How to care the glueless lace front wigs for black women

July 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

How to care the glueless lace front wigs for black women

Many women regard human hair lace wig  as a kind of investment. Just because the wig flexibility, durability and look naturally, the  price of human hair wig  is higher than synthetic wigs.
Therefore, we need to take care of these  glueless lace front wigs for black women.

As long as you are willing to and through the proper maintenances, human hair wig can be  used  continuly Lace wig is a unique wig,the  wig lining is  almost  invisible.

With lace wig, the wearer can be engaged in light moves, such as swimming  and outdoors exercise, etc.
there  is  no  doubt that human hair  wig is the natural hair, but to take care of the wig is different in caring for the hair of a person.
 the  washing is necessary When a wig’s presence seems to be dirty or oily .This is reason  why we advise to keep your personal hair dry and clean.

 Frequent bathing can damage the idea of the hair, as a reasult,the wig is fragile and easily damaged.
The Lace wig should not be washed in drinking water . it Should be soaked in the mixture of warm water and  wig shampoo of five to ten minutes.
After Washing the wig , use  dry towel to dry the water  on  the  wig  then  put  it  in  ventilated places ,and  avoid  using high temperature wind to  dry it, such as drying machine.

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