How to maintain lace front wigs? — 3 ways to glue lace front wig and remove

February 19, 2013 in hd lace front wig human hair

If you always having issues with maintaining lace front wig and keeping them up,it might help you,

Wigs can be a big part of your everyday life, therefore the care that goes into them matters.

maintaining lace front wig

maintaining lace front wig in the morning 
1.mark the hairline with a pen
The hairline marks is a fantastic ideal,
maybe you never thought to mark the hairline with a pen – to help with the position of the frontal.
2. lace glue for wigs
I’ve found that using got2be for a lace front wig actually makes them not last as long,
with got2be every 2 or 3 days you’ll have to re-glue.

Ever since I started using Ghost Bond and Bold hold a lace front wig last for so long.

With lace glues there is not as much build up, the frontal melts more and it’s much more easier to wash the build up off.

Also it’s great for those who like to sleep with their wigs, you won’t need to re-install for a week or 2.

3. Better to use wrap set lotion to set baby hairs and using a scarf to lay edged flat.

maintaining lace front wig


There are a few things to note when you’re using glue:

1.Make sure the cloth/towel/cotton ball returns with no residue.

2.Apply thin layer of glue, Use the end of a rat tailed comb to smooth the glue to ensure it’s an even line on hairline.

3.To ensure glue doesn’t dry before being able to apply your u it completely start with the center of your hair line,

then move on to your sides to ensure it’s all freshly adhered.

maintaining lace front wig

How long does wig glue stay on?

the glue hold about 2-3 days up to 7 depending on which one you use,

it’s okay to keep reapplying just make sure to clean the lace where you apply the glue.

but a safe time period for an attachment is 2 weeks.

I always say to listen to your skin.

If you start to itch a lot, etc remove wig

because the skin is saying too much bacteria has build up and this area needs to be washed and cleaned.

It will if you leave wig on too long.

Because as the tape begins to break down from sweat,

the wig will slowly move backwards and begin to pull on your natural hair.

maintaining lace front wig

maintaining lace front wig

maintaining lace front wig in the night 

1. sleep in the lace wig

Get some lace adhesive spray, Lightly spray the lace blow dry it on warm and get an elastic band to tie it down for 10 to 15 minutes.

Then get and edge silk scarf to wrap your edges after removing your elastic band and apply your bonnet.

do this every night and the lace front wig always stay down.

2.take a lace front wig off at night

-An easier way you can use to cleaning the glue off the lace front wig, is rubbing alcohol.

-Use milcellar water makeup remover to wipe off excess got2b glue as rubbing alcohol can be harsh.

It helps using a toothbrush to get excess got2b off the lace.

-Try not to lay lace back down with fingers and use a rat tail comb if you have one.

maintaining lace front wig

In a word,”if you look after your hair, there’s no reason why your hair should not look after you” .