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November 19, 2021 in african american human hair full lace wigs

Indian human hair remy wig

All the cuticles run in the same direction to ensure no tangling—indian remy hair meaning.

If you were searching for human wigs,

Well there is Indian human hair remy wig right here.

non-remy hair meaning

what non-Remy hair is that they take hair that is from the floor,

they weft it,they remove it by a chemical,

a chemical that they palce over the hair and then they dip it in silicone.

well in 5 weeks that silicone is gonna wash out and your hair is gonna begin to tangle.

Indian human hair remy wig

so the one thing that you wanna make sure is that you’re buying Remy hair,

meaning that the hair is still intact with cuticle and the hair is going one direction.

Indian human hair body wave

The hair run my fingers through and not get stuck in the process.

Indian human hair remy wig body wave is perfect for your weekend getaway.

Can you straighten the hair ? And would it stay straight ?

You can straighten Indian human hair body wave.

But normally, we don’t recommend customer to straighten wavy hair,

because it will easily damage hair texture,

and you need to deep condition it more often.

If you like the straight hair, you can also go directly to our store to buy straight hair.

indian human hair remy wig

Indian human hair body wave

Indian remy hair jerry curl

It’s full from top to bottom,ends are thinner which is normal and it looks good.

Indian remy hair jerry curl looks so pretty when wet & the big look is also cute.

if you are looking to a budget friendly wig that is soft and easy to wear.

You can achieve a salon quality look for a fraction of the time and money!

indian human hair remy wig

indian remy hair jerry curl

 Indian remy kinky curly hair

The silk base fake scalp is outstanding!

the real scalp at the top of the wig,it looks like your own hair.

You can wear Indian remy kinky curly hair Big or simply rock the wet and wavy curls.

Indian human hair remy wig

indian remy kinky curly hair

 kinky straight human hair

The hair comes naturally pre plucked,stylings only take a few minutes.

The HD lace was transparent so you don’t have to tint it.

the hair has a nice natural shine,no large spacing between the tracks.

kinky straight human hair mimics black African-american natural hair amazingly!

Indian human hair remy wig

kinky straight human hair