How to make your wig fit better

September 15, 2021 in human hair wig care and maintenance

My wig almost fell out,how can i make my wig fit better?

We’ve done some research,I hope it was helpful.

How to make your wig fit better

1.First choiceLace Wig Glue,Waterproof Adhesive,Water and Oil Resistant.

it literally leaves a natural look to your lace!

also used with with skin protectant which makes it work even better.

If you are planning to do any tight hair styles, go to a roller coaster park, or attend a mosh pit,

I recommend a more secure adhesive.

How to make your wig fit better

2.If you just want it on every once in a while to give your hair a break from all the chemicals and heat you use!

Is there any way to keep it on without using glue and make it look natural?

Lace WiGrip Velvet Comfort Wig, Grip Band for human hair Lace Wigs .

undetectable Swiss lace material to eliminate bulkiness along the front hairline,

Close diamond stitching prevents rolling.

Beware that the fabric is thin enough that the wig is staying pretty flat,

but the edges do lift up a bit.

Overall, I am going to keep this product for daily use,

and will try to use hairspray to flatten and secure a small pierce of lace where my hair is parted.

How to make your wig fit better

Velvet Comfort Wig Grip Band for Lace Wigs

“In the past my hair began to thin in the section of my hair that the wig band could not cover.

With the lace Wigrip I am able to protect my edges at all times without the bulkiness of the velvet band on my part.”

“I slept with it on and my wig did not move. I worked out with it and my wig did not move.”

How to make your wig fit better

3. Not  recommend Non-slip Wig Grip Band.

adjustable Silicone Wig Headband very uncomfortable left bruises and scars,

will probably have permanent hair loss after using 2 times,Leaves marks on your head.