realistic african american wigs

August 27, 2021 in silk top full lace human hair wigs

realistic african american wigs

Silk top full lace wig human hair italian yaki is good choice.

feedback from customers:

The idea that I don’t have a silk top in the front doesn’t convince me,

since it is that silk top that makes the wig more realistic for me,

and at the same time more undetectable.

I wear the wig every day and the fact that it goes unnoticed is what gives me the most peace of mind.

In dark skin like mine, it is very necessary.

what is silk top wig ?

The silk top consists of a layer of lace, and silk fabric on the top front of the cap.

When the hair is knotted, the knots are below the silk concealed between the layers,

the hair is then injected through the silk material making the knots 100% invisible giving the illusion that the hair is actually growing out of your scalp.


realistic african american wigs

realistic african american wigs

silk top wigs coarse yaki

How long do silk top wigs last?

Sometimes they can last 1-2 years, or sometimes even longer.

Proper care is important, such as deep conditioning treatments.

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realistic african american wigs

most natural looking wigs for African American