lace across your hairline and 5 inches deep part.

Since 2020,black girls love it more than 13×4 frontal wig.

As a professional I don’t use the marketing terms 3b or 4c hair

because that mainly something the manufacturers created to be more marketable

as women are now becoming more aware of their natural textures.

kinky straight is still the most popular wig,because it looks most natural.

glueless lace front wigs for African american

kinky straight 150 density wig look like 

Should I wash my lace front wig before I wear it?

No you don’t have to,

but when it comes to styling the wig that’s definitely a lot easier to do after it’s been conditioned,

so you can manipulate the hair into the style and parting you want and then have it dry in that position.

glueless lace front wigs for African american

Classic lace wigs is also good at making glueless lace front wigs silk top elastic band at back.

Lace doesn’t look natural cause even with bleached knots you can’t get rid of the squares.

but You don’t see any lace grids With the silk base.

some ladies will ask the price, $50 higher than glueless lace front wigs.

glueless lace front wigs for African american

Glueless Full Lace Human Hair Wigs with Baby Hair

As we know, the glue lace wigs will take more time every time.

the human hair glueless full lace wigs is very fashion Since 2012.

each hair is tied to lace on that closure or frontal but the entire wig is like that with the hairs all tied too the lace.

so you still get a totally soft all lace cap.

glueless lace front wigs for African american

the person has to know how to ventilate (tie the hair one by one to the lace) ,

due to the COVID-19,labor costs have risen a lot,

“wig makers” just use a closure or frontal and sew it onto a wig cap and add tracks in the back.

harder to find because most people don’t want to take the time to tie each hair.

So a bit pricey, but it’s great.

 blonde bob wig 613 | blonde bob wig spirit Halloween

March 2, 2017 in hd lace front wig human hair

natural looking blonde wig

The 89th Academy Awards ceremony took place on February 26, 2017.
As a hair editor, i am more concerned about the hair style of stars.
Free style, middle part and side part.
with wave style, straight hair, and high ponytail.
the hair color i loved, it is fit for their skin.
do you think they’ll look good in a blonde bob wig 613?
color 613 is very suitable for white girl.

 blonde bob wig natural

blonde bob wig 613

10 inch blonde bob wig

let us talk about Emma Stone.

we must congratulation to her, the Actress in a leading role.
I love her shoulder-length with blonde, and big wave, side part with side bangs.
I found that she always with a short hair,very beautiful young and fashion.
for example, this straight hair, the hair stylist do a bit wave for her.
it is more fashion than bob style.
i think she’d look pretty in a blonde bob wig 613.

 blonde bob wig 613

Of coarse,classic lace wigs is good at making blonde bob wig 613.
this bob wig was for a special occasion,
if you are going for a different sleek look for the event,
as you can see, it isn’t gray at all but more of a Platinum blonde.
transparent lace will surprise you pleasantly.
the back has no visible tracks.
This  blonde bob wig 613 is full and the hair texture feels nice.
It stayed straight, silky and sleek for days.
blonde bob wig 613

blonde bob wig 613

we Engaged in the human hair wig industry over 10 years,we never let u down.
so that,if u love it, contact with us: [email protected]

ombre yaki lace wig | a nice color match to the brown skin tone

August 18, 2016 in hd lace front wig human hair

ombre yaki lace wig

If you were looking for a nice ombre yaki lace wig match to the brown skin tone,#1b/30 ombre wig is it!

The dark roots gives it a very nice touch,

The 1b/30 color is nice and vibrant.

The knots are practically invisible and super small ,

 just used makeup and the knots covered easily!

It’s slightly pre-plucked, but you can do your own plucking to get it to your liking.

Defiantly more appealing in person than image.

ombre yaki lace wig

ombre yaki lace wig

 yaki ombre bob wig

If you want to try out a ombre bob for the spring/summer season,

I recommend 1b/30 ombre yaki bob wig 10 inch,13×4 lace frontal wig,130 density.

“Beyoncé in that peach and mint Cavalli dress” bob,

The hair feels not too thin, not to thick, like a natural appearance.

and It was plucked to perfection,you will  love the hair line.

no plucking or knot bleaching or any other steps you’d normally take to make the hairline look more natural.

If you were afraid being short hair that it would hang around your neck, but it’s not.

it’s perfect for beginners or anyone who just want to change their hairstyle in seconds,

plus it’s easy to install and remove.

ombre yaki lace wig

yaki 1b/30 bob wig



normally, for ombre color, need do custom order(20 days or so).

and the ombre color, you can choose your needing color.


13x6x1 t part wig | t part lace wig human hair natural straight

January 4, 2016 in hd lace front wig human hair

t part wig definition

13x6x1 t part wig meaning you could only wear your wig in one part position if that makes sense.

there’s no unnecessary plucking, bleaching of the sort.

It give a flawless frontal look without all the extra lace and customizing!!

This is great for beginners or someone who doesn’t have a lot of time for styling.

you can’t pull it back for alternate styles showing more of the face…limited style flexibility.

13x6x1 t part wig


13x6x1 t part wig

If you always wanted to try a lace front wig,

and you don’t want to go crazy with an expensive one just in case mess it up.

then,i recommend 13x6x1 t part wig,

it is great quality though, not skimpy and is very full.

The hairs knots also can easily be covered up with makeup instead of going through a bleaching process.


For those ladies who love short hair,it is more easy to take care.

for short wig, we recommend do bob style.

it is more beautiful and fashion,Bob style wig will make ladies look younger.

13x6x1 t part wig

13x6x1 t part wig

13x6x1 HD t part wig

Because the HD lace is impeccable,just melted so good.

so The lace has left a deep impression on ladies.

and minimal bleaching of knots needed,

it allow you the opportunity to upkeep easily.


In short,Ladies if you’re looking for a nice affordable wig 13x6x1 t part wig is the wig for you.


blonde bob wig dark roots

October 15, 2015 in hd lace front wig human hair

blonde bob wig dark roots

blonde bob wig 1b/30

Now editor will introduce blonde bob wig dark roots.

For short wig, i prefer to choose bob style.

it is more fashion and beautiful.

Hair type: Malaysian virgin hair, unprocessed hair.

it is much softer,and no tangle,

last long time than remy hair.

Hair texture: yaki straight

Hair length: 10 inch

ombre color #1b/#30,from the roots 3inch is #1b, the rest length is #30.

blonde bob wig dark roots

First of all,it’s a Yaki texture that blends well with African American hair.

in fact,hair texture very full natural looking.

bob wig beauty in 1b/30 and the color compliments African american complexion.

blonde bob wig pre plucked hairline is awesome upon,

plucked it a bit more it’s all about your preference.

at the same time,the lace is soft so it is easy to melt into the skin.

this 13×4 lace front bob wig is constructed very well.

There’s no odor at all.



eve rapper hairstyles — 4 of the Top Black Celebrity hairstyles

September 28, 2015 in hd lace front wig human hair

The transition to warmer weather is one that can feel like a sigh of relief after shedding those layers, and it rings true for hairstyles, too.

when you let your hair down this summer, which style will you choose?

because the social media is always filled with human interest stories and the weekly discuss what celebrities are wearing, what their hair looks like.

so,let’s have a look!

eve rapper hairstyles

It’s said that This hair style was Brought into vogue By Hollywood stars.

it’s well known that the 613 blonde color is divine.

you can use it to accomplish your “Lil Kim” vibe for the Freaknik party.

And on top of that, human hair 13x6x1 T part 613 blonde bob wig is very agitate affordable.

and transparent lace is top notch.

eve rapper hairstyles

eve rapper blonde hair

eve rapper hairstyles

Obviously,Ombre hair is quite special.

As you can see,Eve looks good with her ombre hairstyle, It matches her clothes perfectly.

to be honest,

our natural color Virgin Brazilian straight wigs are soft and silky and just slides through the fingers

and flows and moves with your motion.

it is super easy to customize to your liking,

so allow yourself to choose colors and styles that you love.

eve rapper hairstyles

eve rapper hairstyles

I think italian yaki hair is the most natural of all Eve rapper hairstyles.

this is also her hairstyle in the American television series,Queens.

it literally looks and feels like freshly permed and blown out African American hair!

If you naturally have thick hair and this mimics the thickness of your hair so well.

and If you also were looking for an everyday wig as a protective style,this is for you.

eve rapper hairstyles

human hair italian yaki wig

eve rapper hairstyles

Have you thought about having your hair in a shorter style?

such as shoulder length kinky curly,it is classy, feels natural,Curls bounced right back.

and It’s light but if you want it fuller looking just separate the curls when dry.

If you want the style in the pictures, I would suggest getting a 16 inch length,

Add this to your collection!!

eve rapper hairstyles

kinky curly human hair wig


In conclusion,i hope you found this article helpful.



1b human hair wigs | human hair wigs for African american

August 6, 2015 in hd lace front wig human hair

 1b human  hair wigs

African american most choice of 1b human hair wigs were a good match for their skin tone.

Ladies always had different kinds of hairstyles to represent various occasions and events.

If you’re going for black hair, opt for “jet off black” or “darkest brown” as it tends to have a bit of warmth.

1b human hair wigs

1b vs natural color

 what color is a 1b wig?

1b human hair wigs are true natural black wigs or named jet off black wigs,

which most sellers claim that hair is a natural black but usually is a shade of brown.

then you can spot the difference between these two pictures.

1b yaki wig

1b human hair wigs

1b yaki wig

Hair type: Indian remy hair, 100% human hair

texture:  yaki straight ,the luster is nice

color: 1b(natural black /jet off black)

hairline: pre plucked ,baby hair,lightly bleached knots

1B hair knots can’t be bleached because they won’t take,

Unless it’s Remy or virgin hair.

Cap construction: 13×4 lace front with tracks at back,tracks are invisible

believe me,the yaki wig looked 100% like the picture and the description was completely accurate.

1b human hair wigs yaki straight greatly resembles African american natural hair pattern,

looks like when it’s flat ironed.

also it is so soft and have a nice flow.

 1b/30 bob wig

 At first,most vendors sell 1b/30 bob wig in silky straight,

but we make it in yaki straight,more suitable for African american.

and the color is cute also perfect for the fall 🧡🍂,

style it in a middle part but you can also make it a side part if you want.

honestly,130 density–it’s also not too thin and not too thick so a nice density.

it’s perfect for when you want a quick cute hairstyle.


1b human hair wigs compare to your usual chosen style,which one do you prefer?

What are difference between Italian yaki and kinky straight

July 20, 2015 in hd lace front wig human hair

Many customers do not know the difference between Italian yaki and kinky straight.

difference between italian yaki and kinky straight

kinky straight is really mimics blow dried natural hair Afro textured hair,

flowing and feels very soft to the touch.

In fact,italian yaki is actually similar with kinky straight,

but italian yaki is a little coarser than kinky straight.

difference between italian yaki and kinky straight

difference between italian yaki and kinky straight

kinky straight human hair lace wig

pre plucked kinky straight wig so popular now.

The fullness and the construction are impeccable, no straggly ends,

four combs and it really can be parted anywhere along the front.

kinky straight honestly looks just that natural,you will enjoy the look and versatility.

no plucking really needed unless you want to give it some extra love,

If you need a everyday natural look this is it.

the wig can last a long time(at least 6 months) if taking care of properly.

difference between italian yaki and kinky straight

italian yaki 360 lace wig

It looks very full especially when dry but is very light!

The edges and baby hairs were well plucked, the hair is soft and full.

you’ll love how small the knots are which contributes to the naturalness.

True to length all around.

difference between italian yaki and kinky straight

italian yaki 360 lace wig


My conclusion is,if you are a busy person and with the wig you can just plop it on and go!