human hair wigs for white women – silk base wigs

July 12, 2012 in silk top full lace human hair wigs

Wigs are pretty accepted in the black community regardless of the reason for wearing them.

Although I watch a lot of videos about wigs from other white women,

the most informative videos about wig wearing are from black women.

human hair wigs for white women

I recently had a conversation about wigs with a room of white women

and I didn’t realize there was so much apprehension and shame surrounding this subject.

White women still have not accepted hair loss as a normal part of life.

One lady said:”Being Caucasian, I find the light Yaki texture to be closest to my own hair because it is soft but has coarseness.”

then I recommend transparent silk base wig light yaki straight glueless.

As you can see how hide the line of demarcation with a silk top unit.

this seems like the best option to hide the lace.

human hair wigs for white women

silk base wig light yaki texture

human hair wigs for white women

another said:”For me it is not just a texture issue but as you indicated a color issue.

My preferred colors are in the dark blond/ light Blond range.”

Light Blond is in vogue again.

If want it to be lightweight and not heavy and comfortable for an all day wear but still look natural,

this is the one.

Or you can buy natural color and dye them to your liking.

human hair wigs for white women

Light Blond 613 color

human hair wigs for white women

Another lady said:”I have really thin and short hair,

I could easily see and feel wefts so it was impossible for me to wear lace front wigs.

Since you say your hair is really thin I think a silk base full lace wig would be best,

Plus while you wear your wig you can still experiment & grow your hair while looking cute in your wig,

Once you gain thickness in your hair you can wear extensions.

human hair wigs for white women

What is a silk base wig

 Just concentrate on yourselves and be the best person you can be.