6 remove hair dye from lace method formula

February 19, 2013 in human hair wig care and maintenance

remove hair dye from lace method formula

Before removing dye from lace closure, 4 key points you should to know.

1.Test a small piece to see if it works.

2.dip only the lace in the mixture and the color will come straight out instead of having to change the entire color.

Though if done wrongly it can remove other coloured areas too.

3.The length of time the hair was dyed may make a difference.

4.If there aren’t work for you then it means your wigs lace is damaged by the dye.

5.Pay attention to the change of lace color,

the time to remove semi permanent dye and permanent dyes is different.

remove hair dye from lace method formula

HD lace front wig

remove hair dye from lace method formula

Be careful if you have a rinse on your lace wig because these will lift that color as well.


2.Rit color remover 

3.color oops hair color remover

This is the kind of super specialised American product.

4. kiss-stain cleanser l’oreal- color remover

This one has a type of bleach it that color oops doesn’t.

5.  20 volume developer
6. One ‘n only Color fix
7.liquid laundry detergent
remove hair dye from lace method formula

remove hair dye from lace method formula

vinegar remove hair dye from lace

    1. You could use any vinegar,such as Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar,

      you doesn’t have to be expensive organic apple cider!

    2. 2 cups of boiling water and 12-15 tablespoons of ACV,add lace in for 30 minutes.
    3. Definitely the hotter the water, boiling water is the best for this method.
    4. It depends on what type of dye you used. This works best for semi permanent.
    5. It helps to remove the stains of permanent dye when use a couple of times but does not guarantee total removal.

      Sometimes it removes permanent dye totally but sometimes it just helps remove a little,

      this depends on how long it has been since the dying process.

    6. you can’t just use ACV alone as the components in the ACV are strong and can damage your frontal if used alone.
    7. it’s important to use new vinegar when doing it a second or third time.
    8. To remove the ACV smell,coat your wig in conditioner and put in a plastic bag overnight to soften your hairand remove the odour

      after you first was it with shampoo.

remove hair dye from lace method formula

laundry detergent remove hair dye

If vinegar doesn’t work ..try liquid laundry detergent…

only on the lace if it’s human hair….

Detergent has been known to remove makeup.

My favorite go-to is woolite…

But it can’t be a generic knockout, it has to be real woolite soak it,swish it.