How to select suitable lace front wigs?

July 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

According to his color pick the suitable lace front wigs
(1) white – if your skin is partial to white, though it seemed natural beauty, but once the lace front wigs color selection errors, make you look unhealthy,  suggest subtle stitching red, shallow brown this kind of partial red and very downy color department will make you look ruddy and active;
(2) yellow – If your partial to the color yellow, can choose black and brown, shallow natural deep color is, so can make you yellow skin appear many white. Remember that don’t choose yellow hair color, it can make originally not beautiful skin look more ugly;
(3)-the natural color of skin is of course the best, the surface looks healthy and luster, choose the scope of the hair color is very big also, such as yellow, brown, wine red, deep violet, deep coffee, etc. Are all very appropriate;
(4) the partial black-if your color of skin slants black, can make color of skin looks bleak and dull, in the hair color should choose some natural black, deep orange foil etc, can make the face looks more luster.

According to the shape of their faces pick the suitable lace front wigs

If your face is round face, can choose a few cover the side of the face long hair, make facial ministry try to be longer, also can make the plump face looks appears petite;

If your face is elliptic, can choose the body wave of hair, this lace front wigs with baby hair can make fluent line foil in the jaw place, can make whole face looks vivid and streamline sense;

If your face is square model that you must be careful, if do not pay attention to, will make oneself curt face exposed shortcomings, no doubt, so should choose as far as possible some on both sides of the low level of some, hair a little curly hair, could make many face appear downy, make you more gentle charming.