The truth about | do sew in extensions cause hair loss

January 31, 2013 in best human hair extensions for black hair

do sew in extensions cause hair loss?

The issue is poor care for our natural hair.

there’s nothing wrong with getting a hair weave as long as it’s a protective style growing up.

do sew in extensions cause hair loss
how you know that the weave is installed properly?

1.if your cornrows or your braiding pattern is too tight don’t be shy

make sure you speak what to have is doing your hair, it’s fragile.

do sew in extensions cause hair loss

how to loosen tight braids

2.the fact that hair is you’re supposed to be comfortable when they’re installed they shouldn’t be too tight.

If you’re leaving your hair styling ,

your hair feels really tight then that’s an indication that is not install correctly. really do not want a pipe install or type grading pattern to lead to is traction alopecia traction,

If you repeatedly pulling at your hair coiling up the hair follicles,

this stress on your scalp will eventually cause permanent hair loss.

do sew in extensions cause hair loss

nylon thread

4. My next tip would be to avoid cotton thread and use nylon thread.

cotton thread is a big no-no because it draws moisture out of your hair,

it also takes advantage of weak points within the braids

and actually can cause breakage on your hair as well,

make sure that the thread that you use in is nylon rather than cotton.

that’s the main point without damaging your natural hair.

do sew in extensions cause hair loss

5.make sure when you get the chance to add little water to your hair,

and it’s makes getting enough moisture and enough love and care and attention,

also includes making sure that you’re having breaks in between weaves something you are doing.

overall  your hair health is the priority in any hair style that you rock.

do sew in extensions cause hair loss

do sew in extensions cause hair loss?

So many black female love the look of weave and the versatility it gives you,

Howevernot every African american female is skilled in sewing in extensions.

do sew in extensions cause hair loss?

feedback from one of my clients:

“My hair keeps falling out due to sew-ins, and now its super short,

 and i already barely have enough hair as it is, i don’t wanna go bald,

so I’m trying to find a way to just slap on my wig with a wig cap without having to sew it in”.

do sew in extensions cause hair loss

5×5 hd lace front wig straight

please STOP with the weaves!! Buy wigs instead and take it off at night, wash your hair often,

or at least start washing hair properly.

It is the mildew and build up, and constant tugging that is causing the hair loss.

Mildew will grow in any warm dark place.

The sweat, and water and even if you think you are drying properly you are not.

Hair should be washed at least once a week.

Use a tea tree oil solution this will wash the hair,

and at the same time its an antifungal and it will stop the mildew from forming.

You can also use a couple drops of oregano oil in water use that as a solution,

or even clove bud oil.

All of these will help….this should be done WITH shampooing properly.

there is no such thing and over washing your hair ladies.