Do you know that 2012 fashion silk top body wave lace wigs ?

July 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Do you know that 2012 fashion silk top body wave lace wigs ? We all know that girls all want to let oneself have a perfect lace wigs hairstyle to attract the attention of all eyes, so of course is integral modelling silk top full lace wigs hairstyle is the most important thing, choose the suitable style hairstyle can let likability immediately ! Teach you the light of this year popular sweet feeling hairstyle DIY steps, fashionable hair can be quickly fix, let tender hair, send out elegant self-confident feeling!
Also can say lady are generally the white-collar city, their income is more significant than the ordinary people, working environment and more superior, work up natural more orderly. Therefore, they to the requirements of their own hair style is tough, should not only easy to do, and should reflect a high-end 2012 fashion silk top body wave lace wigs lasting appeal.
There are some natural black short straight hair, have intention to not intentional of dividing line, give a person a sudden feeling, and overall modelling no window, too neuter. Behind change, bang clip into irregular and have radian, play a good thin face effect. Part of the top of head broken hair processing, is integral modelling added vigor feeling.
When seen from behind the neck hair clip thinner, more apply during make-up, very easy to do. Prose of the boundary treatment methods and palm red hair color, make originally neutral feeling disappeared, is more of a mature woman taste!

Send lubricious chose flax color fastens, already has some minus age effect, also foil a model of the fair skin. “The level of irregular clip, air feels dye-in-the-wood, overall modelling is no longer depressed.
The length of the trim, hair color also becomes shallow. Irregular wig bang design, make the eye more downy. On the inside of the cheek hair roll processing, and played the role of the little face, elegant feeling also were brought out.