What is the difference between machine-made and hand-made hairpieces?

April 8, 2013 in african american human hair full lace wigs

hand made vs machine made

There are three different types of wig constructions:hand made vs machine made vs the combination of hand-tied and machine-made wigs.

Hand-made wigs are the most expensive of the three.

Machine-made wigs are usually cheaper than hand-made pieces.

the combination of hand-tied and machine-made wigs,the price is somewhere in between.

machine made human hair wigs

Machine-made wigs are the least expensive and most widely available.

In most styles the hair are machine sewn onto a “weft” in a fixed pattern.

The wefts are then assembled together on an open net base.

Generally this type of construction is worn by persons who have some hair,

as you can see through the wefts when the wind blows.

hand made vs machine made

machine made cap

benefits of machine made wigs

hand made vs machine made

Wefts of hair are sewn together in a straight line, cut and assembled into a wig.

When you look inside a machine-made wig you can see the lines.

Many look extremely realistic as long as they are not parted, pulled back or otherwise altered.

machine made human hair with bangs looks natural,you don’t have to worry about an unnatural hairline.

Some people find these wigs more comfortable because the construction creates vents that allow air to circulate to the scalp.

hand made vs machine made

machine made wig with bang

hand made lace wigs

Hand-made methods involve hand knotting on a net base or hand inserting into a custom molded base.

Hand construction methods usually provide a more random and natural appearance.

Most hand knotting or implantation process is tedious and very labor intensive.

On some hairpieces, there are over 140,000 individual hair shafts that need to be inserted.

There are a wide variety of price and appearance options.

hand made vs machine made

hand made full lace cap

advantages of hand made wig

hand made vs machine made

Hand-made wigs look the most natural of the ready made choices because individual strands are knotted on to a net base

rather than wefts of hair being sewn together.

These wigs can be parted and styled with accessories because there is no chance the vents will be exposed.

The hair also falls and moves more naturally.

The way a wig is made affects how it looks just as much as the type of hair used.

combination of hand-tied and machine-made wigs

combinations of hand-tied and machine-made wigs and hairpieces are called human hair lace front wigs.

human hair lace front wigs also have got natural and realistic looking.

most Ladies are more receptive to the price of lace front wigs.

hand made vs machine made

combination of hand-tied and machine-made wigs

In the end,here are some tips for you.

If a wig does not fit right and exerts excessive pressure at certain points,

the hair follicles at those points will die and hair will never grow back.

So I recommend wigs that don’t hold them tightly against the scalp.