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August 3, 2015 in best human hair extensions for black hair

A hd film lace closure is a hair piece,

only a few inches long and wie and is usually made of a hd lace

that is attached to a cornrow base and secured around the perimeter.

hd film lace closure

hd is high definition lace that is to be used typically in television and movies.

so some people call it hd film lace.

If you’re so light it’s so hard to find a closure that matches your skin tone,

then the HD lace does not feel hard and is transparent, which will help with melting the lace down.

You can’t even tell it’s a lace closure, It looks like it’s coming from the scalp!

How long does HD lace life last?

Although it is thinner it is definitely still durable and taken care of properly can last you over a year for sure.

hd film lace closure

hd lace closure 5×5

5×5 are my favorite because it’s versatile.

5×5 hd film lace closure give more coverage without being so large it’s like a frontal.

If you like a deep bleach, I recommend you seal the knots because it will shed !

you can maintain the hair with a professional washing and conditioning every 2 weeks.

hd film lace closure

hd lace closure 5×5 with bundles

The closure is thick IN A GOOD WAY! (Not like a helmet on your head).

if you like it super full use all 4  bundles.

the bundles are soft and full of body,It’s bouncy and luscious.

Minimum shedding depending on how you take care if it.

but I don’t recommend perm the hair too often, it will be hurt the hair.

We must care the hair regularly to keep the hair soft and not dry.

hd film lace closure

hd lace closure and bundles body wave

Can you wash your head with BUNDLES and frontal?

Depending on the adhesive used to attach your frontal will allow you to shampoo

but by the time your frontal is lifting it will be time to detach, clean, and reattach anyway.

With just bundles, of course.

It’s easiest for me to shampoo in the shower.

how to layer hair bundles?

If I wanted my hair 18in would I start at the bottom with the 16

and then the next two layers going to the top?

Longest to shortest from bottom to top. 18 on bottom.

If what you was trying to do was having all the same length

so you can put both sixteens at the bottom and the 18 is his top

it would be closer to the same length sandwich not to be layered.

hd film lace closure

how many bundles of hair for half up half down?

Do you recommend getting the same length for a half up down curly

or should I get like a 24 and the rest 30 inches?

You can get away with 24” for the pony for sure.

Just keep in mind the pony will sit higher than the tracks in your nape area

so doing a 24 instead of 30” will mean an even shorter pony but it’ll look good either way imo.

Remember”The longer the length, the shorter the weft”.
That means both these bundles are the same amount of hair,so they weigh the same.
but obviously if the hair is shorter you’re going to get more hair,
so the wefts are going to be longer.
Leave Out/Closure
8″-14″ (2 bundles) 16″-22″ (3 bundles) 24″ + (4-6 bundles).
8″-16″/18″ (2 bundles) 16″/18″-24″ (3 bundles) 24″ + (4-6 bundles).

hd film lace closure

is a closure better than leave out?

hd film lace closure
Leave Out Sew In Weave Side Part Curly

Remember people a lot of videos don’t point out that
you need to leave some natural leave out in the top part to cover the tracks in the back.
Lace closures can give a more seamless and realistic look to a weave or wig,
but they may require more maintenance than a leave-out.
A leave-out can be more convenient and require less maintenance.

5×5 hd lace closure wig

Frontals are just too much work and stress to maintain and wear,

but 5×5 closure wigs Requires minima to no effort to wear.

You won’t need a whole bunch of products to tame,

I suggest if you want a beautiful hair please just care your hair as carefully as you can.

hd film lace closure

If you’re looking for an affordable hair company to make a decent sew in or wig,
you can’t go wrong with Classic lace wigs.