silk top lace wigs hidden knots | silk top vs lace

April 18, 2017 in silk top full lace human hair wigs

what type of wig cap is best

Before buying that wig you ever anticipated to have in your new hair style and that which will give a distinctive look,

you need to take a moment and discover materials used to construct them,

their comfort and up to which extend does the wig allow for restyling.

then,I recommend silk top lace wigs hidden knots.

silk top lace wigs hidden knots

Silk top wig is knotted and concealed between the layers and tied using knots.

It has a layer of lace and silk on the top which gives a real appearance of scalp and hair growing at the top.

This layer of lace has different colors such as light brown , medium brown and dark brown.

silk top lace wigs hidden knots

silk top lace wigs hidden knots

difference between silk top and lace wig

When you love the hair to be knotted,

then the knots are beautifully concealed between the silk layers leaving them totally invisible

and conveying a false message to your admirer that “the hair you see is my natural best”.

Full lace wigs are made on full lace caps where by single knots at hairline and double knots elsewhere are used.

These wigs have a mesh which allows your hair to breath.

silk top lace wigs hidden knots

silk top vs lace

Once you’re set to go, there is a few more things to understand about knotting.

The various types of knotting which are at your disposal will help you make the best choice for the new hair style

and maintain the natural look you desperately desired for.

what are knots on a lace wig?

Single Knots:

In case you chose a full lace wig, then single knot is the most appropriate means of knitting you require.

This involves a hand-tying single hair strand to the lace unit at a time and ensuring the hair appears as if growing out of the scalp.

Though single knots may some times be disadvantageous in that they shed off if not well taken care of during combing.

These knots give a natural, much realistic and less visible appearance of your style.

silk top lace wigs hidden knots

single knots on lace wig

Double knots:

You may be interested on minimizing shedding and ensuring a longer persistence with your wigs intact,

then double knots will be a better option for you.

Even though the double knots are more visible as compared to single knots,

their ability to keep your hair style intact is unquestionable.

In this case the lace is tied up to several hair strands.

silk top lace wigs Hidden knots

double knots

silk top lace wigs Hidden knots:

You may be wondering how to achieve a completely invisible knot,

As compared to other types of knots, the triple or reverse silk top as it is referred by professionals;

is expensive to achieve but impressive to possess.

The hand tied hair is inserted between the silk and the lace of the wig

and the knot is effectively secured by tying it three times to minimize any possible chances of shedding.

silk top lace wigs hidden knots

Bleached knots:

Bleaching as the name suggests will introduce a bleaching agent called peroxide.

The knot is bleached to obtain a lighter appearance though it may mostly dwindle the knot and encourage detaching.


silk top lace wigs hidden knots

bleached knots wig before and after

silk top lace wigs hidden knots

This should not give you a challenge again once you read this excerpt.

You are guaranteed to go for best choice without much struggle and pain.

Silk top lace wigs hidden knots give the most ever natural look,

ensuring more realistic appearance compared to the full lace wigs.