human hair wigs manufacturer in china

February 24, 2013 in human hair wig care and maintenance

human hair wigs manufacturer in china

Learning about the actual Hair is key and you can spend less but have quality Hair to offer your clients.

Raw Hair which is in its natural state.

full from top to bottom & better luster than virgin hair.

a step up from virgin and lasts long.

Virgin hair will usually lift to a #27 Honey Blonde while Raw hair can be colored to a #613 Blonde or #60 Platinum Blonde.

If you are not coloring the hair, you might consider buying a less expensive option if available.

Of course, Raw Hair Extensions will always give you the best results.

Remy hair means the hair was processed with the cuticles all facing the same direction.

This means the hair will be smooth and not tangle on you.

If the hair is not remy, it usually tangles on you and it becomes frizzy when you handle it.

The best quality of remy hair usually comes from India.

if you want your monies worth try and get 100% remy.

human hair wigs manufacturer in china

human hair wigs manufacturer in china

Asian countries, especially china and Indian were thought the best wigs originate.

As we know, most of Chinese women are having long hair,

because long hair can make a women more feminine and beautiful and love to be beautiful these are women nature.

But as civilization country, china and Indian have more custom.

So some times women for money or follow the custom, they cut their long hair.

China and Indian hair beside length, also have its advantages,

that is enough hair,able to cope with the highlights and other processing step.

But find high quality hair to be harder than ever before.

human hair wigs manufacturer in china

If you are just starting out your hair business and you really need info on good vendors with quality hair.

Don’t let the wraps/bands around the hair bundles fool you.

There is so much misinformation about the grading of hair extensions with the 8A, 9A, 10A,

and whatever higher number someone wants to make with an “A” to explain the quality of the hair.

human hair wigs manufacturer in china

virgin straight hair bundles

human hair wigs manufacturer in china

Since 2016,The cost of hair has risen tremendously.

you know buying from some vendors is expensive

because there high supply&demand because of them working with influential celebrities.

but we saving advertising investment,

the maximum yield benefits to customers.

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